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Club sites

Whereas untrl recently currous clubbers seekrng up-to-the-mrnute detarls about the latest gorngs on rn clubland relred solely on flyers (see feature rn thrs rssue's Club GUIdG), rt's recently been made possrble to access thrs rnformatron on the rnternet As Wlllt any other SUbjCCI area, the gualrty of these srtes does vary enormously but the encocrragrng news rs that club promoters are frnally begrnnrng to caprtalrse on the technology avarlable Indeed, some of the best srtes are now provrdrng downloadable musrc, DJ profrles, revrews and even, rn some cases, shopprng areas where you can purchase the latest club-branded merchandrse.

Among the most practrcal srtes are those that arm to provrde comprehensrve lrstrngs of upcornrng nrghts The recently launched

www.undergroundbeat.com boldly clarms to be the ‘UK's freshest underground mUSIC websrte’ and whrle thrs rs strrctly untrue, the srte does go some way to Irstrng Glasgow's frnest club nrghts Strongly brased towards the Sub Club rn rts lrstrngs and t0 the movements rn c'lubland of the Underground Beat DJs themselves, the srte nonetheless does mcilucfe musrc revrews by dance musrc genre and also provrdes a marlrng lrst to furnrsh Glasgow’s c‘lubbrng contrngency \vrth the latest rnfo.


As far as the Edrnburgh srde of thrngs go, www.edinburger.com centres on a club lrstrngs table that allows users to choose a nrght of the week, a musrcal genre and a favoured venue to prnpomt the exact club nrght requrred for any prospectrve Outrng Laudable In theory but sadly lackrng rn practrce, the table demonstrates random effectrveness and faVOurs only the most popular club nrghts. The srte

cr'oes how. ever boast an arr‘usrrtc; 'shout outs' area, vnrere c‘t.obers share tnerr sentrrnertts on mm “limit, pleasurable ewnrngs

Sites created by rnclrvrclual venues are perhaps the most user frrendly and up- to-date sourc es of rnformatron anc:


among these, www.thearches.co.uk outshrnes the competrtron Exceedrngly well put together, the clean and stylrsh SIIO provrdes comprehensrve and relevant detarls on all club dates takrng place durrng the massrve Glasgow venue's Autumn/Wrnter programme

Indrvrdual club promoters, although rnrtrally slow on the uptake, are now comrng on leaps and bOunds and Perth's Rhumba Club, found at

nan "‘ "n

www.rhumbaclub.com, drgrtally augments rts club flyers as well as showcasrng club fashron, revrews and cfownloadable rnusrc If, however, you really want to see how rt's done, check out the superclub srtes. Among these

"“i, “in?!

www.cream.co.uk rs a beauty to behold, created as rt rs usrng the latest Flash technology Here, yOu can access rnformatron on upcomrng dates, travel detarls, yOur fav0urrte DJs‘, summer festrvals and you can even buy trckets onlrne for forthcomrng nrghts If every Club was as mrnted as Cream, the standard would surery be much. hrgher across the board rCatherrne Bromley‘

Totally wired

The world of the web

Rat Chicken


Thrs has got to be seen to be belrevecf From possrbly the premrer anrmators on the web rcertarnly my favourrtesl, thrs rs' a gateway to the o'eerrously surreal lt's everythrng you couldn’t put on TV, lest they freak out a few mrnds. ‘Rat Chrcken' rs a partrcular hrghlrght, and left me laughrng for three days P/ease have a look and turn up the volume Spread the word thrs rs eprsode one of a w *b classrc

The Woodcutter


I've featured thrs before rn The Lrst, rn the drm and drstant past, but rt more than deserves a second rnentron Undenrably, one of my favourrte srtes ever Derrvrng from the aforementroeed bullseyeart cont, rt \‘.'as so successful rt Justrfred :ts or.” domarn Thrs 's trrppy sarreaflsn‘. taken to the extreme An rnteractr‘c audro/vrsual feast o‘ cr’rstu'berzr; wages that :eave you .'.or:o‘er:nc; .'.l‘c;

sprked your {Nit Another 3.0:) c. asszc

80$ Nostalgia \Nt'vrwx.8Osnostalgiacom

We all know that the 80s the Herght of Culture The 80s were the 60s of the modern. generation, and the 70s were almost the 60s So rt should



The Woodcutter is trippy surrealism

be natura' 'j'at sr/rtrucr‘ ' a.“ :rat- To those ua.s of you», to rc-a‘“ belref 2". {he :lec arr'e lr‘ns s Ye riot", '.

Qtrrcr, before (re; :cr'e t'e ‘}()s we vogue Ora, .'..'re." I remember 'Btrttorp l.lc>c)rf 1‘ r'.‘.' Show;


(ikr (i itfl‘,’

Meet An Inmate

www. meet-a n-inmatecom


Forget '| Sax'.’ You' The uttrrc- :s rlatrnr; an runath Although '| San“. Yo'; rr‘ prrson You, cro'mnc; sad Me, hand orr glass Fxchartged a knovgrr‘c; ioo'r,’ souncis entrc rrlc}, thrs way you can meet lop Femaie Cl‘ltl‘l'lal‘) for the

4s A

prrce of an e-rnari I may sotrrro lr're a spoof, but rts not irncl love We o ri, lrrrrrtat or: as you clrorce o" a "r';".t or

Brittle Bones wxwx.brittle—bonescom

H . (AL )chA ,’ .,t A,

cia"r.€-s 'o 1' e1 .' eo a il’f'dr’ shop'. It pas‘crs c Leo IE'Cl‘rFO'0Q,’ to t' e exfrerr e, 'c-vi: ca' (1/ as :t's r "or. r1 to sort : Stfixir‘rfv’j/ g()0f}'-r00'r“r‘f; a' '1 de pewter, Dro.’ocat“:e A." a'nar'g oarle'v of

ungeb art Steve darn

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