All about colds . . .

It's that time of year when cold and flu remedies make their way into everyone's cupboards. The List decided to investigate the alternative options. ‘x-ioics: Dawn Kofie

Taoist medical philosophy doesn't view the common cold virus as a wholly negative thing. just one of nature's ways of giving the immune system a workout. This may well be. but it isn‘t much comfort when your throat feels like sandpaper. you‘re breathing through one nostril and your head feels ten times heavier than

normal. 'l‘hankfully. we now have the choice of

a range of ways of easing the discomfort suffered at the hands of colds. We can knock back Night Nurse. pop paracetamol or try the wealth of herbal alternatives and natural remedies that are on offer.

Prevention is definitely better than cure where these pesky infections are concerned and taking Vitamin C and zinc are well-known.

natural ways of warding them off. ‘Wonder

herb” lichinacea is another. if not even more popular. herbal method of fighting these ailments. A wild flower native to North America. it works at the root of the problem by stimulating and supporting a healthy immune system and so reducing incidents of colds and other respiratory infections. As everyone knows. trying to drug a cold into submission is a futile exercise (though it doesn't stop us trying). ‘The best way of getting rid of a cold is to try to sweat it out.‘ says lilaine Lightbody. a

herbalist at Napiers. ‘()ur own blend of

elderflower. yarrow and peppermint tea can help when a cold has taken hold. As can composition essence which can be taken with water. honey or whisky. This essence is also a

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good thing to keep around all winter to use just as you feel the symptoms beginning to kick in.‘

Another of Napier“s remedies is a mysterious liquid by the name of Number Seven which contains garlic. thyme and elderflower and can also help if you take 5m] three times a day. liating finely sliced raw ginger or taking a dab of mustard on the tongue is admittedly not for the faint-hearted. btit can work a treat at clearing the throat and sinuses; and slightly more pleasant are the natural decongestants like eucalyptus and menthol. To strengthen your lungs you can do push-ups and arm swings (but this may be a bit much to ask

Echinacea stimulates the immune system

when you jtist want to lie around whimpering to yourself). Post cold. if you‘re still not feeling l()()‘52. Withana compound containing lichinacea and St John‘s Wort can help put you more firmly on the road to recovery.

If you‘re pregnant or on any prescribed medication. especially if it's for high blood pressure or epilepsy. ask your herbalist if it‘s safe for you to take these remedies.

Napiers: 61/63 Cresswell Street, Glasgow, 0141 339 5859; 18 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, 0131 225 5542 and Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, 0131 315 2130;

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