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fies that more than one answer is pos- sible.

by Friday 24th November

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01. How do you usually get hold of your copy of The List?

Buy at newsagent D 1 PLEASE ANSWER 02 Buy from another shop D 2 PLEASE ANSWER ()2

Subscription El 3 PLEASE SKIP TO 04 Delivered to home D 4 PLEASE SKIP TO 04 Borrow someone

else's copy D 5 PLEASE SKIP TO 04 Other Cl 6 PLEASE SKIP TO O4

02. How often do you buy The List?

Every issue

(once a fortnight) D 1 PLEASE SKIP TO Q4 Once a month D 2 PLEASE ANSWER 03 About six times a year D 3 PLEASE ANSWER 03 Very occasionally D 4 PLEASE ANSWER 03 At particular times (eg Festivals. Hogmanay. etc) El 5 PLEASE ANSWER 03

03. What makes you buy a

particular issue of The List? PLEASE TICK AS MANY BOXES AS APPLY TO YOU

The front cover D1 A feature/article that interests me D2 Planning a night out D3 Friend recommends it D4 Flick through it in a shop D5 Want to see what's on at specific events D6 Want to find out about jobs D7 Reader offers/competitions D8 Other reason D9

04. When did you first start reading The List?

This is the first issue I've read D1 During the last six months D2 One-two years ago D3 Three-five years ago U4 Over six years ago D5


Please tick one

question speci-

Please return

Q5. How often do you read/refer to the regular features, reviews and list- ings sections that appear in The List? PLEASE TICK ONE BOX FOR EACH sscnon. THE SECTIONS ARE IN THE ORDER THEY IN THE MAGAZINE

Emit Frontlines D1 Phil Kay column D1 Feature articles D1 Film preview/index/listing D1 Music preview/review/listings D1 Theatre preview/review/Iistings D1 Comedy listings D1 Clubs preview/listings D1 Art preview/review/Iistings D1 Kids listings D1 Glasgow Life D1 Edinburgh Life D1 Classified -(jobs/flatshare. etc) D1 I Saw You D1 Food and Drink preview/directory D1 Books preview/review/events D1 Video/DVD reviews D1 TV preview D1 Games review D1 Internet D1 Market shopping and style D1 Travel D1 Letters D1 We Saw You D1 The Cartoon D1

Hit Lists -(spread throughout magazine) D1

06. How many people, apart from yourself, read your copy of The List?

Sometimes Never D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 _ D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3 D2 D3

08. Which of these phrases best describes


Good value for money D1 NO or“? 9'53 no It's expensive D2 one C“ It has interesting features and articles D3 TWO 02 It’s boring D4 Three 03 Looks good/well designed D5 Four D4 It's not well laid out/designed D6 5 or more ‘35 It's easy to find information in the The List D7

It's hard to find to find your way around The Ust D8 07. Do you think The List is "-3 aimed at people like me 09 mawy “mm” 7 There's not much in it to interest me D10 Glasgow D1 The information is always reliable D11 Edinburgh D2 You always have to double check the information D12 Glasgow and Edinburgh D3 It's trend setting/cool D13

09. Which of the following special supple- ments have you read in the last year?


Club Guide [:11 Style Bars D2 Hogmanay D3 British Art Show ' [:14 Eating and Drinking Guide D5 T in the Park . D6 Glasgow Green D7 Edinburgh Festival D8 Student Guide D9

010. What is your opinion of the coverage of the Edinburgh festivals in The List?

Excellent D1 Good D2 Average D3 Not particularly good U4 Not good at all D5

011. Did you use the What’s on Day by Day and Hour by Hour guide during the festi- vals?

Yes - regularly D1 - occasionally D2

No D3