y The Scottish Literary Tour Company. Ltd. is expanding its Arts 8. Tourism projects across l Scotland. We are seeking to recruitimmediately: A part-time OFFICE ASSISTANT who is very computer literate and has a proven track record in working with Microsoft Access and Outlook database packages. Some database management and direct marketing experience preferred. 2-3 days per week, salary negotiable (hours flexible). RESEARCHERS - preferably with a Scottish Literature background, to research various proiects including multi-media based work via our sister company Devlin Morris Productions. Prospect of full paid employment subiect to experience and results. Please forward CV's in the first instance to: THE MANAGING DIRECTOR, THE SCOTTISH LITERARY TOUR COMPANY LTD, 978 WEST 80W, EDINBURGH, EHI 218 f U S H E R H A L L Periormerg WEB Box Office Assistants Wattle“ DESIGN ERS, . ;':’c.';:-' are 0 t. . 652 (I I,I IS - (I Lees plus approprlate enhancements m y "id Off/mfg (pro-rata for part-time) (Pay award pending) science 8 some emp 0 es e; v- .. for the same old The Usher Hall has vacancies for the following Box Office staff to start £3.32;sagemg;gmrmg sites? In early December. All postholders Will be reqUIred to work fleXIbly to :15; Join us working on cool meet the needs of the Hall. Jar.s;°tyic.>‘-.;i! t.:u§;'get.-: sites for cool clients. go): r'.’.'..”; is; an: . Box Office Assistants (Temp - 2 posts) Ref - R/OO/ I 47- l 48 Olga-"W waits lat-t; we need an efper'encéq . . . . . I“. mace centrisrtcetzn Sir'ts performance- Web/flaSh des'gner t0 l0In these posts require shift working Within the hours 8.45am - 8.30pm mmwflmm“5982,3493M, our growing, Glasgow 5 da S out of 7. 3‘39"?”m‘9r3f‘33'7‘9 based, team. y It l reads-15w mice as pie-crave 1' yzu . . ° _ _ haepgg'r; rage cucusstzfis sconce DeSIgner With web/Flash Box Office Assistant (PIT 2| .ZShrs) Ref R/OO/ I 49 mme W1- mm WM“ M or Shockwave experience. , ' art-curb BOX Office ASS'Stant ' I Ref ' {g :grgyr3fgfmaI‘13n adj 3', 3;;‘,§3(;yi ff: Cvs & to these posts will be within the hours 4. l 5pm - 8.30pm, 5 days out of 7 A A2 ll$t@d95lgnlscenttal-C0m . . ul :Jd'oJ. axo'iISJCKOJ. With a longer working day at weekends by arrangement. mtmamaewgmemmy . . Closing date for applications: Applicants must have clerical experience, including cash handling, cash Tuesday28 November. . . . . . . . Itinerary-.21DeheIM—Bih Decent-2 reconCIliation, telephone and keyboard skills, With experience of working “mg”imnammm Fem, in a computerised box office or similar environment. Good BLOC-tend 9031 tctntatsnE-“B BER counsfis/mmofl communication skills, ability to use initiative and willingness to learn new I Learn Photography 1—2—1 - - ~ - - - - ENIHUSIASHC CATERING tuition covering the essentials of skills are reqUIred. An ability to maintain thehighest standards of MANAGER picture taking cg. “gm customer care In this very busy concert hall is essential. for contract caterer 2000 on site, metering, exposure, composition, must have commercial and func- film speeds, equipment. With Knowledge of the Wembley Ticketing System would be helpful although Ction experigfnce essential. practical assignments. Relaxed. . . . . . . atering sta also required. informal approach. Tutorials full training Will be given. A genume enthu5iasm for and knowledge of Edinburgh ccmm £30. Contact David H0, 0131 the performing arts would be an advantage. Call Laura on 0131 655 6480. 622 0682. Email: For further information and an application form, please contact Administration Thezgymlfiffoiflgmlfgw IIOTat Ckht Ctougsest for beginners. . . . . WCC In to UC OT' COUI'SCS Section, Department of Recreation, 23 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 386, untfier ufshers for the thrtstmas for relaxation, comrgencmg am, tele hone 0I3l 529 7837. S 0‘” 9””."pm 3“ some Christmas in Morningsidc. p ( ) Csxgggssgnpfiicacguzign Newington and Canonmills area. . - o o - ° Christmas gift vouchers also The closrng date for receipt of completed application forms is 0131 225 7942 available. Please ca” 0131 337 Friday, 24 November 2000. , , 9113 or 07990 582921. I Envrronmental charity COMMITTED To EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES needs sociable people in all 10 WEEK PILATES COURSES areas to help us find new mem- £75/£65 or individual Pilates Q "a bers. Absolutely no selling or sessions £20 per hour. o l N H o 3‘ . '0’ ‘o persuasion involved. Part time Also 8 week Desicashar Yoga 2% evenings. £6-£7 per hour. Large course strarts Tues 24 Oct, THE CITY OF EDINBURGH COUNCIL 'o,,ms° SAE to: I Leathart (SWT), 7—8.30pm, £50/£40. Carpet Farm, Nr Penicuik, EH26 Aspire mind & body. 9NL or jeremy-leatharthcar- Phone 0141 339 4747. counsEs/yumon COURSES/TUITION

