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Secrets Of The Heart (Secretos Del Corazon) (tbc) 105 mins

Haley Joel Osment rsn't the only krd who's haunted by dead people. In yrrrter-drrector Ionntxo Armendarrz's I998 frIm, y.hrch was nomrnated for an Oscar rn the Best Forergn Language category, nrne-year—old Jayr «Andonr Er‘btrr‘ur hears then vorces, all the trme, everywhere wel, rust abOut, Jayfls morbrd fascrnatron wrth the dead may have begun tyrth the drscovery of hrs dead father’s body rn a small provrncral Wish fulfilment for the boys Spanrsh town rn the 60s. Certarnly, that fasCrnatron contrnues when Javr and hrs irrend Carlos yrsrt a drraprdated country house on the outskrrts of the Crty \.’oIet to o\.'c-7r‘con:e, rncludrng crrpprrng Accordrng to Jayr's brother, Juan, rt’s the scene of a crrme of passion, and rn the COYOte stage f":glti, the ransackrng of her basement the boys hear the vorces of the dead Later, durrng the Easter holrdays, (12) 101 mins apartn‘ent, the drsanpro‘t'ai of "er Jayr and Juan yrsrt the house rn a mountarn vrllage rn tyhrch therr father dred, and father -Jonn Goodman r, and also agarn Jayr hears socrnds from beyond the grave. And so, ever more :ntrrgued by P'eSrrr“at)I\. tl‘e '~ g.“ to"cer)t ortc". t'or far" snes 'ter with a bland ione-mterest ".rs contact y.rth the afterlrfe, Jayr begrns to unravel the secrets of the dead , t I


Morbid fascination with the dead

ti: s ates: s ce o‘ s" ‘t. lr“e".t from Ada'n Garc at Igr‘ore the ciiarms that Tho=ugh rt bears some superfrcral resemblance to The Sixth Sense, Secrets Of The DY'OUcrit” we we" as thrs :s a tale of female erttpov.errnent: Heart rs no supernatural thrrIIer. Instead, rts supernatural elements are used to Frasncrance r“eets cot sit)!" The the t". f'rr‘ s a tease, t t;..atrng ts rnale examrne a world of cl‘rldhood fantasres and rndurrres rnto the adult world.

re‘ers to a Nev. Yew o" 1w"; spot, r.rer.'.ers tart” rts :n‘ages of mrcr‘r'rt’t- rl‘.l les Freider'

here dron- read gorgeoas baring babes n hater tops and tight I Se/ectedre/ease from Frr 27 Oct. ‘e'r‘a e I):‘:"°.c"‘(l(""s crat‘te sacggestx'ely leather trousers, before retreat-ng

o" the tra", poa" s"::ts go's." tne oehrr‘o ts i2 ce'”. ' cafe Snot Dy

caston‘e's t""<;ats, a"c: spray t"e crr‘ec‘tor Danicl r"\.IcNaIry to resemne an, memento

crouc: .151" Late" t" "gs seer“ to extended pop ‘. iCJC'O, (it‘CI larr‘nerecl (18) 116 mins

ne gett nc; ::_.t-o‘-"a"c: Il‘e atest tr‘ a naretched soundtrack, Coyote The Anterrcan debut of Brrtrsh rec'xrt to t“ s '. "omr‘ent, pg"; produced "Vac" trnrr‘ter‘t or‘aI frlmmaker Chrrstopher Nolan rt‘a"(‘:(;c‘-c: n, ".(‘:"f) as "a s I; !.Iar a 'nrr'tn at the press pres ey. screenr'rg, rFo//o=.'.rrng‘, Memento rs a compellrng, Be lo , s young 0 e1 " c: <;. c:t.s y "ot least ‘.'.I‘en one n get our ‘g’ro et elrrptrcal rec’onstructron of the reyenge attract "e.'.c::"‘e" Dee" Pe'abo, a started to mock oat "er heartfelt tnr'iler‘, azhrch skrlfully examines the

g " “ow Nev. je'se‘. crr‘ea'rs (2‘ pa acts ‘r‘o'r‘ t"e "oof o‘ ".0." btrricrtng connectrons net\.'.een memory, rdentrty mak "g t " the c; ixpn e as a s "gen A' that s e". to ‘.'.o'rde" s =.'.r‘et"e" t" s and perceptrov‘ Begrnnrng where songxzrte" 3' 'r‘ ' obtar‘ We cut status of the most other frms \.‘.()Uld end tsrth an fly "

6 ea ".'.'(>"(2-;()s s s; " ::t es :r: a ‘ar' catfic". e" S.r'rc>.'./grr,'s'7 Toni Janaso" act of yengeance, y~.'rrter-drrector I , h I, . se" es 0" 32"i‘f}‘( tan e c:nstac :es to" General release from 20 Oct No'an telrs‘ hrs story by gradually En'pt'ca| return to the revenge thnuer

y.m-c.r1g backwards rn trme Yet thrs narratrye experrmentatron sn’t a stylrstrc grf'nrr‘rc'k rather the audrence rs forced to see the world from the nrghtmarrshly confused perspectrre of rts protagonrst, a less than relrab‘e narraIOr

