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It's a: u.» '1' :a ’Dressfornis', proceeds mom. any, :zi-V: The Freeplay go to the Mumpie Wind-up Radio ' Sclerosis Society in rou'i‘ 3, a: v ' Scotland, and you'll be l)ri’~i“"l‘> able to see clothes by Iron Ii»: 50, v r 12;“. ,, new designers as well as Bur hariari (iaflerie-u, (i‘a ‘.." independent retailers B? 9898, Sr Janie, r like Cake and Tribal I‘d/riburq/i, 07 3‘.’ 5-5") <17.” Junki. Tickets £5 from Air Organic, 0141 564 5200 and Tribal Junki, ’1" l" " . " ‘r'

0141 552 7078; look out for full preview next issue.

Anyone With a penr hant for gadgets (and problem \‘.’|ili punt tualityi Will probably apprec rate this funky clock \Vll|( h pr‘ojet ts the time onto the wall or ceiling of your bedroom

Pro/iglir Pro/m t/o/i (/0( A, I 1‘) ()5 from branches of The Gadget Shop,

WWW gadgets/mp (om or mar/ order on 0800 A53 8 3/13

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IF TV SHOW The Good Life filled you with the urge to get a potter's wheel, you can go half- way there at the ‘I‘W’V’ “WW” ' " ("1" "' Bridgewater Pottery

" " " ' Cafe. A success during

Avar/ab/e fro/r: shat e M {it‘lltlfllrlt a' ,, Primes Sui/are, (1/(l‘s(;()'.',l (),'..'I /()a)/, (INN/(1W Street, Mirror/Hy.

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the Edinburgh Festival,

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Of all the (hang/rig [foo/rim (iesrurtt-rs, '.‘.l til ' - ' "r - ' decorate your pottery Laurence Llewelyn'Bowen one would you be most tririhterieri of WI ' r: I' ' . 2 'i. I l purChases for 3 £5 feet Display (COlllliS & BlOWIi “8.99, hardback) loose ll‘. your bonnet” < 'lrLlit es are laii'r-r‘r t‘ :1 I I ' and dependmg 0“ Your 1 " " " 3 " artistic abilities could

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for the rather iie‘t. or tt-—‘.au, trim o l)!’ a' autoriiatic ret(irriirveriuai‘or‘ to! a'”. :r‘itr' i' ,— Junky's Christmas "est 'loursa Pc-a'srirt D/sp/aj,= is out not; See also Boot/r [.5-"f