’They have always resented the fact that I made it very big in London and they didn’t; because the big leap for them is Fleet Street and they’re not there. They're small-time people.’ Billy Connolly on the Scottish press, 1985.

’I’m 38. It’s about time I stopped thinking about myself as a young apprentice and pushed myself further.’

Liz Lochhead in 1986, long before Mary Queen Of Scots and Perfect Days.

’People in Edinburgh don’t like to see anybody being successful, whereas in Glasgow they’re more encouraging.’

Shirley Manson in 1987 nearly a decade before going global with Garbage.

’It’s real; it’s not written by a computer or masterminded by a producer with three houses and five cars.’

Eddi Reader on Fairground Attraction’s 'Perfect', 1988.

’People accuse 7:84 of preaching to the converted, but the fact is that if all the people who’ve seen our shows had been converted we would have a very different kind of country.’ Playwright and company founder .lohn McGrath, 1989.

’Smart smoking and eat mad cow beef. Develop your own cancer rather than letting the government bring it to ya.’

Comedian Denis Leary in 1990,

a whole decade before the truth got out about high-level cover- ups.

’The Madonna party was phenomenal. All sorts of people were hanging around, like Jean- Paul Gaultier, Eddie Murphy, Tina Turner. The only parties I’ve been used to, you sit with a couple of cans behind a couch.’

Actor Robert Carlyle, 1991.

’I had this set at one time which had a routine about me in the toilet, another routine about my dad in the toilet and another routine about Margaret Thatcher in the toilet; I looked at the set and thought “this is terrible”.’ Comedian and actor Alan Davies, 1992.

’Most magazines you read in a couple of goes, but The List’s

appeal lasts as long as its shelf life.’

Media director Marc Fincham after Scotmedia had given us the Scottish Magazine Of The Year Award in 1993.

’The 90s is the 605 turned upside down.’ Musician Edwyn Collins, 1994.

’I thought to be a writer you had to go to Cambridge or Oxford, speak six languages, and go and live in Paris. . .

I was this rural Scot from Duffsville that had no indigenous culture.’ Novelist Alan Warner, 1995

’The good thing is Trainspotting happened in my 305. If it had happened when I was in my 205 I would have been River Phoenix or something.’

Irvine Welsh, 1996.

’The reason my voice is so powerful is because I have to sing over such a racket.’ Fran Healy of Travis, 1997.

’It had to be big scale and it was always going to be expensive.’ Director James Cameron on Titanic, 1998.

’I don’t consider myself a role model.’ Eminem gets it right in 1999.

’It’s our divine right as Mancunians to bait David Beckham.’

Noel Gallagher, 2000.

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