0 I saw you Douglas]. Smoother than Bob Monkhouse are you. It's been far too long since we've shared a spritzer doesn't absence make your heart grow fonder'.’ Write me TV superstar. Box No U/-I()l/l.

O I saw you gorgeous superstar P. Coo-wa. you make my cherry coca-cola go Oscar Wilde and crazy taste. Miss Xing Yti as always —- da coat. Box No U/4()l/2.

Q I saw you Barry B managing the Fruitmarket cafeteria with style . . . Not so good at writing. e-mailing.

etc . . . though are you! Must do better that goes for Allen. Sadie and Darren as well. S&I.. Box No U/~I(ll/3.

Q I saw you having a ball at the Assembly Rooms mister pastry chef. gorgeous in your white tie and kill. We danced a while and I was thrilled. Teach me to tango. Box No Uf-Itll/lt. Q I saw you at 'Ghost Dances' on 4th Nov. You were the mysterious guy in white shirt. black waistcoat. unkempt. cool hair. I was the girl with the stare. I was unable to say 'hi' at the time. but please get itt touch. Box No U/4llll5.

v I saw you in Iiros Micltael from (iorebridge who drives for Securicor. (Jet in touch ti sexy wee bugger. Box No U'4tll t). O I saw you one Sat night on the Number 22 bus tip I.eith Walk. Your name was Stevie and you had a Bear USA top on and lillesse trainers. Get in touch pleeeeease! Box No U.’~Il)l/7. v I saw you tall handsome blonde from Verwood on train to Edinburgh (3.» I 1). Me. shylish) redhead studying music. I'd like to be friends with you forever. Come to London with tne next June? Box No UX-Itll,’8.

Q I saw you at the Pumpkins concert in Glasgow, you were wearing a black top with a pink rim. gorgeous. I was wearing the leather coat. had a lip ring. Box No U,’-I(Il,").

Q I saw you Danish pastry requires cream filling funny man ((1 Stand don't leave me to go stale. Box No U.~I()l, Ill.

O I saw you Our souls touched I think. Those kisses haunt me in the most beautiful way. Be free&#h’23(l; Love. your friend a fool. xxx Box No L' «101 ll. 0 I saw you Janey Wancy chillin' out in the Burgh of Mussels. Take care and stay warm. Logrey ;-) x Box No U,’~I() I l 2.

O I saw you Aussie gladiator got jiggy at Siglo with brunette bombshell. Fri 3 Nov. You looked great in that cat suit. in fact you looked purrrfcct. I want all of your 9 lives. Box No U/4tllr58.

O I saw you from behind. I gave you a good shunt in my car. Hope you are alright. Do you need a tow job. You have lovely bumpers psychic girl. Box No U/JlH/S‘).

O I saw you at the UGC cinema in your sexy pink cardigan. You looked swell. I thought about you long and hard. “of bird you remind me of a swallow. Box No U/-lt)I/()(). v I saw you sultry goth chick working at the cinema. Your moody sexiness enllamed me. Your seductive smile captured my heart arid sucked my soul. Make me your love slave. Box No U/JUI/bl.

O I saw you seacliff. fresh as a sea breeze. sparkling. radiant Bonita. You and your beautiful baby dog the bedraggled paddler. I‘d love to ‘drip‘ over your pttp again! Box No U.’~I()I/’()2.

O I saw you gay latino female. long dark hair. Planet Ottt oit Sat 4 Nov near DJ box. Your blond friend asked my tnale friend if I was gay attd single. answer . . . yes I am!! I’ancy a beer'.’ Box No U.-I(ll,'()3.

O I saw you the Jemstar all over town. Whett you going to wear that dress for me? I-‘ancy some tnore Morgan Spice'.’ From you know who x Box No

LX401 ()4.

O I saw you Merctttio Waterstone's West lind. ground floor. Wed I Nov lunchtime. Me blonde hair. black jacket. jeans you stood beside me I was too shy to speak! Do you want to meet'.’ Box No U.'~I()lf()5.

Please note

For your I Saw You to be included on these pages, you must supply your fu// name and address with your advert.

