Become a published poet - in three words

Edinburgh's pocketbooks is looking for submissions for something it calls ’Football Haiku'. This is the idea: you come up With a three-line poem, each line being one word long, it selects the best and prints them on T-shirts, then the Winning entries are photographed during four friendly football matches in Scotland next year and turned into a book in time for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2002. Send your typed entries to pocketbooks, Canongate Venture (S), New Street, Edinburgh EH8 88H by 31 January 2001.

Time to get in the swim

If you missed the very wonderful Hopeless 4’ Games on last year's Edinburgh Fringe, and again on a return visit this year, all is not lost. The joint production by Pots am's Fabrik and St

*T , l h ’3“

Don’t do that, do this. Fifteen days of unmissable stuff.

THURSDAY 19 The League Of Gentlemen Welcome to the warped world of Royston Vasey in A Local Book For Local People, a disturbingly amusing look at life beyond the sane, courtesy of shopkeep Tubbs, supplier of the precious things and the town's most alluring no-tail. Fourth Estate. FRIDAY 20 Fernando Arias This Colombian artist brings you a mixed- media extravaganza involVing umbilical cords, blood samples and foetal scans. Not for the faint of heart See preView, page 80. GOA/7A, Glasgow

SATURDAY 21 ldlewild A celebratory Climax to a year in which the Edinburgh quartet have honed their skills as Our finest purveyors of considered power punk pop. Barrow/and, Glasgow

SUNDAY 22 Memento Ingenious thriller in which a man (Guy Pearce) With memory loss tracks down his Wife's murderer This year's The Usual Suspects. See preView and reVieW, pages 23 and 26. Cameo, Edinburgh MONDAY 23 PJ. Harvey She's been hanging out in the Big Apple of late and has constructed a new record With Noo Yawk written all over it. Stories From The City, Stories From the Sea contains some of her strongest work yet, See feature, page 20 ls/and.

Attenbemugh salutes eco-warr‘ior

Aristrocracy is coming to Glasgow. Lord Richard Attenborough is on tour to promote his new film, Grey Owl, and the septuagenarian filmmaker Will appear at the Odeon Renfield Street on Tuesday 31 October to introduce the film. lt stars Pierce Brosnan as a Canadian Native American who became the world’s first eco-warrior in the 30s and proceeds from the performance go to the Wildlife charity WWF and Muscular Dystrophy.

Attenborough and Brosnan on location for Grey Owl

TUESDAY 24 The Sins Pete Postlethwaite may be a sizeable fish in the LA pool With each passing mowe but he knows where his bread is buttered. He returns to UK small screens With this excellent seven-parter about a bloke coming straight out of choky and trying to keep Satan behind him See preVieW, page 118. BBCZ

WEDNESDAY 25 Kelly Joe Phelps Big Big World proves that it is one of the strongest musical festivals around With another two weeks of shows including the COuntrified storytelling skills of Phelps See pi'eVIew, page 47. Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow.

The League Of Gentlemen Thu 19