I Yang at Yang. 11pm—3am. Free before midnight; £3 after. Weekly. Northern soul and funk grooves from Gerry Love (Teenage Fanclub) and Chris Geddes (Belle And Sebastian). Live bands appear on an ad hoc basis upstairs.



I Algo Differente at Havana Bar. 8.30pm-late. £4 (£3). Weekly. Arrive early for salsa tuition, then revel in the Salsa Sabrosa crew’s high octane Latin


I Club Santiago at Brel. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Latino grooves with Marcelo and Manuelo Cifuentes.

I The Jengaheads at The Living Room. 9pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. Martyn Jengahead is at the helm of this night, which showcases new releases, acetates and the like.

I Fluid at The P010 Lounge. lOpm-lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Wayne Dixon mixes up classic funk, soul and disco with a dash of contemporary business, and there’s half price cocktails to make sure things go with a swing.

I Russell's at Russell’s. 9—1 1pm. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw brings his world music extravaganza to the yuppie masses.

I Shu Hirata at The Cul De Sac. 8pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. Jazzy breaks, hip hop, electro, drum & bass: whatever gets played out, it’s bound to be the best available.

I Yang at Yang. 8pm-lam. Free. Weekly. Michael Peck mixes, cuts and breaks those beats.


I Bennet's at Bennet’s. 11.30pm-3am. £2.50 (£1.50). Weekly. Sara with an upfront dance mix. Gay.

I Deathlehem at The 13th Note Club. 11pm-3am. £2. Weekly. Residents Dumptruck, Demonic and Craig look set . to scare the punters silly with mean old rock and metal - think Korn and Slipknot having a scrap with Black Sabbath and AC/DC.

I F.A.B. at Babaza. 11pm-3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. DJ Skud blends garage, R&B and funky house, playing to a dressed-up crowd who help to make this one of the busiest midweek nights in Glasgow.

I Hotdog at Reds. 11pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. An Anne Summers-sponsored night that’s about to spice up your life. Music comes in the form of dance classics from Keith Pyper, but it’s the PVC underwear, joy juice and willy- shaped ice-cube makers that we’re after. I Joints And Jams at Planet Peach. 11pm-3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. High calibre night of hip hop, swing and R&B from a rotating roster of DJ talent including Martin Hesketh, Puppa Shango, John Lyons, DMG and James Fullerton.

I Overground at The Velvet Rooms. llpm—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Indie sounds and chart classics from Joe McKay.

I Shag Tag at Archaos. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Insanely successful night based on a complex numerical flirting system: everyone gets a number upon entry, then, if someone catches your eye, you write their number on the board next to your own, with the idea being that they then rush up to you and get biz-ay. Music-wise, it’s banging house and trance in the main room and across-the- board ‘madness’ from C.J. downstairs.


I Klass at Destiny. 10pm—3am. £2 before 11pm; £3 after. Weekly. For those who fancy a party night out, but can’t stand those pesky kids cluttering up the joint. Over 28s only.

I Pop & Tarts at The Cathousc. 11pm-3am. Free before 11.30pm; £2 (£1.50) after. Weekly. Party-up disco and funk.

I Souped Up at The Garage. 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Daft pop and student antics.


Edinburgh Clubs

Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city. then bysday. then alphabetically by title. Clu will be listed provided It to-date details reach our offices at east eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Edinburgh club listings compiled by Catherine Bromley.


I Bass Invaders at The Pond Bar. 9pm-lam. Free. Weekly. A delectable selection of funk, hip hop and breaks in the comfortable surroundings of Leith’s premiere watering hole.

I Baracoa at Baracoa. 8pm-lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Nano plays the Latino grooves to make you salsa with dance classes from the expert, Sam Gannon (£3.50 .

I Fue at Rush. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Raymi B generates a high-voltage sup ly of hip hop, funk and house.

I ilded Saloon at Gilded Saloon. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Niall Young, Scott McKenzie, Scott Elliot and guests provide a selection of smooth dance grooves.

I Immersed In Music at Pivo. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Tim Makon and Colin Chapman play delectable house grooves for the laid-back drinking crowd. I Juve-Nation at City Cafe 2. 9pm-lam. Free. 9 Nov only. DJ Relentless and Matty get jiggy with a mix of classic drum & bass and house. Check out the next club date at The Bongo Club on 16 Nov.

