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STREE‘I’SMART, A UK-WIDE charity designed to raise money for the homeless by asking diners to contribute £1 per table, has signed up five Glasgow restaurants to participate in the programme in November and December: Cantina del Rey, Groucho Saint Judes, Lux, Salsa, and Stazione. Now in its fourth year, having begun at the Groucho Club in Soho, Streetsmart raised £160,000 last year. More information about the campaign can be gleaned from its web site at ACCORDING TO THE latest Good Curry Guide by Pat Chapman, Edrnburgh has stolen Glasgow's title as unofficial curry capital of Scotland. Of the 1000 best curry houses in Brrtarn, Edinburgh has 22 compared With Glasgow’s twenty. But Glaswegians are convrnced that, as in Florida, a recount rs necessary.

ALIHOUGH NO IMMEDIATE changes have taken place, Janssens on Argyll Street in Glasgow's West End is now under the same management as Nice 'n' Sleazy.

ROGANO MAITRE D’ extraordinaire, Gordon Yuill, has reportedly reSIgned


Late night eating at Grande Cru

his position at the Glasgow crty centre landmark and is planning to open his own eponymously named restaurants soon.

IN GLASGOW, STRAl’A bar and restaurant has been named style bar of the year at the Scottish Licensed Trade News awards, while the Lismore Lounge was tipped as independent pub of the year. For the low-down on where is best to drink in Glasgow and Edinburgh, check out the next issue of The List and its guide to 200 top bars and pubs. GRANDE CRU lS keeping late hours at the weekend after opening recently on Edinburgh’s Hanover Street. Owned by the same peOpIe who run Bar Napolr downstairs, the new splrt-level cafe/bar serves food from 11am untrl late. The menu features an array of meats, frsh and cheeses that can be combined wrth vegetables and herbs to be prepared as a salad or sandwrch or served ’simply on their own'. Happy hour rs 5—9pm wrth two-for-one gin and tonrcs (£2.60), a free bottle of selected beer or alcopop for every two purchased, and Inexpensive house Wrne, as well. Grande Cru, 79 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 0737 226 6427.

Christmas Menu: £19.00

For bookings or copy of menu call 0131 225 5428 7 Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh EH1 1RW

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EDINBURGH Barioja l9 Jeffrey Street . A 557 3622 I

Mingle \‘vrth great food, excellent l.‘.:r‘e and terr'ifrc arnbrertc’e and of course

Cuba Norte

192 Morrison Street 221 1-130 Bienvenrdos' Welcome to the authent.c premier palaclor Dance, tame ( .'t(i

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Filmhouse FiLMi—iouse 88 Lothran Road 229 S932

Relaxed, atmospheric cafe bar, semncr great value snacks, salads, spec :als and brilliant cappuccinos 10am t'li late

Isabel's Cafe

83 Clerk Street 662 41014

Stone walled smoke-free basement oasis, servrng homemade vegcye/iegan food - fresh, clelrcious and cheap Mother's Mexican Grill 107 109 Mexican Grill St Leonard's Street 662 0772

Delrcrous, authentrc. Mexrcan cookrng re a relaxed, rustrc envrronment Student clrscount. Par'tres welcome Tues Sun,

6 late Tapas Ole Cu 10 Eyre Place & 7&6) 4A Forest Road. 556 2754/557 5101 30 different tapas 10 of fish,10 of veggre,10 of meat. Live music, partres welcome.

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Mao Cafe Bar

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Maclachlans Brew Bar

57 V‘Jesl Register Street ‘2 s7 (l‘y‘i‘x Qtiallty out ot the orrlirtaw ‘.'.ill‘ lwv brewed on the prerrtrses, 100% orgarrrc food and lrve music

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street, luler'c harrtt rtv 8‘)? ’i' “i' Mexrcart born owner of Pant ho ‘l. “a, Mayra Nune/ hopes to hunt; ‘,()l!lt' of the real ivit’XlH) to Sc otlaircl provec ho


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