ITS Organic LEARN LANGUAGlgb ABROAD . Spanish in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville, Granada, Ncrja, SOUP, JUICC Malaga). & Coffee Bar Central and South America (Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and . . . Argentina). pRO’ECT ASSISTANT - (ya/uncary tramce) W1“ soon be Openmg Its French, German, Italian, Russlan in Europe.

litlllt'fi 'lVllltiC .itlmm i. plnlt‘( it support Nu pH‘VIOU‘. i'xpirrwnr t‘ m-(v-u .ny, .m second outlet in central POHUgUCSC in Portugal and Brazil. llilt'H"-f in innit-iimnr.1ry .irl t“.‘.t‘lilldl (.Intillitiit‘K‘Nhn“IN/1'AH‘I‘Hlllit'niplhyt‘ti10' Ed-nbur h 0 Spanish Salsa holidays in Cuba (Nov 2000, Feb and April 2001) (NH h "NHHH‘. WI” ltt- t'li'tiililt- for Nt'w l)t‘.tl .inil wrll ltt' (]|\'(‘n d (/51) training limitth I g . ° French and skiing in the French Alps (January 2001) ”““‘“'"" "l ' occcmb°'- To find out aboutfuu and ° Italian in Florence. Rome, Siena and Sicily

° Gap Year in Latin America and Europe.

ifilt'iVll'ifl‘» flu". I. [in t‘mlti‘i i‘ri'lt'rtt‘tl ulnrl tl.tlt' i.‘ 01‘. t'mln‘t ° Six month language/adventure programme in Venezuela

' ni i f’ii'vriiii'. ti.itrit'i'-. li.1\.t‘ "lUVI'xi tiiiln ymrtl ".“.|h(yn~ Air Jmflm'. mm.“ Part “me Opportu res

ititilt'rtttvi.-..' flu'Jflt‘ ( Utnr‘.|Hy_ ( (\liq‘( livt‘ ( .vllrr ,1. l'\_ please contact Susan 0” Caledonia Languages Abroad.

"”"”"”"' ""”""' "w m" ' "‘ 0131 226 2444 Tel 0131 621 7721/2. Fax: 0131621 7723

National (|.'rit“. it] \i nluivtit Portfolio (..|llt‘l\, \flfi‘. t..tllt'vv for (lt‘f.|l|\ smut .m 8 hi it) Collective Gallery. 22 - 28 Cockbum St. www e-mall. lnfo@t ng a on uk Edinburgh EHi iNY. Tclor3i-2zo-1260 WWW.C" J 1 "‘ng a COon

98 THE UST 16-30 Nov 2000