O I saw you being goofy at Dougals and The Centre, in my dreams ever since and in all my hopes and plans for the future. Keep your arms folded until the airport. Gonzo. Box No U/400/1. O I saw you C at Glasgow Uni. We talked near the start of term. Glad I stuck with the course. We should talk some more. Box No U/400/2.

O I saw you my girly ‘fat friend’ . . . where’s the booze . . . ? Gimmie another mini bottle and lets go to the polo . . . I promise not to pull!! Box No U/400/9.

O I saw you GSA sculpture student @ the Tron, with your mum, on Thu 19 Oct. We talked for a bit before the show, I just managed to say ‘goodnight’ to you before you left. Like to meet for a coffee soon and talk some more? Box No U/400/24. O I saw you Andrew, barman at Rubiyat. Want to reminisce about times at Glas Uni, how about it? Box No U/400/26.

O I saw you Marisa - Happy Birthday doll! Hope you have a great time in London!! Box No U/400/27.

O I saw you Mr Devline, barman extraordinaire, please return my book!!! Box No U/400/28.

O I saw you Cathcart Circle, often seen you in dels before. You wear a ring on your left hand, are you attached? I hope not cause I want you. Box No U/400/29.

O I saw you on Sun 15 Oct on last Rothesay ferry, then the train. When I blew in thru the door you were right there. You had a big holdall. Wish you'd talked to me. Box No U/400/30. O I saw you L.A. McChuill’s. Noticed a chemistry between us or did I just imagine it? It turned me into a nervous dumstruck prat whenever u where around. Still lurve ur music, without u spilling a drink! Maybe we could learn to just have the chaser? Box No U/400/34.

O I saw you Boy Sam in the Tron. Stop flirting with Shug, be mine! G x. Box No U/400/35. O I saw you in the Fruitmarket & Firkin - you were wearing cream pale complexion, smooth skin, you lit up my life! xxx Box No U/400/36.

O I saw you pissing in the gents, picking your nose and wiping it on the wall, can you redecorate my flat. Box No U/400/37.

O I saw you howking your ‘6’ string out of the crack of your arse. How are your piles? I was the big blonde. Box No U/400/38. O I saw you talking to a 12in pianist. What exactly was your wish? Box No U/400/39.

110 TIIE UST 2-16 Nov 2000

O I saw you standing behind a sheep at Beachyhead, did you get her into reverse? Box No U/400/40.

O I saw you being a goat with Ramsooch who was trying to be cool but failed. Box No U/400/41. O I saw you sitting as a wee angel on my shoulder, watching and caring for me. You’re the most incredible girl I ever met. Leaving Glasgow would end my butterflied bellyaches when I lose myself into your eyes. I don’t want that. XXX F. Box No U/400/42.

O I saw you handsome waiter at Cafe Gandolfi on Friday 13th. Glad you found the crispy onions. My female friend also thought you were lovely, but I hope you reply to me. Box No U/400/43. O I saw you chubby chaser with the sexy smile, me big in body personality + love. Believe me 1 am what you’re looking for. Box No U/400/44.

O I saw you You used to be in a drumming band now who knows - let’s meet up & do lunch. Box No U/400/45.

O I saw you bunches & specs sitting at the bar @ the Tron wearing your thong - let’s get it on . . . or off. xxx Box No U/400/46.

O I saw you in The Tron, ginger & hot, licking ur lips, with a fair set of T”” Fancy a pint & some cheesy chips. xxx Box No U/400/4‘7.

O I saw you sexy mocha girl, Brel - fancy making me another? Box No U/400/48.

O I saw you red haired barmaid in Brel, Sunday 22nd afternoon, cross my palm with silver, I want to gaze into your crystal balls, Gypsy Rose Lee. Box No U/400/49.

O I saw you Colin L, leather coat, me underneath it. Michael Caine me. Seduce me with jazzy toons and dirty dirty thoughts. I want you! Now! Box No U/400/50. O I saw you Fiona, in Rufus T’s every Friday. Me, long hair bloke with big balls and tight pants. Box No U/400/51.

