Carrie-Anne Moss helps Guy Pearce remember ho he is, where he is and who

killed his wife in the ingenious memory loss thriller, Memento

of the characters must justify the workings of the plot, in this case the story of a country house party given to celebrate the MM birthday of rich patriarch Helge Klingenfeldt. Tensions surface before long and a disturbing family secret is revealed. Lumiere, Edinburgh.

The Filth And The Fury (15) add: (Julian Temple, UK, 20(X)) 107 mins. In his second attempt at defining the Sex Pistols story, Temple has adopted a revisionist stance with the intention of dispelling the notion that the group were the stooges of an art school movement masterminded by self-proclaimed svengali Malcolm Mclaren. Splicing TV ads and stock footage into interviews with the band and previously unseen live footage, Temple wants us to see the group as a genuine explosion of fury at the state of Britain towards the end of the 1970s. Ultimately, The Filth And The Fury is eye candy that manages to tacitly confirm the h’iclarcnflVestwood aesthetic vision. Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline.

The First Great Train Robbery (PG) irkt (Michael Crichton, UK, 1978) Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland, Lesley-Anne Down. 108 mins. In 1855 Connery‘s elegant criminal masterminds a daring heist to relieve the l’olkstone express of its gold bullion. Smart and enjoyable period crime caper. Edinburgh Film Guild at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas (PG) ** (Brian Levant, US, 2000) Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin. 91 mins. This prequel shows I:er (Addy) and Barney (Baldwin) in their bachelor days when they first court Wilma (Johnston) and Betty (Jane Krakowski). They are abetted in this by a little green alien called Gazoo (Alan Cumming), but are hampered by the rival attentions of Wilma's slimy aristocratic chum Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson). And they all live happily ever after, without a trace of originality, zip or zest. Selected release.

Get Real (15) #ka (Simon Shore, UK, 1999)) Ben Silverstone Charlotte Brittain. 110 mins. Sixteen-year-old Steven who juggles the twin pressures of home and school life in Basingstoke, while coming to terms with his homosexuality. Comparisons with 1995's feelgood comedy Beautiful Thing are inevitable. Grosvenor, Glasgow. The Girl On The Bridge (15) *t* (Patrice Leconte, France, 2000) Daniel Auteuil, Vanessa l’aradis. ()0 mins. Gabor (Auteil), a middle-aged knife-thrower, rescues a suicidal young woman Adele (Paradis) from drowning and whisks her off to the South of France, where she proves a willing target in his stage act. At last, good fortune appears to be favouring the protagonists, but can their relationship remain on a purely business footing? An enjoyably playful modern fairytale, which coasts along on the strength of its two lead performances, some witty dialogue, and the verve of Leconte‘s

direction. Odoen, Dunfermline.

The Glenn Miller Story (U) *** (Anthony Mann, US, 1954) James Stewart, June Allyson, Harry Morgan, George Tobias. 116 mins. Stewart is the unfailingly chummy band leader with the relentlessly practical wife, who makes it to the top and then takes one plane ride too many. A must- see for fans of the big band sound of the late Mr Miller. Brunton 'Iheatre, Edinburgh. Gossip (15) *** (Gregory Poirer, US, 2000) Lena Headey, James Marsden, Norman Reedus. 91 mins. Three college media students (Headey, Marsden and Reedus) try and enliven their dull, privileged lives by spreadingjuicy gossip about their campus. Harmless college japes turn nasty, though, when an idle rumour leads to a rape charge. Gossip takes the sexual tensions and shifting allegiances of the threesome from Shallow Grave, the bitter college rivalry from Heathers, the neat plot twists and turns from the Scream trilogy to create a fairly decent mystery thriller. Winter Garden, Rothesay.

Goya In Bordeaux (12) aHvk (Carlos Saura, Spain, 2000) Francisco Rabal, JosE Coronado, Dafnc Fern~ndez. 102 mins. Goya (Rahal), wracked by fear and by memories and hallucinations, looks over his life through his work. There‘s the moment he painted a seductive duchess (Maribel Verdu), and then there are difficulties painting in a political and royal environment where great art was less important than skilled diplomacy. Working once again with the great Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, Saura finds a visual correlative for the art: offering a delicate balancing act between psychological exploration and aesthetic beauty GFI', Glasgow. UGC, Edinburgh.

Grace Of My Heart (15) **** (Allison Anders, US, 1996) llleana Douglas, John Turturro, Matt Dillon. 115 mins. Looser inspired by the life of Carole King, Grace ()fMy Heart is no standard biopic, but a heartfelt statement about a woman‘s determination to find her own voice within a male-dominated environment. llleana Douglas glows with personality as she takes singer-songwriter Denise Waverley through a tempestuous decade of personal and professional heartache and triumph. The period design and songs are superb, adding to a film that has the scope of an old- fashioned epic, but an independent's sensibility. Lumiere, Edinburgh.

Gremlins (15) “nu; (Joe Dante, US, 1984) Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates. 106 mins. The cute and cuddly little mogwai home pets become malevolent monsters if not properly cared for. Of course, they are not and so wreak glorious havoc in idealised small town America. Irresistible horror comic, as funny as it thinks it is. Grosvenor, Glasgow.

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