CLASSIFIED I saw you m I O I saw you You are a vision O I saw you American Josh (1’) I O I saw you Flapjack. Long.

of loveliness, my heart jumped outside pad on Halloween you longer. longest. longer than

out of my body. You gave me a I had a pipe. I was dressed as a longest. The material's just passing glance and then left. schoolgirl and 1 actually did coming. I love you to bits 1"] Lady with blond hair and blue steal your hat. Sorry! Want it and 1'“ love you forever. Stevie

. I saw you in the Tron cafe Q I saw you (c) Elle est v I saw you being goofy at


l C)'CS- Box No Ux’401/27. back‘.’ Box No cam 42. Boy. Box so c 401 57. i


on the 31/10/00 at 6pm. You had retrouvee. Quoi‘.’ L'eternite. Dougals and The Centre, iii my deep brown eyes and a shaved C'est la mer allee avec le soleil. dreams ever since and in all my head. We made eye contact (J) Box No L240]. 43. hopes and plans for the future. I when going to the toilet. Box 3 Q I saw you (’laire and my j Keep your arms folded until the 3 No U/401/28. erotic impulses felt like religious airport. (ion/.o. Box No L' 400 l. V I saw YOU 0" Sun 15 Us! on U I saw you at the Just 1 ecstasies. You are without doubt O I saw you (’ at Glasgow [hi Iii-“I RUIIICNIN 1.011)} lhs‘n IIIC l Pretending show and )‘ou are the most beautiful creature on We talked near the start of term. Ifélill- “IN” I I‘IUV ill lllfll llls‘ gorgeous, your name is this planet and my heart desires Glad I stuck with the course. We film" ,Wu “CW right llls‘tc. You I’ Nicholas. Box No Ui'4tll.’2‘). i yours to be closer to mine. Jim. should talk some riiore. Box No had Lt big holdall. Wish you'd l O I saw you at the (3131‘. You . Box No U,’401,'44. g L' 400 2. IRIIIWLI IO "M‘- IIUN NO I' “III-“II. (1‘st high heeled snakeskin boots. O I saw you and you fell in O I saw you my girly ‘fat ; Iosaw You I-;«‘\- MCVIIUIII‘S- . I saw you Greggs Gm. MC You can skin my snake anytime, ltalf. Loue the magician. Box No friend . . .‘wl‘iere s the I 5011C“ fl s‘I‘FI‘IISIU I‘SI“CC” “5 yen, Ichm-nc soup and vasa of the silver screen. Box U/401/45. I booae . . . .’ (JIIIIIIIC another I “I II'd IJU-SI Imagine II- It lllflls‘d sandwich girl, YOU‘ pink No U/401/30. I l mini bottle and lets go to the "1C ""0 il IICTVUUS IIUIIII‘SITUCK IoomIIkc (minus IIIC pink hairy I saw you with your I polo . . . lyproniise not to piillll Ifffll Whenever u where around. I'm noI moo gum punov u pink hair ((1 GI. I. I knew right Box No L- 401w. Still-lune ur mime. without it drink! BM NU UMUI/Ii away you're the one for me. It O I saw you (18:\ sculpture SIIIIIHIE J tIrlllIfI MJII’C “'0 v I saw you EII-lncsquc SECC me ordering drinks, while student to. the Iron. with your could I)carti toytistI have the pomcahm dchIIng gm and I giving you winks but u left mum. on lhu 1‘) ()ct. \Ne talked GIN-WT- IIUX I‘M LII)“. dwamcd “I. prefab MISS. I can when I went 4 a pee. Box No for a bit before the show, I .Ittst I saw you Boy Sam iii the on” Soong Icos and U/401/3l. v managed to say ‘gtKKIIIIgIII to IT‘Ull-I 510]) “tiling with bllu‘u. IM‘ entertaining chat, appropriate for | . I saw you “I Q“ In” W” W“ “9”” I"? M“ 1"” I” "um" (’ '\' “"5 N) L. 4W ‘0' mme slmIIIno prom Immo I are not blonde. anymore. You are meet for a coffee soon and talk V IHSBIN YOU I" Ills“ I'flllllltéltkcl haired scion“, comm boo on ' still my ambition, so call me, some more'.’ Box No L‘.4(lt)'24. «V I‘lfklll - WU \Wfs‘ “curing bike. Box No UHIII/II' yeah? Box NoIU/40l/32. O I saw you Andrew. barman I Cfs‘ilm Pills WHIPICXIQ". Smwlh . I saw you WIIh vow I saw you in a dream last at Rubiyat. Want to reminisce I NIH!" I'll“ I” "1’1"." III“! N“ amazing curIS in tIIL‘, Ramshmn night, as always you were and about times at (ilas L'ni. how Box N) U, 400 so: I for «BCSUUIUI Thing" “woolly are beautiful (sigh). Am I falling about it'.’ Box No 040026. i V I 53W Y9“ WWW! I” II" 31 Octobcn You made me crave in love or am IJUS‘I a big sop? O I saw you Marisa Ilappy gQIIIS. It‘ls‘klllg ,WUf MM iltltl hot ChocquIc on the “m, homo. Love big tail! Box No U/401/33. Birthday doll! Hope you have a “'II’IIIB II I)” III“ “iIII‘ W” .WU Mmm . I . wouId Iovc Io' moot O I saw you I want you. Stop great time in Londonll Box No fs‘tICCUIiIIC my “111. “M NO vow Box No UHIII/Is. playing hard to get! Have you U,’-100,/27. Ufl-Illll/37. I I H ‘. I saw you bcquII-UI om. who heard the one about the gift I Q I saw you chunky Canadian 0 I saw you Mr Devline. VI 53‘" Y0.“ IIUWIWIII )9!” (’ Iook us Io plus.on I am your horse. . ._'.’ (the gift horse with charity man on Princes Street, barman extraordinaire, please WWI! DUI “I IIIC CHILI UIIFUUT brown cued (mod. SoInI'M. Box the big tail). Box No U/401/34. did you get these muscles return my book!!! Box No :Irscullow are your p'iles.’ l was, No UHI‘II/Io v I saw you 13th Note Club, chopping trees? You crazy Ux’400/28. IIIC I’Ig I’IUIIIIC- I508 IV” U/‘IIIIC‘W . I saw you Jimmv In your 26 October. Shaven haired punk lumberjack cutie. Box No I saw you (:athcart (‘irc|e, I Saw YOU lulkmg '0 SI I31" jumper, you rcmindéd m'o of gleaming gorgeously on red-lit U/401/46. I I often seen you in deli before. [11510131. \VhaI eineiI)’ I?” WI” Thump” (me who") cause your stage. Box NO'U/4III/35. ..I saw you mischievous You wear a ring on your left “’l-SII- BOX I“! LdlIII-I )- . ours are big & a woo bu puff). O I saw you in Bennets, ()ft midget monkey you were I hand. are you attached'.’ I hope V I 53‘” You SIiIII‘IIIIS I’CIIIIId 3* and your t"II IS yon. round & baldy hunk. You on chair. me wearing a save the children bib. not cause 1 want you. Box No SIICCP Ht BUICIIFIICAIII. did )‘lml IIUIIV, you stood {II'II1C OFT hard & shy. Sorry I left you. I was wearing a smile come U/400/2‘). 11¢" INT “"0 WWI-5C3 BUN I‘M Iook'mé cooI‘ mooring mo a rod Don't see you much around but play in my tree. Strawberry U/‘lIIII/‘III- buII, out Your com vouuvc puIIod you have filled a place in my blonde one. Boxl‘eo U,’fl(ll,r’~l7. xxx. Box' No WWI/n. lonely heart, The Small Guy. 9 I saw you hairy ladies mart. . I saw you Side Show boo Box No U/401/36. Your chubby smile_+ charity. Don't be a or}. baby be a happy 0 I saw you punky at the Danceall over me in those O a a n 'I-IggorII (booms on me Show Halloween ball. You ruffled my attractive‘green l_ove boots! XXXM, (SEEK-“I Box No feathers Without doing anything Gordon Street 2D/10/00. Box No

. I saw you Bubs. Who new, v.1 saw you exquisitely v I saw you Phat a Smalls says sorry” NoI mo. sorry, Iovc drinking tea in Tinderbox last breakdancing in the outback week. You look like my sort of 20/10/00. Your funky moves

Mxxx Box No U/4()l/l9.

