True Spanish Style

We've done the bar. the salsa classes and the club and yet we still want a bigger and tastier bite of Spain. And what better way to do it than visit the lively city of Barcelona.

As always. the amigos need little persuasion and have their best clothes packed before you can say San Miguel. Then with a quick read through our phrase book. we set off for a truly authentic Spanish experience. It hits you as soon as you arrive in Barcelona. You can't help but feel the excitement of a city that bursts with energy and life. It doesn't take us long to get out and about along Las Bamblas, sampling the local hospitality in the many side-street cafes and bars. We decide to start with tapas and order a selection of dishes to help us through the night. washing them down with some golden San Miguel. We watch the world go by and start chatting to some locals who suggest one of the local hot spots for some pre—club action where we can get into the Catalan groove.

This venue is ideal. As the night draws in. the crowds swell and we find plenty of people to practice our Spanish on and get to know better. The later it gets. the more lively the streets become. Everywhere we look. people are spilling from the bars. filling the city with a happy sense of a fantastic night ahead. By the time we get to the club. we realise our group has doubled in size. Now we can

enjoy the nightlife in true Spanish style.

As soon as we enter the club. we are swept away in a sea of hot bodies. Everyone is packed close together and the temperature is rising in more ways than one. Undaunted. we still manage to pull a few of our best moves to impress the Spaniards. The heat is incredible so we decide to have San Miguels all round. refreshing our senses and keeping us dancing all night in this city that never sleeps.

By the first light of morning, we have plenty of offers to show us the rest of Barcelona. from Parc Guell to Picasso. but already the whole experience has been fantastic. We've been able to savour the true Barcelona and put into practice everything we have learnt on our Spanish journey. It just goes to show that with the right ingredients of fun. laughter. friends and the right Spanish beer you can enjoy the refreshing flavour of San Miguel and an authentic taste of modern Spain.

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