TRAVEL WRITING Richard I'Anson Travel Photography (Lonely Planet £9.99)

We all, know the feeling of rushing to get our holiday snaps developed, only to have our bubble burst at the sight of over- exposed night-time shots and tragic wildlife studies where the subject got away. Help is at hand in the form of a new practical guide to taking better pictures, by seasoned professional Richard I’Anson. Having travelled all over the globe to illustrate more than 150 Lonely Planet guidebooks, I’Anson's learned some tricks that even beginners can benefit from. 'It's a bit cliched, but you don't need lots of expensive gear to take good pictures, you

just need to use what you've got to the best of its ability,’ he says. I’Anson believes everyone can improve their skills - with plenty of practice: 'Essentially, one of the easiest ways to learn is to take pictures and look at lots of pictures, not just your own, but everything else that's published by other photographers. They're either a great source of inspiration or they show up where you're going wrong.’

The balance between technical jargon and accessible inside knowledge keeps you interested, and then of course there are the photographs. From cigar makers in Cuba to the Inca trail peaks of Peru, you could happily just look at the pictures. (Louisa Pearson)

I Travel Photography is out now.

the eyes of polished shop assistants casting scathing glances at my trainers while ‘browsing’ in Gucci. Fendi, and Prada. I don’t rule out the act of

shopping altogether; these designers are ; SATURDAY

vastly less expensive than in Britain. Also stumble upon Max & co, Maxmara’s funkier, much cheaper younger sibling, with skirts coming in at £30. Via Del Corso has all the Italian High Street shops, as well as Diesel, Energie and ‘Killah Babe’. For cultural comparison it’s worth checking out Etam. which puts our version to shame. 7.30pm Peseataria, Via della C roee. Fresh. quality ingredients, and simple. traditional cooking. No surprises on the reasonably priced menu, but great octopus. good home-made pasta and succulent mozzarella and tomato salad. Apparently Madonna and Leonardo Di Caprio are fans.

10pm Bars Rosati and Canova, Piazza del Popolo. An optimum position for people-watching almost justifies ludicrous tourist prices (around £6 for an ice-cream). Rosati (traditionally the venue for Rome‘s thinking Left) has an art nouveau interior and tables only separated from oncoming mopeds by a

the Right‘s favourite watering hole. it‘s plastered in memorabilia and photos of former punter Fellini.

9.30am Colosseum (Metro C olosseo ). My Gladiator-induced enthusiasm

' sharply wanes when the shirty attendant - won‘t let me qualify for the under-26 rate

without a passport. I spend 45 minutes sulking while wandering round the two levels (my understanding of which is greatly enhanced by the film.) 10.30am Next door. the fascinating Roman Forum costs nothing but an

3 element of imagination (or in fact a

guided tour) to bring the ancient stumps

. to life.

1pm Fralelli Paladini, Via del Govemo Veeehio, 29. The huge portions of steaming pizza bianca and gourmet

E fillings more than compensate 3 contending with the jostling local throng. ; Nearby Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

abounds with cheap and tastefully tarty

I fashion boutiques. , 2pm Pantheon (Piazza della Rotomla). A t hybrid of Classical and Renaissance. with

a pagan exterior of 2nd century marble

.; and a lavish Catholic interior.

Excess baggage

Festivals, flights and fabulous fares

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LOOKING FOR AN unusual venue for a special event? Historic Scotland is offering a 20% discount off the normal hire charge for functions at Edinburgh and Stirling Castles between January and March 2001. So if you’ve got the budget, call Historic Scotland Functions Unit on 0131 668 8850.

IF THE THOUGHT of a cold Christmas fills you with horror, you might be interested in Usit CAMPUS's deals for Africa and the Middle East. As usual, the best prices are for students and under 26s, who can choose from Dubai from £279 return or those with an adventurous nature might like to try Beirut from £277. For further info and booking call 0870 240 1010.


BOOKING YOUR TRAVEL arrangements on-Iine continues to grow in popularity, as evidenced by Easyjet, which has announced its intention to repaint its fleet of aircraft, replacing the telephone number with its e-mail address. This has been prompted by the fact that it’s now selling around 75% of tickets on-line, and is also branching out into selling travel goods like camera film and suntan lotions at discount prices on its website. Check out wwweasyjetcom for details.

Rough Guides has increased its coverage of the US of A with a series of mini-guides, including Miami & the Florida Keys, Boston and Las Vegas. Particular highlights of the Las Vegas edition include 'Getting Married' with a run down on the best of the Elvis chapels as well as a beginner's guide to the different ways of gambling away your hard- earned cash. Mini Rough Guides (Penguin £5.99).

YOU MIGHT NOT have noticed, but there were nine cities of culture this year to celebrate the millennium, including Bologna, Rekjavik and Prague. As you can imagine there've been loads of events and exhibitions going on throughout the year, but you’d better move qurck to catch what’s left. For details e-mail or check out wwwwhatsonwhencom for a run down on each city.

City by city with the Rough Guides




sparse hedge. Rival Canova’s location is f 4.30pm Hobble aboard airport train to 1* MN. n.9, W»; k-n‘ l marginally less life threatening and has 3 catch my 7pm flight. Rome may not have ' 1 an impressive range of desserts to boot. 1 been built in a day. but there‘s a lot you ' luu um

Las Vegas

Perhaps covering its traditional status as can see in a weekend.

2—16 Nov 2000 THE lIST 125