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25 Albert Drive, Glasgow

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Until Saturday I I November 2000

Gallery i Kenny Hunter - Invisible Republic SCUDIU"€ and screenpnnts 0y one of the most prominent Scottish artists. Kenny mixes

J" tradutsonai smlptur'e and pop Culture wuth irony and historical insights.

Catdiogue anlidble - please call to 0rder

Kenny Hunter. Calf. 2000


Barbara Rae - Recent Graphics

Exnvtzon of mOnoonnts anc SCreenDr‘snts 0y one of Me mos: nrgniy acciaimec clamor-s :n Scotand.

Barbara Rae.Anastaze Long Horn

Gallery Ill Lay Ngo Koay - July

Leah Bain - Perspex 8: Silver Jewellery

Lay Ngo Koay.All the Insects Began to Sing

22 ‘31‘700'3-8l 25 (.ng St"ce!. (3 ngOW C‘ 503’

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