Nancy's boys

Just to prove that Nancy Cartwright isn't a one-voiced pony. here are some more of her Springfield scamps. Words: Mark Robertson.

Nelson Muntz Narky school bully with a soft spot for Lisa and a rabid determination

to put her brother in hospital. During his first

fight with Bart where he came off second best, was heard to utter the words: ‘You made me bleed my own blood’.

Rod Flanders Son of God’s best buddy, Ned. Requested to anoint the

sores on Homer’s feet when

they discovered him homeless. ls under the impression life is still like the old testament. gyg

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insists. ‘My husband is one and I raise my children using the precepts that I’ve read in

Hubbard’s works. For me, it’s a really Kearney Stubey-headed stabilising thing but people should just find out rabble FOUSQF and aCCOmD'ICE about it for themselves. As a celebrity, I don’t to Ne'son and 99m“ Whose mind saying that it was good for me; but like Sk'lls at Shopl'ftmg from the

Kwik-E-Mart are unsurpassed. Sports a nice line in studded wristbands.

everything else. just try it yourself.”

One more difference: Bart’s pranks may be as high in proportion as the number of Duffs quaffed by Homer. but as far as japcs go. Cartwright’s childhood rebellion is limited to one never-to-be-repeated act of graffitic terror.

‘When I was thirteen, I took a brown magic marker onto marble in the school toilet and . . . oh it was nasty . . . I wrote a word that begins in ‘f’ and ends in ‘u.c.k.’ and it’s not ‘liretruck’. It was awful and I ended up getting busted for it and my mum was sent for. I now knew that my mum knew that I knew that word and I felt horrible and l was really humiliated and they suspended me for the next two days.’ A life of crime may have been over but the rest is

. Ralph Wiggum Police Chief Wiggum’s hysteria.

disturbed son and Lisa’s classmate. Clearly as mad as his doughnut- munching pop. Classic line: ‘My cat's breath smells of cat food'.

My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy is published by Bloomsbury on Thu 9 Nov priced £12.99; Nancy Cartwright is appearing at Borders, Glasgow and EICC, Edinburgh on thus 16 Nov.

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