Glasgow Nancy Cartwright Borders Books. 2S3 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 1pm. Free. 11

may come as no surprise that Nancy ('artw right. the mice ol Bart Simpson. was illSt) lot'ltlc‘l'ly it “tn‘ltl Belching (‘hampion She will be signing copies ()1 .l/\ /.I/t' .'l\ .‘l li‘lt li'tll‘ ()lt/ /)’n\ (Bloomsbury £1299). her insider's pc‘l'spccllu‘ (ill the World ()l The Sun/mint.

Patrick Gale Waterstone's. 153 157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. £1 (ticket redeemable against price ol~ book ). (iale reads trom his tenth work 01' liction Rune/i .lliisii (Flamingo £8.99).

Jenny Eclair ('ottiei' Theatre. 93 95 llyndland Street. 357 3868. Spin. £2. (‘onietlian .lcnny liclaii' reads t'rom hcr lii'st noy cl (‘riiii/ierii e/I Ii’eiiitly' (Little. Brown £10). a series ()1 interconnected stories about a set ()1 characters liy ing in Sotith London. Sec prey iew.


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen \Viilet‘stotte's. 12S Princes Street. 220 2666. 6pm. Free. Lock up your liy ing rooms? Laurence Llew ely n-Bow en is in town to launch His/i/uy' ((‘ollins ck Brown £18.99). his book (it top tips on how to redesign your home.

Ian R Mitchell James Thin. 53— 59 South Bridge. 622 8222. 7pm. Free. The author launches ()n The Trail ()_/()iieen l'ietnriii In The Highlands (l.uath Press £7.99). Nancy Cartwright l-Z1(‘(‘. 150 Morrison Street. 300 3000. 7pm. £4 (£3). Tickets from any branch of lidinburgh Waterstone's. See Thu 16.


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Waterstone‘s. 153-157 Sauchiehall Street. 3329105. Noon -2pm. Free. See Thu 16.

Clarissa Dickson Wright and Sir John Scott ()ttakar's Bookstore. L'nit 6. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 353 1500. 1230- 1.30pm. Free. Stars ol’ BB(‘2's ('lurissit (lllt/ t/ie ('uiuitiyiiiuii appear to sign copies ol~ their book ol‘ the series.

Barbara Erskine and Dr Rosalie David Waterstone's. l53~l57 Sauchiehall Street. . 32 9105. 7pm. £1. ligy'pt connects both writers in this evening's eyent. Barbara lii'skine's new noy'el ll'liis/iers In The Sum/s (Harper('ollins £16.99) is set in ligy'pt and Dr Rosalie David's ('mn'erxittinns ll'it/i .Vllltllttlex’ (llarper(‘ollins £19.99) sheds new light on the liy‘es o1 Ancient ligyptians. Both authors discuss their books and their thoughts on ligypt.

Phillip Pullman Adelaide's. 209 Bath Street. 248 4970. 7pm. £2 (£1 redeemable against price o1 book). Like JK Rowling. Pullman‘s lantasy noy'els for children are also popular with adults. (‘oncluding his Dark Materials trilogy. the author reads limit The :lltt/lt’t‘ Slug/ass (Scholastic £14.99).


Jenny Eclair The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 6pm. £4 (£3). Tickets available trotn any branch oi lidinburgh Waterstone's. See Thu 10.



Phillip Pullman lil(‘(‘. 150 Morrison Street. 300 3000. .30pm. £4 (£3). See Fri 17.


Bill Bryson Waters'tone's. 153 157 Sauchiehall Street. . 32 9105. 12.30pm. Free. Bill Bi'y‘son signs copies ol‘ his trio ol~ acutely obsery'ed ti'ay‘el books.

Magnus Magnusson wants you to pipe up with some questions at Music Hall, Aberdeen, Tue 21 Nov; Festival Theatre and James Thin, Edinburgh, Wed 22 Nov; Waterstone's, Glasgow, Thu 30 Nov

Jan Fennell \y'atersione‘s. 153 457 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 3pm. Free. The Monty Roberts oi the clog world. Jan Fennell's book The Dog Listener (Harper(‘ollins £14.99) contains all you need to know to take your dog in hand. Dogs welcome at this event.

MONDAY 20 Edinburgh

Ian Rankin W. H. Smith. Gyle Shopping Centre. 317 1771. 12pm. Free. Rankin signs copies of his latest book .Set In Darkness (Orion £16.99).

Trevor Royle \y'atersione‘s. George Street. 225 3436. 7pm. Free. Specialist in the history of war and the empire reads 1'rom ('rimeu.‘ The Great Crimean War [6’54 56 (Little. Brown £12.99).


Tom Cannavan Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. Free. Author ()1 the (hind llet) (ilttt/e 7}) Wine ((‘1)R()M £12.99) leads a wine tasting.


Rob Grant Waterstone‘s. 13 -14 Princes Street. 556 3034. 6.30pm. Free. The writer ot' the massiy'e sci-1i comedy T\' series Retl Utter/reads from his new noy‘el (’(i/nny (Viking £14.99).


Magnus Magnusson Mtisic Hall. t'nion Street. 01224 641 122. Ipm. £3. Magnusson reads from his \‘iy'id and comprehensive account of Scottish history. Sent/(1nd." The Story ()fxl .Vrltimt (Hai'pei‘Collins £15.99).

m Edinburgh

Magnus Magnusson Festiy‘al theatre. 13—29 .\'ico1son Street. 529 6000. 1pm. £3. See Tue 21.

Christmas Shopping Night James Thin. 53-59 South Bridge. 622 8222.

