I It is the question I most

often ask myself. though ‘how'." is just as pertinent. Answers are elusive. One minute I was a reference librarian in Edinburgh‘s main public library on George IV Bridge. fielding queries from whomever the wind blew in. the next I was bashing out copy in the early hours of the morning for a magazine

which most Illlllilllii ll ||:!ii:]|.ltmmmmM

as much chance of surviving as a toff in Possil on a Saturday night. But as The List reaches its landmark 400th issue. it is easy to look back with hindsight and pronounce it a success waiting to happen. the proverbial good idea whose time has come. Easy perhaps. economical with the actuality undoubtedly.

But let us go back then. you and

' I. to the summer of 1985 to a

THE LIST has been 90mg for longef than building site in Tweeddale Court in anyone can remember. OK then, fifteen years. Edinburgh Canongm, it is early can it 400 issues. Happy birthday to us! We evening and l have been summoned . . by Robin Hodge. publisher of The

CElebrate by l°°km9 bad‘ at the “'9'”: the List. and Nich Billen. one of its

even highers and the higher stills. Words: Alan Taylor founding co-cdiwrs. who want me to become the magazine‘s books editor. They have grand plans which they outline as we try to avoid falling between joists. There is dust everywhere and men in hard hats drift by carrying spirit levels and electric drills. This. say Robin and Nigel. is where T/It’ List will be located. ‘Do I know 'l'imr’ ()ut'." they ask. Do I look like a bingo player?

EL+ n986 0 Film of the year: The Color Purple 0 Cheersis still keeping us watching on TV and launches its fourth series

0 Patsy Kensit gets in the papers for Absolute Beginners rather than GLASGOW AND EDINBURGH her latest divorce/marriage EVENTS GULQE


0 Event of the year: Live Aid 0 Scottish Exhibition Centre opens

0 Madonna makes her feature film debut in Desperately Seeking Susan

10 TIIE LIST 2-16 Nov 2000