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Name Alice Thompson. . Name Aaron Hicklin. Alice Bain, The Guardian; Simone Job you're doing now '1 Job you're doing now Senior editor, Baird, Jockey Slut; Stuart Bathgate, Novelist. ' 1 Gear magazine in New York; The Scotsman; Susanna Beaumont, Job you did on The List columnist, Sunday Herald. Scotland on Sunday; Nigel Blllen, Editor. -' Job you did on The List Any scraps Daily Express; Allan Brown, Sunday

Best memory of The List I loved designing the cover and coming up with the cover

the editors threw me, but mainly Times; Mark Brown, Scotland on reviewing theatre, books, and Sunday; Andrew Burnet, The occasionally art. Scotsman; Calvin Bush, Muzik;

lines. The one I was proudest Best memory of The List Donating Graham Caldwell, Scottish Daily about was the Miles Davies cover. my body to science as a human guinea pig (actually Express; Ellie Carr, ex-Scotland on counts as worst memory getting paid for it was the Sunday; Bethan Cole, i-D; Beatrice best memory); and getting pished at Black 80’s on a Colin, author; Neil Cooper, The regular basis. Times; Quentin Cooper, 88C; Cate

Devine, The Herald; Ann Donald, The Herald; Simon Esterson, The

Name Hannah McGill.

Job you're doing now

Tele ‘s'on critic and “x. Vl |

columnist on The

Name Jim Byers.

Scotsman. Job you're doing now Up until Guardian deSigner; Catherine Job you did on The List ' recently, deputy editor of DJ Fellows, 88C," Gillian Ferguson, The Music editor, V Magazine. Currently content Scotsman; Miranda France, author; June—December 1999. manager of a new dance music Eddie Gibb, Scotland on Sunday; Best memory of The List website called BurnitBluecom. Rosemary Goring, Life And Work; The intense relief and even more intense inebriation Job you did on The List Edinburgh Iain Grant, author; Sarah that attended the close of the Edinburgh Festival. clubs editor. Hemming, Financial Times; Stewart Best memory of The List 1) the Hennessey, author; Allan Hunter, Name Craig McLean. people I worked with and the banter in the office. Scotland on Sunday; Kathleen Job you‘re doing now 2) the way Stephen Chester (art director) used to take his top Jamie, author; Moira Jeffrey, The Deputy editor on The Face. off at Christmas parties. Hera/d; Trevor Johnston, Time Out; Job you did on The List 3) Clubs editor Rory Weller’s conSistently intriguing clothes. Paul Keir, artist; Sally Kinnes, The

Freelancer. Guardian; Damien Love, Uncut; Best memory of The List ' Name Tom Lappin. Sheena McDonald, Channel Four; Putting together the Job you're doing now Just qurt The Alastair Mabbott, Scotsman; supplement for Glasgow Scotsman. Kathleen Morgan, Sunday Herald; Sound City (1994) and Job you did on The List Pretty much Julie Morrice, Times Educational wrestling With the Big Daddies of Scottish all of 'em. Supplement; Alan Morrison, Total PopNRock (Bill Drummond, Alan Home, Best memory of The List Tuesday Film; Margaret Morrison, Scot/and

Alan McGee) to get them to write for us; layout night drinking sessions On Sunday; Claire Prentice, interviewmg Noel Gallagher the same year gradually expanding into Wednesday Business am; Andrew Pulver, The for the release of 'Supersonic’, Just after post-editorial drinking sessions and Guardian; Lila Rawlings, film OaSis played at a Sony heid bummers' bash Friday end-of-week drinking sessions. Plus there was producer; Peter Ross, Sunday

at Gleneagles, and then in his hotel room in always that crate of tequila lying around the office . . Hera/d; Robert Dawson Scott, Glasgow before they played the Cathouse, scotsmancom; David Shrigley,

as some sort of very obvious deal went Name Avril Mair. artist; Alan Taylor, Sunday Herald; down; the Amstrads’ green glow; the Job you're doing now Editor of i-D Magazine. John Sweeney, The Observer; Christmas parties and production manager Job you did on The List Clubs editor. Also did fashion Jonathan Trew, Scotland on

James Haliburton's hangovers; Tuesday stuff when l was allowed. Sunday; Sara Villiers, The Herald; morning panics; the febrile atmosphere of Best memory of The List Probably the Festival Rory Weller, Metro; Mike Wilson, creativity and enthusiasm pitched against parties, but for some reason I can’t really remember Sunday Times; Sue Wilson, The what seemed like daft odds; the people; The too much about theml. Independent; John Williamson, The Good Times. Herald.


0 Albums of the year: Blur’s Park/ife pips Oasis’ Definitely Maybe to the post

0 Pulp Fiction gets more votes than Four Weddings


0 Album of the year: Bjork's ..{~_.___ And A Funeral, proving DEDUI {in ’Love Is All Around’ didn‘t

0 jurassic Park breaks new brainwash the entire boundaries for hype and population


- Robbie Coltrane wins our vote for his performance in Cracker

- Iain Banks is as popular as ever, this year's literary offering is Comp/icity

2-16 Nov 2000 THE ""17