I La Fromagerie at The Meadows Bar (downstairs). 9pm-lam. Free. 2 & 16 Nov. Fortnightly. The tastiest cheese selection from Edinburgh’s original E-Z sleazies Al and Kam the Mullet.

I Made In Iguana at lguana.9pm-1am. Free. Weekly. Gary Mac (Sublime) brings down a few boxes of his favourite funky tunes and slips in some soulful house at leisure.

I Mellow Mellow Right On at The Carwash. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. DJ Sofa Boy gets comfortable with an eclectic mix of chilled funk and nu jazz sounds.

I Oxygen at Oxygen. 9pm-1am. Free. Weekly. Mark Edmondson and Mr Todd rotate on a fortnightly basis with some damn funky grooves.

I Perception at Bar Union (formerly Bliss). 9pm-lam. Free. 9 Nov. Fortnightly. Deep to progressive house from Derek Martin and Gav Grant.

I Prefix at Bar Union (formerly Bliss). 9pm-1am. Free. 2 Nov. Fortnightly. The X-Residents and guests supply house and garage grooves, plus original tunes.

I Rookie Night at PopRokit. lOpm—lam. Free. Weekly. A new venture that offers unknown DJs the opportunity to leave their bedrooms behind and play out to a crowd. Send tapes to Duncan Alexander @ PopRokit, 2 Picardy Place, Edinburgh EH1 3JT.

I Salsa Viva at Cuba Norte. 10pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Salsa and Latin DJs on rotation.

I Strange Beats at The Watershed. 8pm-1am. Free. Weekly. A solid funk and soul selection.

I Tropico Utopico! at El Barrio. 8pm-lam. Free. Weekly. DJs from the Bongo Club in Manchester and DJ Jaffar and Zuppa lnglese from Arakataca spin a spicy selection of African, Afro Latin and Afro Caribbean dance music. More info from events@elbarrio.co.uk.

I Undercover Brothers at The City Cafe. 8pm—1am. Free. Weekly. A live take on the pre-club scenario with saxophone and percussion accompanying the decks selection from Adrian, with lyrical enhancement from A.J. (Yush Recordings).

I Vortex at Bannermans. Monthly. Next date for this warm-up to the trance event at La Belle Angele is Nov 23.


I CC. Blooms at CC. Blooms. 10.30pm—3am (bar from 6pm). Free. Weekly. Work that body to Hi-NRG dance action at this ever-ready gay bar.

I Da Break at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm—33m. £4 (£3). 16 Nov. Monthly. Block party beats featuring live hip hop from Style Of Soul plus the residents Demon, Bertie and for one month only, Unkle Fawaz.

I Dragon at The Bongo Club. 11pm—3am. £3. 9 Nov. Monthly. A cheeky new fella prone to bustin’ hard hitting beats and shaolin moves.

I Dust at Studio 24. 11pm—3am. £2. Weekly. A cross-section of alternative sounds from the infamous DJ Dave, taking in punk, hardcore, goth and similar such dark musings.

I Dysfunction at The Venue. 9pm—3am. £3. 9 Nov. Fortnightly. DJs Ewan and Jane playing the latest mix of nu metal, hardcore, skate punk and industrial.

I Dysfunction at The Attic, entry through Legends. 9pm-3am. Free. 16 Nov. Fortnightly. The live dimension to the Dysfunction club night showcases metal/hardcore bands Blunht and Fractal Jack (tbc).

I Ethos at Studio 24. 11pm—3am. £3. 16 Nov. Monthly. Steave and D.H.B. provide the full-on trance and techno tunes.

I Funki at The Attic. llpm—3am. £tbc. 9 Nov. Fortnightly. A brand new night at this rapidly developing gem of a venue. The music policy is only the finest deep house and funky grooves from fresh faces Stevie H, Timbo and Miguel.

I Future Primitive at The Venue (Cooler). 10.30pm—3am. £2. 2 Nov. Monthly. The relaxed ‘no-attitude’ party continues with the residents playing varied corkers from the musical styles of house, techno & breaks and guest DJ Sponji laying on the dub.