The person en guestron rs Leonard Shelby rGuy Pearcer, who's oosessed wrth tak "g resenge on the rnd-xaduai who raped and murdered hrs ‘.‘.’Ei€ The trouble rs Leonard suffers from a ciondrtron of short-term memory loss, and so he retres on an eiaborate system of mementos maps, polarOrds, and exert body tattoos to orece together the clues rn hrs rnyestrgatron But shou.d I‘e trust the Irkes of Natazre Carrie-Arne Moss: and Teddy “Joe Pantolrano as he trres to track down the kriie'7

Crrsply sy. tchrng from black and whrte to coIOur, and atrlrsrng dezrberately anonymous Calrt'omaan Eocatrons, No:an also coaxes some excellent performances from Its tro of leads, rr‘: thrs darky amusrng and emotronally affect ng celluIOrd irgsaxa-pazzle Nov. where was I rTom Dawson I Cameo, Edinburgh from Fe 20 Oct See DTG‘.//€‘.'./.

CRIME DRAMA It Was An Accident

A spunky performance by Dunst lifts the conventional storyline (18) 100 mins

oclcrs, (i'ttl an eter‘. .ess rmagtnatrye Afterf uryears rnsrcle, Nrcky cChrwetel Bring on rr‘essage about the rrtr)c)"ta"ce of Enofor‘ returns to hrs old London

. nart c patng rat'rer tl‘a" nn ng ntanor', where he's deter'rnrned to go (15) 98 mms Cheers 'I‘LAZ a‘so go to Butt; The str‘arght and hook up \‘.Iih the T"-e Torr; ea:: "c; craac: ‘r‘on‘ "gantry/e Slayer anir‘r Er xa Dashka as beautrfur Noreen rThandre Newtonl, Raver; Cm’c fw' gr Sc "ch2 "1 Sa" Tc)""e"ce's tc ugh case team mate, Cody tne daughter of a local poirceman.

D (‘90 Choc: to "est on 1".lcr“.‘.a r‘s wast seer‘ W Thomas And Tne Hoxaexer, an .r'tad\.‘e.'IOI‘-t plece Of t"e" <2" t"at ror"-;>o'r*s7 “flag/c Patroacr“ who as Torrer‘ce’s bravery In a pOSi off ce robbery

Lottery funded British crime movie

K e" "o..t no" t"e'r‘ the yoang brother makes Dennis the ensures that N=cky gets notrced by all "atoms? ("two r; '."(){)".y’ ‘ch ire I.Ie"»ace rook Trke a ("():I‘ poy, and Ian sorts of 'ocal c‘rmrnais, rncludrng psychopathrc used-car saesman hl'c‘key COUSrnS

years "r; Hear-rite ess Wes. Rc)t)c="ts II as a saclrstc c"c)"e()g"apner rr‘ylax Beesiey', the menacing Rafrg tRoy Paul Choudry‘, and a former dr'ryer for eectec: tea” cap'a " K 'ste" a rne r" cie'.astatr':g pat-croszrs the Krays, Ertcih rJames Bolarn, tyho's tr‘yrng to recrurt a hrtman Meanyrnrle, Da'st ::t. "g :>_.t a t"-:- stuns 9'o" a I". Amerrca t'r‘ere's no cloabt the "en Nrcky's arrestrng offrc‘er rs desperate to put hrs former catcli back rn pr'son s xt" {c' r: sc opt-rs was amen to appea' to teenage gris A Lottery-funded Brtrsh crrme moxie mrght not sound an entrcrrfg prospect, but S'K‘S mac-"ted a 'r;_.t h]. '\.'./l‘etl".c‘-r rnterest r" the cheerlcu‘rclrng tr‘:s adaptatron of Jeremy CamerOn's novel has several assets a drst nctrye predecessor "0" East (mentor r‘ p— {)l‘("3()l“(‘?i()f‘ sari. t'ansrate across the vernacular, an unusua? settrng rn the mean streets of \'\/a:tr‘.amsto\.~., and the fact "op ("t-t“ ear: "r; snaar: t"-:- ( {\t'antrc s (it,(r‘s°\i()l‘(](),(‘- Artcr‘ tr‘ocrg". that thrs rs a gangland tale \‘rl‘lCli actually reflects Lonclons 'rtultr-cultural mrx I'mr‘cts beg" to or,» had ‘c,’ Tcwc; Brrng It On rl holcr a cer'tarn appeal Drr‘ector‘ Meth Huseyn and screenwrzter OI Parker appear at tunes to be jugglrr‘g A sp uw. out,” a r' z , I) .“sf, ‘.'..".() ‘or' acroescent noys and "rrcIcIEe-agecr too many p‘ot strands, and some of the performances are yarrable, but EjIOfOI',

seems to be a "(L mi" The "10H, rts goocl-natar'ec: energy and who piays Nrcky \.‘~.rill appealrng affabrlrty, rs a real frog and Cocr"tney Prne's jazz

Surc Ides a"rr [)r'wp [Jean Gorgeous, .fts s 'tce" ty cleserr. e so'net". nc; n‘o'e than. score lends extra ("ass r'l'om Dawson- t't- f app» tie ‘a ' ', con.'c>':t o'vrl that l.l';(‘8 Trelcre' I Se/ected r‘e/ease from Fri 27 Oct story rte anon t" U "c; agra r‘st t."e General release from in 20 Oct

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