The List was the first magazine in the world to put Ewan McGregor on the cover when he starred in Dennis Potter‘s Lipstiek On Your Collar back in I993. We gazed into our crystal ball. stuck our neck out and predicted: ‘He looks certain to be high profile for the next couple of tnonths at lcast.‘

We were also first on the scene with Forbes EastEnders Masson and Alan Broadway Cumming. sticking the double act on the cover in I987 in their days as camp comedy act Victor and Barry.

. [iiiiE Liéiiiiiétit't

‘Glasgow is my favourite city.‘ the young choreographer with Ballet Rambert told The List in I985. Fifteen years later. he was as good as his word. Robert North for it was he became artistic director of Scottish Ballet.

‘Glasgow is not going to turn into a design mecca overnight. but it does have the possibility to start taking steps in the right direction.’ wrote Dejan Sudjic in The List in I989. Ten years later. Sudjic became the man in charge of Glasgow's year as City of Architecture.

‘The Edinburgh Festival of Science. the first of its kind in the world. aims to be as lively and as entertaining as the Festival Fringe.‘ wrote Tlte List‘s Simon Gage in I989. The board must have read his reports. He‘s now the festival's director.

:;::.':'.'.‘.‘r Trainspotting

All is not democratic in the land of The List. When it comes to cover stars we have our favourites: Ewan McGregor has made it no less than seven times; Bjork has cropped up five times. as has Robbie Coltrane; John Byrne~rclatcd projects have popped up at least four times. as have U2; and not far behind are Robert Carlyle. Leonardo DiCaprio. Daniel Day-Lewis and Oasis with three appearances apiece.

Who were The Indian Givers again'.’

Only in The List would you have read about Janice Kirkpatrick's Graven Images design company in I986 when it wasjust six months old; about ‘a bar and restaurant called the Gilded Balloon‘ about to open shortly in 1985; about ‘a unique theatre space to be named the Tramway Theatre‘ in I988; about a ‘new theatre and exhibition space‘ in I989 due to open the following year ‘in the arches beneath Glasgow‘s Central Station': about news from the set of ‘Irvine Welsh‘s compulsive tale of Edinburgh low-life. which is currently being filmed in Glasgow‘ in I995; about . . . oh. you get the picture.


0 Film of the Year: Braveheart

0 50th birthday for the Citizens' Theatre

0 Kevin Smith becomes the voice of the slacker generation with Clerks

10 "IE UST 2-16 Nov 2000

Frank Skinner took second place in our Edinburgh Fringe Filth Factor poll in August I991. just behind Denis Leary and one slot ahead of the Doug Anthony Allstars. The following week he won the Perrier Award. Way back in I986 we put Ben Keaton on the front cover and he too went on to wow the Perrier judges the fol- lowing week. And in I999. AI Murray spilt his pint on the cover before picking up Edinburgh‘s comedy prize.

Today. Valerie Edmond is a tabloid darling. but she had to start somewhere. Back in 1989 the star of The Crow Road and the recent Saving Grace was a bustling producer trying to raise money for her own theatre company. Theatre In The Sand. ‘You can‘t go in looking like an artist.‘ she told The List about her money- raising techniques. ‘You‘ve got to go in with a suit and a briefcase.‘

Long before Four Weddings and Inspector Rehits. John Hannah was having his first taste of media attention as a result of TV series Brand. ‘1 don‘t go along with any of this star bttsiness.‘ he told The List. ‘lt‘s an invention by the media to keep the real news out of the papers.‘


0 Film of the year: Trainspotting

0 Gallery of Modern Art opens in Glasgow to a mixed reception from the critics while the public vote with their feet and flock to it.

o Adventures in Motion Pictures causes a storm with its all-male Swan Lake