O I saw you at Tinderbox. Red- hooded cutie from Aberdeen. Thanks for the advice. Want to meet for lunch? Box No U/400/52. O I saw you Christian working in Tinderbox on Thursday the 11th of October! I think you’re really foxy! Box No U/400/53. O I saw you please, more flavours for smoothies per day, banana, mango etc. Box No U/400/54.

O I saw you you gypsy you, running wild and free . . . can’t wait for the wedding, darling fiance! Box No U/400/55.

O I saw you Stewart C. showing ofi your bit of stuff! May the ‘white shirt zip’ be pulled down forever. . . all yours - fusion! Box No U/400/56.

O I saw you blonde girl at 54 Below. Irish barmaid was rude to you. We bitched awhile. I would like to stick up for you again! Box No U/400/57.


O I saw you cute boy, sifting through the cheap CDs in Virgin on the morning of Sat 21 Oct. You - blond spikes, blue coat, sand-coloured trews. Me - blue jeans and jacket. Fancy a drink? Box No U/400/3.

O I saw you Clamshell Chippy, High Street, m- 23rd, 6pm-ish. You, red hair, orange leather jacket, fish supper, me, brown hair, denim jacket. Should've asked you out then, second chance maybe? Box No U/400/4. O I saw you at Gaia 14/10/00 - me with the antlers, you just confused. You nearly had me for Christmas - how's about trying New Year? Box No U/400/5. O I saw you fidz. Good tomato soup - fancy making me breakfast sometime and spinning my discs. Box No U/400/6.

O I saw you at Subway West End, Fri 20 Oct. You, Stella, long blond hair, nice, didn't get your number . . . wanna meet up? Box No U/400fl.

O I saw you Santa Claus with long brown curly hair and white bobble hat, at St Michael’s on 5th Oct at 10am. It was a bummer, 1, specs and dark hair, paid for two sandwiches but failed to pick up the thread. Do you need any aide for Christmas? Box No U/400/8.

O I saw you looking cool in your cagoule in Clerk Street! Eye think you're spec-tacular, even when you look angry! Box No U/400/10.

O I saw you Bobby D on Brunswick Road. Let’s meet up again. Pete H. Box No U/400/11. O I saw you in All Bar One six months ago. You - tall, dark and speccy. Me - short, blonde and inebriated. Since then I can't see enough of you! Box No U/400/ 12.

O I saw you Chris? In Waterstone’s East End, Sun 15 Oct . . . I watched you for a while, and then bought a book - it was only your second day there and you were 'inexperienced' with the till. The book was about the Titanic - now I'm looking for another on the same subject. How about A Night To Remember?! Love from the Boy in Black. Box No U/400/13.

O I saw you Cafe Politik 22/10. Me polo neck guy pretending to read paper. You with two girlfriends. Care to share an espresso?! Box No U/400/14.

O I saw you working in the Peartree, you didn’t notice me. You have shoulder length dark blonde hair and is very cute. Box No U/400/ 15.

O I saw you in the Potterrow. You were wearing a red shirt and a badge, I was wearing nothing. C'ya there next week! Box No U/400/16.

O I saw you in the Balkans. I will be in the Middle East for the next coup! Will you be there? Box No U/400/17.

O I saw you M.T. You are the Janny. The dusting duties are all yours. On a piece! SSR. Box No U/400/18.

O I saw you Master Logrey, on the plains of Bndor. Mixing your musical potions and casting your spells. 1 is the magic number! Snoochies. Box No U/400/19. O I saw you naughty Scotty. Ya filthee bashtadll Ukr. Box No U/400/20.

O I saw you Leeloo . . . with the sexiest hair in town! Stay warm . . . Just keepin' the beat! xXx Box No U/400/21.

O I saw you Jan sleeping on the couch down Captain James T St. I-Iiya Baybayll Snoochies. Rebs. Box No U/400/22.

O I saw you in St Mary’s St buying my birthday present. Glad you got it at Scoosh and not at that one on the corner. Cheers. Box No U/400/23.

O I saw you on your big birthday night oot. I saw much, but you all saw much much more. Get those leathers on girl and get that man to nursey nurse you proper. Box No U/400/25. O I saw you in Safeways, Hunters Tryst, Edin. Sun 15 Oct about 5.30pm. You wore a black leather coat, light blue top, had dark eyes, bobbed hair and painted nails. You smiled. If you are unattached, and fancy a date please get in touch, or if you recognise her, please tell her to get in touch if she is free. Box No U/400/31.

