We saw you

Fernando Arias

Exhibition. Gallery of

Modern Art, Glasgow

Thur 26 Oct

Name Elissa William Tina jim

Occupation Student Surveyor Travel/er student

What do you think? So amazing. He breaks down Very wierd. Very unusual. Really confronting which us It was me the barriers of what is It’s not my cup of tea - too good. We need more of It. It I “k9 1mg kmd of an acceptable in art and society Surreal. made me feel a Irttle but which makes hrs work so queasy.


Opening of Arta. Glasgow Thur 26 Oct Name Ben Jacqueline Ulrika Richie Occupation MUS/Clan 8/ 01 PA A jurce mixer Sound Engineer What did you think? It’s a claSSy Joint. I feel Irke I’m It's defrnrtely got style. More It IS very nrce. I Irke the It Is a cool place. It's Irke a in Al Pacino's house rn Scar of a mid-week hangout atmosphere and cool musrc. flashback to the 19503 and rt Face. place. has got a but of a Hollywood feel.

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128 THE lIST 2— l 6 Nov 2000