. I saw you naugho, mi” Cockney geozer! Wanna meet? really got me jiving! Box No

Bunny puIIIng Spunky_nmnkcy-s Big Jock (Celtic speaker) x Box U/401/49. I

Io“. Bcruo and Rosev are No U/401/38. O I saw you 2 along, white top

muchmg you” Box 'No I saw you working hard in at the bar where you work!

U/4tll/2tl. r“: R‘Wk Lama] Sli‘llonv Useless “5 always. PIN-“C Show By post box: Fill in the free postcards available from the

v I saw you Bridcosaurus with working up a sweat. Lunch offer me the way to your Cul de Sac. IOIIOng venues,’ que, City Cafe, Eh I' FlIthUSOI Iguana,

€qu IIIIIc droo \. moth In still open, your Bangkok friend Box No U/401/50. I . ) Borders cafe- \I\’/hcrc,s Gaptoom? x. Box No WWI/39 . I saw you to“, dark haired Traverse, The Venue, Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), or The Lops out IoooIhcr & make the O I saw you Marcus aurelius in behind the bar in Brel. You, me, Garage, Blacklriars, Brel, Cul de 38C, GFT, BOIdCfS Cale. boost with fwo backs. Box No Tinderbox, how are the dugs'.’ on the bar. How about it'.’ You Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

UHOI/ZI. From Emilius. RS 1 love you. know me. Box No U/-101/51.

. I saw you Just pretending!!! BOX N0 U/‘IOWO- , . I saw yo? fox-V bcsl’ccm'cd By phone: Call 0131 558 1191 from 10am—5pm You receiving Iots of girls, mo, 0 I saw you Mr Biceps - do chef at the Culdy. Me. you and

mu uIIIIcr . ,‘III .oI Io be u on .u. you work out big boy in Bar whipped cream. I'm closer than - . .

Box‘No [Lin/32. p L Brel 1/1 1/00. You can come on you could possibly guess. Box By 9 ma'l' YOU can ream US at adcopy@hst'co'uk . I saw you jusI proIcndIng? my mental assault course No U/401/52. Please SUPPIY a pOSIaI address When U909 e'mall, AS I unwrapped my presents did anytimell Box No U/4tll/4l. O I saw you You were made but do not leave your credit card details.

I feel you undressing me with for lowdown dirtiness. Long _

your eyes? Box No U/401/23. blonde "I CUM.“ PIN and a “me By fax: Fill in the form and fax It tO lhe List on

babe, dancing your ass off in ' . I saw you bkmdc "mm

0 I saw you bouncy vivacious I bit more? Box No U/401/53. 0131 557 8500 E behind tlte bar at Cul dc Sac.

Polo Lounge. 1 tri ed on your .

Ihcn‘xvc l{6\v Up, you kn0\y yuu “punt

about more arige?? Grrrrrrh. to. Box No U/Jtll/Sil. . .

Box No [yum/34. .1 saw you Mr “Inky playing The List 1 Saw You The LISI i Sow You

O I saw you beautiful flaming ghamclél’anlc-_‘ “IIIII‘ the I’III‘” 14 High Street or At the MCLe-Han Ganerles r‘d had ' kin in Stravai tin. 058' 0w W “n a p “n in ur h . Ibo” LIL “0% of” and II ,hI‘I'I‘“, comes together. Box No Ed b g 270 saUCh'Cha” St I. ‘lrlIB'WUN‘ 8/51/75 5 ) (yam/55 EHI ITE Glasgow 62 3EH ire. ox o ._ . ' . . I saw you and Your doanc O I saw you 2/ 11/00 (pm. You . . v I . . ' ' ~ ’01 SIOOd U OUISHIC IIIIIhC'Jd No a ment is re oired as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a attached at the hip. Split 5, , , P D V q personality sex pot. Let me suck “be 5mm)” I 80‘ SW“ UP IUO- free sen/ice to readers. Deadline for the next issue is ' MC “\kaald dC‘IiIm» .VUUI glrl 12 noon on THURSDAY 23 Noverriber 2000.

' t‘ .‘ i. B . N . figiylfibnobt surf b0) 0‘ O in longyacket. I'd meet you on

i Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published. time. Box No 11140156.

106 THE lIST 16—30 Nov 2000