9pm. Free. (‘hristmas shopping tips with a Scottish bent in a varied eyening which includes appearances by Magnus Magnusson plugging Scotland: The Story ()fA Nation (llarperCollins £15.99). (‘olin Baxter signing copies of his latest Sent/uni! (Colin Baxter Photography £20) and Sue Lawrence giy ing a practical demonstration of the recipes found in her Scots (‘tmk Bunk (Headline £18.99).

With wine. food and tree ol‘l'ers on the night.

Merlin Holland \y‘atersione‘s. l3 l4 Princes Street. 556 3034. 6.30pm. Free. Merlin Holland. editor ()1 The Complete Letters (II-(hear ll'i/(le (Fourth listate £35). discusses this collection ptiblished to mark the centenary o1'\\'ilde's death. Word Power Sixth Birthday Party Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street. 226 2428. £.5 (£3.50). \Voi‘d Power bookshop celebrates its sixth year with an exciting o1 readings l‘rom contributors to the new Scottish imprint 1 1:9. With tiddles. pipes and singing. Tickets l'rom Word Power on 0131 6629112.


Preston Clare Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. Free. Find out what dancers really eat in this session with Scottish Ballet's Preston (Tare. the author of a new book o1 recipes Dune/ire Around The World On :1 Lettltee Leaf.


Ian Rankin W. 11. Smith. (‘ameron Toll Shopping ('entre. 672 3777. 5pm. See Mon 20.

Paul Johnston \y‘atersione‘s. I28 Princes Street. 226 2666. 6pm. Free. Johnston reads trom the lollth in his 1)alrymp|e series The Blood ’I'ree (llodder ck Stoughton £5.99).



Richard Whiteley W. 11. Smith. (iy'le Shopping Centre. 317 1771.

.\'oon 1.30pm. Free. Whiteley signs copies of his new book Himufl.’.‘ 'l‘lie .l/enmtry ()fxl 'I'l' .llittiltee lt/le (Orton £16.99).

Arthurian Nights: Tradition 8. Romance Nether-him .-\i'ts Centre.

43 45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). An ey'ening ol .-\rthui'ian legends. tales and traditions l‘rom Scotland’s story tellers.

SATURDAY 25 Glasgow

Colin Baxter Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Noon. Free. Photographer (‘olin Baxter signs copies of his new book Sent/uni] (Colin Baxter Photography £20).


Cabaret In The Cafe Borders Books. 2S3 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. "pm. Free Robert Knox hosts a unique mi\ of music. performance poetry. spoken word and stand tip comedy.


The Sunday Rhymes Bi‘cl. .-\shton Lane. 342 4966. 3 5pm. Free. The return ot'Viy (ice and special guests lot this Sunday alternoon o1 spoken word and comedy.

Sunday Muse With Chris Dolan Tron ‘l‘heatre.63'1‘i'ongate. 552 426". 5pm.

£3. Literary and musical cy cut with (‘hris 1)o|an who w ill read trom his new noy‘el

Ix’ei/ [.ees.


Julia Langdon Royal ('oncei‘t Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 2S7 5511. Ipm. £3.50. Julia Langdon's biography ol Mo Mow lam (Little. Brow n £16.99) throws light on one ()1 modern politics' most popular ligtires.

Waterstone's/GFT Film Quiz ( ilasgow- Film Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. S.45pm. £1. .\'ow something ()1 an institution. regulars know the score: qui/ masters Stel'(iardiner. Paddy Kelly and .\'ei| McFarlanc think tip the ti'ickiest posers they can muster and punters in teams (it no more than lour make them look like mince. Book early to ay'oid disappointment.

TUESDAY 28 Glasgow

Trevor Royle \y'aterstoiie's. l53 157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. Free. See Mon 20.


Antonia Swinson water-stone‘s. I28 Princes Street. 226 2666. 6.30pm. Free. Local journalist and writer Antonia Swinson launches her latest tto\'el. The Lure ('lii'lrl (Hoddei' & Stoughton £6.99).

WEDNESDAY 29 Glasgow Scottish Fiction Discussion Group Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 6pm. Free. The group will discuss 'I‘liut Summer by Andrew (ireig.


Jerome Flynn \y'aterstone‘s. (ieorge Street. 225 3436. 7pm. Free. Actor and singer Jerome Flynn shares his experiences ()1 working with Andrew (‘ohen. spiritual teacher and author ()1 lint/tracing Ileui'en .‘ltlt/ lz'urt/i (.Vloksha £12.95).

Poetry Association of Scotland Annual Lecture Netherbow Arts (‘entie 43 45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 7.30pm. Maurice Lindsay deliy'ers this year's lecture. entitled ‘Music 8; Poetry". Details l‘rom Sally limits on 0131 229 7252.

David Shepherd New College. Scottish Parliament. The Mound. 7.30pm. Free. Day'id Shepherd launches Some .-l.s.seni/)l_\' Required: Bellini! file .S'eenes .‘ll The Rebirth ()f'Y'lii' Seottis/i Parliament (l.uath £7.99). a tongue-in- cheek account of the preparations Tor the opening of the parliament.


Scott At The Opera Royal Hotel. 55 Henderson Street. Bridge of Allan. 01786 461316. 7.30pm. £14. ()pera on a Shoestring present an evening ()1 music by Rossini. Sehubett. Parry. Donizetti atid Bi/et with readings of work by Sir Walter Scott and anecdotes from his life and times.

THURSDAY 30 Glasgow

Magnus Magnusson \y’aterstone‘s. 153—-157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. £1. See Tue 21.

16—30 Nov 2000 THE LIST 113