Nice Trier Re: Frontlines, 'The Mother and martyr' (issue 400) Whrie adreernq broadly .‘rrtlt Marl: Brown and hrs 'vrew/s on lar‘s pron Tner’s hlm phrlosophy It should be pointed out that women arer"! the only ones comrnc; out badly III hrs

After all, who Is dornc; the gang raprnr; and murdean Ill Break/nu The Waves7 And don't tell me that we are meant to see Selma's weak and deceptive nerohbour as anythrnc; other than III a negative way

If hers so loathsome of women, he IS far from happy wrth modern rnaledorn What rs unquestionable rs that Emrly Watson and BJOI'k have tal en on two of the most challenging and serrous leadrnc; roles to come by any ac tor (male or female) In luropean crnema over the last ten years, Charlie Menzies vra e-mar/ [The full version of Mark Brown’s artrc'le appears In the Dec ZOO/Ian 2001 editron of Product, on sale from Frrday 24 November ]

Talking ‘bout their

QEDETBtIOI‘I Re: Book Now (issue 400) You unfortunately desc rrbed the Who as bernq both bland and passronless lrve What utter crap

I saw them on 3 November Ill Glasgow and they were absolutely

Write to:

React, The List, 14 Hi h Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or React, The List, McLe Ian Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3EH or e-mail

fantastm I‘ they're as dood nox'. tne 60s must rxa‘.e beer‘ 'r‘rrr‘ti- olo'i'xrrxo

The lllllS1( :a'rsrtrp was oertect, Pete Tontnsnehd's plav'r‘d .'.as not and the audrenre loved eyery rrrrr‘ute of It

Bands half tnerr age can learn a lot from the quality of shox'. you get from the Who and the Stones

Don’t presume to put down an older

band untrl you've seen them

let these bands tour, you won't see a better show Bland and passronless rs the state of most younr; bands today, they're unrnsprrr'tc; and bound and won’t be remembered and loved 30 years from now

Long lrve the Stones and the Who

Lynda Burns Faster [)a/ry R/qc} Ed/nhurgh

Fairy amusrng Re: letters (issue 399 and 400) I am a creature from a drfferent sphere of exrstence and I don't see why Shrrley McKay should thrnk that so funny If anyone wants to wrrte a story about meeting me or any of my qoblrn frrends they should be proud to do so

Meet me at daybreak under a buttercup and I’ll show you a truck I can do With three dew drops and a .sprrq of thyme Whispy Cowsbreath The Crooked Br/dge The Babb/Inc} Brook Fa/ry/and


Out Thursday 30 November


free. Just for you.


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200 bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh

We've put our finest minds to the challenge of finding Central Scotland's most tasty tipples, drinkable drams and perfect pints. We've sobered up and we've put it all in a 32-page guide. And it's

List in our sobriety Re: 15th anniversary special Edrtor‘s sleeol'to ander desks' Drtnkr'tc; sessrons stretc hmd ‘.'v.ell Into the next dav' Surely, not The [Arst maga/rne ‘.‘.‘tr( h, dunno my short stint there, was a model of sobnetv

l-.l()r'e's the n t. s The sntall sports desk me was a on the loo-; o-,,t for a party to 'af< " n" to I a!“ orena'er: IO belre‘xe It was r-"T 'v“. To (to firth me, that the ~.ioixn:s‘_s 'r‘ ldt‘.‘ ilSi’l‘;(lS sec tron were on“. orefenclzrxo that a r on of cocoa every ser end Thursday ‘.‘.as therr \.'v.0rst ‘.l((‘ until snort had s‘unr; Its hook, siqnalhnd the r'n'nerlrate uncorkrnr) of the Blue Nun

The mytholodrsrnd of the past rs an odd thrnc; Indeed and Alan Taylor In hrs tribute to the maria/me has conjured another chapter worthy of lvlrlne's Bar rthe poet's bar) I remember The [.lSl bernc; mostly concerned about crrculatrons and balanonc; the books serrous matters for a seriously dood mada/rne Congratulations on manadrnq to reach thrs far without peciqrnq out Mike Wilson vra e-mar/

An old timer writes Re: 15th anniversary special

It's all down bill after 450 Issues Great work folks!

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