I Gadges At Work at The Cocteau Lounge. 11pm-3am. £3. 9 Nov. Fortnightly. Those cheeky wee gadges Harvey and Neil Ferris continue their marvellous management of deep house and soulful garage.

I Genetic at The Citrus Club. 11pm—3am. £2. Weekly. Still a mighty popular soirée that showcases alternative, indie and lo-ft.

I Juve-Nation at The Bongo Club. 10.30pm—3am. £4.50 (£3.50 with flyer). 16 Nov. Monthly. Special guest Twist joins resident Relentless at this old-skool drum & bass night that firmly places the stress on fun instead of posing. Manga resident The General also drops by the main room while Chuck and Matty get funky in the back.

I Kick-0n at Studio 24. 10pm—3am. £4 (£3). 16 Nov. Monthly. New rock night featuring live bands.

I Love Breaks at P0 Na Na. 11pm-3am. £2. Weekly. DJs Simone and Dr Jon play new and old classics from the realms of Latin, soul, R&B and disco.

I The Moneyshot at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 23 Nov.

I 909 at Noa. 9pm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Launch of new tech-house night with Gavin Anderson, David White and Ewan James.

I Perception at La Belle Angele has temporarily finished. The residents can, however, be found at Progression on Fridays and doing their pre-club thing fortnightly Thu at Bar Union.

I Snatch Club at The Liquid Room. 10.30pm—3am. £3.50 (£2.50). Weekly. DJ Harry Ainsworth (yes, he that hosts the Departure Lounge at PopRokit) supplies the musical and comedic entertainment along with Baz Peters and Spanky Alexander at this funky disco cum cabaret. Always rammed in one way or another.

I Supafly at Noa. llpm-3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Jon Flowerz supplies slices of soul, 70s and cheese.

I 3 Piece Sweet at The Cocteau Lounge. 11pm-3am. £2. 9 Nov. Fortnightly. Edinburgh’s most audacious party girls, Trendy Wendy, Sally F and Nicci throw caution to the wind on a fortnightly basis with cheap booze and damn hot tunes.

listings CLUBS


Big Beat Gil Scott-Heron. Need we say more? La Belle Ange/e, Fri 10 Nov.

Blast Huggy Burger Queen's got a 'Megablast' in store and it's gonna go off! Explosive house action from Ministry's Jazzy M (pictured) plus support from the Huggy boy himself. Club Mercado, Sat 4 Nov.

Digital and Sacred present Rotation Making the Hitlist yet again with another huge tech-house showcase that includes Christian Valera, Melrob, The End's Mr C and the residents. The Venue, Sat 11 Nov.

District A new and exciting venture that showcases the delectable Dling delights of top Edinburgh house jocks Craig Smith and Adrian Milarski. Noa, Sat 4 Nov.

Manga The Enforcers (Reinforced Records) present 'Fist Of The North Star' Part I, starring Randall, Stretch, MC MG, Marc Mac (4 Hero) and Seiji plus the Manga residents on rotatation. Two rooms and a whole lotta fun. La Belle Ange/e, Fri 3 Nov.

Mondo After the success of its Rachel Auburn date, Mondo achieves yet another exclusive in the form of Italy's Andreas Mazzali aka Flickman. This will be the pumpin' house jock's debut in Scotland, so make him feel the force. Wilkie House, Fri 10 Nov.

Rizla Presents: The Boutique Bands Bi Booze Tour Big beat, breaks and funky booty from The Dirty Beatniks, Mekon, Alpinestars and South, plus support from local heroes The Merry Pranksters and The Jengaheads. The Liquid Room, Mon 6 Nov.

Pre-Jill Scott Mini All-Dayer In anticipation of R&B queen Jill Scott’s appearance tonight at the Liquid Room, comes this laid-back party hosted by Yogi Haughton, Bob Cairns and Craig Smith. PopRokit, Sun 12 Nov.

I Vortex at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date 23 Nov.

Chart & Party

I Back To Basics at Why Not? 11pm-3am. £5. Weekly. Wonderfully predictable favourites from the chart

C I.

IryB'iasted at Gaia. 10pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Dubbed ‘the best student night in town’ by some Radio 1 sage, this sweaty soirée features cheesy mainstream dance in the main room and indie from Planet Earth upstairs in the lounge.

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