O I saw you in Herbie. Stockbridge. I liked the way you handled your salami. You can handle mine any time. You deliciously devilish deli boys! Box No L' ~IIII,()().

v I saw you cute boy. sifting through the cheap CDs in Virgin on the morning of Sat 21 Oct. You blond spikes. blue coat. sand-coloured Irews. Me blue

, jeans and jacket. Fancy a drink'.’

Box No U.-«l()().'3.

O I saw you Clamshell chippy.

High Street. Tue -3rd. ()pm-ish.

Yott. red hair. orange leather

jacket. fish supper. me. brown

1 hair. denim jacket. Should've

asked you out then. second chance maybe? Box No U.’4l)(l,’-t.

U I saw you at Gaia 14/10/00—

me with the antlers, you just confused. You ttearly had me for Christmas how's about

i trying New Year'.’ Box No U,v'-I()()/5.

v I saw you tidz. Good tomato soup fancy making tne breakfast sometime attd spinning my discs. Box No L’.’—Itl(). (i.

O I saw you at Subway West

Iind. I‘ri 20 ()ct. You. Stella.

long blond hair. nice. didn't get

your number . . . wanna meet up'.’ Box No U 4007.

O I saw you Santa Claus with

long brown curly hair and white bobble hat. at St Michael's on

5th Oct at Illam. It was a

bummer. l. specs and dark hair. paid for two sandwiches but

failed to pick up the thread. Do

you need any aide for Christmas? Box No L‘,~Illt) S.

O I saw you looking cool it)

your cagoule in Clerk Street! liye think you're spec-tacular. even when you look angry! Box

No H.400 III. O I saw you Bobby D on Brunswick Road. Let’s meet up

again. Pete II. Box No L’,4()ll I]. v I saw you in All Bar One six montlts ago. You tall. dark and speccy. Me short. blonde attd inebriated. Since then I can't see enough of yott! Box No

L' 400 I2.

v I saw you Chris'.’ In Watcrstone‘s Iiast Iind. Sun 15 Oct . . . I watched yott for a while. and then bought a book it was only your second day there attd you were 'inexpcrienced' with the till. The book was about the Titanic now I'm looking for another on the same subject. How about A Night To Remember?! Loye from the Boy it) Black. Box No L' -Itttl I3.

v I saw you (‘al‘e Politik

22 10. Me polo neck guy pretending to read paper. Yoti with two girlfriends. Care to share art espresso?! Box .\’o C400 14.

O I saw you working itt the Pcartree. you didn't notice the. You ltave shoulder length dark blonde hair and is very cute. Box No L' Illtl 15.

v I saw you in the Potterrow. You were wearing a red shirt arid a badge. I was wearing nothing. ("ya there next week! Box No L' 400 ll).

O I saw you in the Balkans. I

will be it) the Middle liasl for

the next coup! Will you be

there'.’ Box No L',~Illtl l7.

v I saw you .‘yl.'l‘. You are the

i Janny. The dusting duties are all yours. On a piece! SSR. Box No

Uf-Illt). IS.

v I saw you Master Logrey. on

the plains of Iindor. Mixing your musical potiotts arid casting your spells. 12 is the magic number! Snooehies. Box No U-Illll 1‘). O I saw you naugltty Scotty. Ya Iilthee bashtad!! L'kr. Box No U—IIIII 2t).

0 I saw you Leeloo . . . with the sexiest hair itt town! Stay warm . . . Just keepin' the beat! xXx Box No LIX-IIIIIQI.

O I saw you Jan sleeping on the couch dowtt Captain James T St. Iliya Baybay!! Snoochies. Rebs. Box No U,:~It)t)r22.

‘9 I saw you in St Mary‘s St buying my birthday present. Glad you got it at Scoosh and ttot at that one on the corner. Cheers. Box No L‘f4llll/23.

v I saw you on your big birthday night oot. I saw much. but you all saw tnuclt much more. Get those leathers on girl and get that tnan to nursey nurse you proper. Box No U400, 25. O I saw you it) Safeways. Iluttlers Tryst. lidin. Sun IS ()ct about 5.30pm. You wore a black leather coat. light blue top. had dark eyes. bobbed hair and paittted nails. You smiled. If you are unattached. and fancy a date please get itt touch. or if you recognise her. please tell her to

get in touch if she is free. Box

No U-IIIII 3].