O I saw you Angel with black hair & red lips, Clerk St, Fri 13 Oct. l was carrying pizza, wearing shorts & staring! Our eyes have met before but can we arrange it so I'm wearing trousers next time?! Box No U/400/32.

O I saw you @ the Traverse bar. You gave me the pub quiz answer ‘Mexico’. Box No U/400’33. O I saw you @ The Junction Bar, subtly tooking, you reminded me of someone, was it Kriton from Red Dwarf? I love your blockhead, I’ll scratch it for you sometime . . . ? Box No U/400/58.

O I saw you sexy spikey girl @ a ceilidh above Blind Poet, you twisted your ankle, now let me massage it better . . . ? Box No U/400/59.

O I saw you in Tapas Ole, Forest Road, 20/10/00 with two guys and two blonde girls. You, leather jacket, dark hair, sideburns, you’re gorgeous. Wanna share some tapas soon? Box No U/m60. O I saw you Pinty and friend. Fancy a tag-team match? My mate and I would like to take you on for the heavyweight title. Box No U/400/61.

O I saw you Alison In the City Cafell All I could see were loads of antelopes but you stood out ya big moosell Irish porn star. Box No U/400/62.

O I saw you H Sutherland who used to work for Faith in Top Shop in Princes St. See you soon f‘”ed out ur face in Wilkie. Love Ali. Box No U/400/63.

O I saw you Belle Angele staff @ City Cafe . . . What a bunch of lockers! You are beautiful! Box No U/400/64.

O I saw you Stevenson College sexy Mexican hunk. Want me to pose in front of your long lens? No limits to what I’ll do 40. Adios amigo. Hasta luego. xxx Box No U/400/65.

O I saw you Campbell @ City Cafe, your effeminate walk and sexy ass did it for me. It’s time to come out. :00: Box No U/400/66. O I saw you at Dolls on 7/10/00 , - do Geminis and tequila mix? Box No U/400/67.

O I saw you I think your name is Carhartt, blowing smoke in the faces of Filrnhouse stafl. Here’s 20p, get yourself a comb. Box No U/400/68.

O I saw you are you drOle de felix? Box No U/400/69.

O I saw you 23/10/00 Princes St Gardens. Stripy jumper. Me - baggy jeans - in love with you I am - full stop - you’re gorgeous - you have my heart, Ally. Jasie. Box No U/400/71.

O I saw you handsome man with funky beard and piercing eyes at the Traverse bar. Your rhetoric just turned me on so I’d love to hear you talk more and who knows what else. Box No U/400/72.

O I saw you slinking around the bar area with luscious locks and big eyebrows. Around the time of closing with a big blue bar under your arm. Be mine. Box No U/400/73.

O I saw you walking your sausage dog in Gayfield Square. Do you fancy some local sausage. Box No U/400/74.

O I saw you Duey in blue, 26/10/00. You were close to the edge and I am with you every step of the way. All my love Huey xxx Box No U/400/75.

O I saw you at the Inverse bar, filling in an I Saw You postcard, and looking foxy. Box No U/400/76.

O I saw you chef @ Atrium. I had my best jumper on. Would you like to swap patterns? Box No U/400/77.

O I saw you the blonde waiter @ Atrium aka ‘Prada boy’. Can I be your bread bitch. Box No U/400/78.

O I saw you today at the flat every day. Box No U/400/79.

O I saw you at the City Cafe, big-boned candy-floss gal in your pink fluffy sweater. Let me lick your soft, sweet, sticky stuff . . . Box No U/400/80.

O I saw you Charlie J @ the Subway West End with lager in your gut and legs in the air. Your Nottingham brogue drives me wild. Let Robin Hood back into your Sherwood Forest. Box No U/400/81.

O I saw you barman at Traverse. Short hair with sexy moves with the bottle opener. Want to go over some lines with me?! Box No U/400/82.

O I saw you luscious DJ at EH1 on Sun 22. You blew my mind baby. Call me for any frolicking you may need. Box No U/400/83.

O I saw you Pinky at City Cafe eating with your less-endowed friend. Let this well-travelled Parisian show you the ways of the world. Box No U/400/84.