0 donkey boy, where

art thou?

Film distribution in Scotland

Some time ago The List published an article about how Scotland was hard done by when it comes to the arts. For example, we don’t get all the films London does, blah, blah. In the film news column you’ve also argued the opposite - Edinburgh and Glasgow do better than anywhere else in the UK for film - so I took both Opinions with a large handful of salt. It therefore pains me to ask the question: where is ju/ian donkey boy, Harmony Korine's Dogme-style digital film starring Scotland’s own Ewen Bremner that has been on release in London since September?

I would have thought the Korine- Dogme-Bremner combination would make julian donkey boy an attractive proposition for Scottish cinema goers. Does the film's distributor think otherwise? Do our art house cinemas feel likewise? Or, is it merely rubbish? I'd like to find out for myself. Will the Filmhouse or the Cameo or the Lumiere or the GFT or the Grosvenor please, please, please show me this film.

Gerald T.

Queen’s Park


[Edz Hold the front page! The List has just been informed thatju/ian donkey boy will open at the Filmhouse on 12 January and the GFT a week later]

InVISIble inc

Re: Books review (issue 399).

I appreciate the positive review of the second part of my autobiography Walking Away, received in your last issue. However, I’d like to point out a mistake that your reviewer made. Walking Away was published as a Rebel Inc title and not as a Canongate title as the article stated.

It might not seem that important

Ewen Bremner (left) in Trainspotting. stars in julian donkey boy which won't be seen in Scotland until 12 January

except I want to make it clear that it was Rebel Inc that attracted me to the company in the first place. The reason I'm making this clear is because of recent events which I believe have resulted in Rebel Inc and its editor Kevin Williamson parting company with Canongate.

Hugh Collins

High Street


Being human

Re: Travel page Largin' it in London (issue 399)

Maureen Ellis was spot on in her article about the Millennium Dome when she wrote: 'There is lots to see, less to do and less again to take an interest in'. How right! lwent along

for the sake of my brother’s kids (and,

let's be honest, because I knew a woman with a couple of free tickets) and had a miserable time.

What you long for in art/

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Charlie's Angels . . . Alison Watt . . . Roderick Buchanan . . .

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entertainment/culture, call it what you will, is something that makes you feel more human like Billy Elliot, a brilliantly enriching movie but the Dome actually made me feel less human. It's like an ad man's idea of what a day out should be; all fanfare and no substance. Hi-tech candy floss. The kids were mesmerised but ultimately just exhausted.

Your readers have got two months to give it a miss. Mark Franks via e-mai'l

Fairy produce Re: letters (issue 399) If anyone really does write to Mary Harrison with their tales of ’creatures from a different sphere of existence', could they also write into The List with the same information?

I could do with a good laugh. Shirley McKay via e-mail


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