O I saw you Angel with black

hair & red lips. Clerk St. l-‘ri I3 Oct. I was carrying pizza. wearing shorts ty staring! ()ur

; eyes have met before btit can

we arrange it so I'm wearing trousers next time?! Box No L' 40032.

0 I saw you (n the Traverse

bar. You gave tne the pub quiz.

answer ‘Mexim‘. Box No [.41 It I 33.

Q I saw you ((1 The Junction Bar. subtly looking. you reminded me of sorneotte. was it Kriton frotn Red Dwarf.’ I love your blockhcad. I'll scratch it for you sometime . . . '.’ Box No L. 400 58.

V I saw you sexy spikcy girl at a ceilidh above Blind Poet. you twisted your attkle. now let the massage it better . . . '.’ Box No L. JIIII 5‘).


‘0 I saw you in 'l'apas ()le. I-‘orest Road. 2“ III lit) with two guys and two blottde girls. Yott. leatlter jacket. dark hair. sideburns. you‘re gorgeous. Wanna share some tapas soon‘.’ Box No l' ‘ttll (III. C I saw you I’inty attd friend. I-ancy a tag-team match'.’ My tnate and I would like to take you on for the heavyweight title. Box No l' JIIII ()I.

v I saw you .-\Iison in the City Cafe” .-\II I could see were loads of atttelopes but you stood out ya big moose!! Irish portt star. Box No U Mill ()2.

V I saw you ll Sutherland who Used to work for I5aith III Top Shop in Princes St. See you soon f‘ 'ed ottt ur face itt Wilkie. I.t)\‘t' .'\II. link NI) k',‘IIIII ()3.

v I saw you Belle Ange-le- stall in City (‘afe . . . What a bunclt of lookers! You are beautiful! Box Ni) LV ~IIIII,().I.

V I saw you Stevenson (‘ollege sexy Mexican Ittttik. Wattt ttte to pose ill from of your lottg lens? N0 IIII‘IIIS to what I‘ll (IO ~II'. Adios amigo. Ilasta lttego. xxx BUN No I. -IIIII ()5.

V I saw you ('ampbell (u (‘ity Cale. your eIIctttittatc walk attd sexy ass did it for me. It‘s time to cotne ottt. xxx Box No I' klllll (yo. 0 I saw you at I)olIs on 7 II) no ~ do (ietttinis and tequila mix‘.’ Box Ni) I' ~IIIII ()7.

O I saw you I think your name is ('arhartt. blowing stnokc iii the faces of I‘ilmhouse staft. Ilcre's 2Ilp. get yourscll a comb. BOX NI) I. ‘IIIII ()3.

V I saw you are you dtole de I.CII.\I.) Box NU If -IIIII ()9.

v I saw you 23 to on Prince-s St (iardens. Stripy jumper. Me baggy jeans III love with you I atn fttll stop »— you‘re gorgeous you have my heart. Ally. Jasie. “0.x Ni) I; ‘IIIII TI.

O I saw you handsome titan with funky beard and piercing eyes at the 'I'taxersc bar. Your rhetoric just turned tne on so I'd on c to hear you talk more and who knows w Ital else. Box No I' ~IIIII 1‘.

Q I saw you slinking around the bar area with Ittseiotis locks and big eyebrow .. Around the time of closing with a big blue bar under your arm. Be tnine. Box No I' I'll! 73.

v I saw you walking your sausage dog Ill (iay lield Square. I)tl ytttl fancy \tillle' Itte'ilI sausage. Box No I' will "4. O I saw you I)tte_\ in blue.

II) III (Hi. You w erc e‘Ittsc It) lltc edge and I am w tth you exery step of the w ay. .-\ll my lw‘. IIuey xxx Box No l' ‘iIII' “5. O I saw you at the Irayerse bar. filling in an I Saw Yott postcard. and looking l'oxy. Box ,\'o I' JIIII ,7).

2213 THE LIST 107