Unforgettab e?

We survived the hype, the bug, even the prophecies of Armageddon, but once the hangover wore off, how did the first year of the new millennium shape up? Were we flung head-first into a new cultural renaissance or was it just more of the same old same old? Here at The List we've stretched our memory cells to the limit to nominate our highlights of the year 2000. You might agree whole- heartedly or feel shocked and dismayed by the ones we've left out either way we want to know. Turn the page and you'll find our Readers' Poll, then read the results in a couple of issues' time.


It \.\as a good year for both

rnarnstrearn and arthouse trlnrrnakrng, our hrgnlrghts ltt( luded the anrrnated wr/ardry of Toy Story 2 tabovet, Sam Mendes' Os< ar-wrnnrng American Beauty, Sprke Jon/e's astonrshrng debut Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, The House Of Mirth and lars von irrer's Dancer In The Dark

lhe at tresses and at tors who we thought went the extra rnrle were Kevin Spacey, Gillian Anderson, Bjork, Jack Black rfor H/g/r l-tde/rtyt, Philip Seymour Hoffman dot Magoo/rat and Jim Carrey, whose strarght turn rn Man On The Moon went overlooked at Os< ar trrne


Provrng they (ould (ut rt lrve on the West Coast \ts'ere Flaming Lips at the Garage, Badly Drawn Boy (above) at Qtth and Radiohead at Glasgow Green Meanwhrle rn Edrnburgh we gave more than golf applause to

Mogwai and Trail Of Dead at the Lrgurd Room and Razhel at Scratch

Albums keeprng our CD players busy were The Delgados' The Great Eastern, Calexrto’s‘ Hot Rail, Queens Of The Stoneage's Rated R, Badly Drawn Boy's Hour Of The Bewilderbeast, Gene Farrrs' This Is My Religion and Mount Florrda's Arriving Phoenix.

On the srngies front, sexera? stood out from the (round Suga'bahes' Overload, Idtexzrtd's Roseability, Travrs' Coming Around, Sori‘er's Groovejet, l-rnley Quaye's Spiritualized and Queens O‘ The Stoneage's Feelgood Hit Of The Summer


P."()(ltt( trons \‘uhrt h put smries on our (rrtrts' fates rnt ioded Lr/ l()( hl‘ead's Three Sisters, Theatre Babef's Medea, Zrnnre Harrrs' Further Than The Furthest Thing, The Donkey Show at the Frrnge, The Hypochondriak at the Ly((?unt, Among Unbroken Hearts and Solemn Mass For A Full Moon in Summer (abovet at the Traverse


It's been a turbulent year to the \'.orld of (omedy, but some stars have kept

us laughrng, namely Craig Hill, Ross

Noble, Bill Dewar, Phil Kay ‘til)()\.t(“,

Ali G and Frrnge stars The Boosh

CLUBS now! at ti‘t- turntaott- aitats of Danny Tenaglia, David Holmes, D] Q and Slam Sttra't & O'de

l" (2 asgov. bet <>° Inside Out a’. The »\’( hes aw: Optimo at Substatute Vertue, ‘.'.h;re lowotr'g" top rtrglrfs l".( loded Manga at la Be'fe f‘u‘gele, Taste at V. rl'rt-e Home arid Vegas at Ego Travolta mould l](i\.t' htf Xxx/«to [)a Basss Dooms Night, [)l Roar‘do's Jaguar, Kernlaatt «100's Zombie Nation, l<tll.’("li (Ml r‘ e' s Man With The Red Face and Ror‘: ’s;xe/Rer)'axe'tt's Who Told You

we up to al: hours

he". Job"

i"e ‘ioor ‘o'

lo 'toarg" sax“. sonte "age s"-o‘.'.s thrs year, "( do "rt; Salvador Dali, Rene

Magritte, Paul Klee rabover, a"o Shirin Neshat, t"e \‘t'es'. Coast "os’. fie Another Place at i'ar‘t‘.'.'ay <‘:"(} If I Ruled The World at t'e (CA (3"(2 Ernesto Neto Y"(‘:(l(‘ tutortr‘ ' at) to [Dar‘oee


t."(' t'ri " ()t.


As t.suai tbere ‘.'.ere plenty of brg t) ayers '.'.rest or; for our attentton tn the l;te'ary unorld, name‘y Daze Ezggt-rs' A Heartbreaking Work 0f Staggering Genius, De'nse Mrna’s Exile, Arnasfead i.tat._o:h's The Night Listener, B ?! Bhgso’t's Down Under and Btdistza's Too Fast To Live


Keeprng us glued to the srreen were gangster drama The Sopranos (above), [Dylan Moran and Brll Barley rn Black Books, voyeurrsm gone mad rn Big Brother, Matt Groenrng's Futurama, Hearts And Bones and Jam


Keeprng us off the streets thrs year were Deus Ex (PC r, The Sims (PC) rabovet, Virtua Tennis (Dreamcastt, Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64) and Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding ll (PlayStatrOn)


Srtes we Just can't stop vrsrtrng rnclude the (onstantty updated http://news.bbc.co.uk, the Infamous explodrng whale on httpzllwww.perp.com/whale, tragrc true Famrly Fortunes answers on httpzllwww.geocities.comlSouth Beach/Pointe/2709/fortunes.html, the Chap tvlagazrne’s gurde to gentleman's etrquette, http://www.artfink.demon.co.uklchap the rrtCredrbly rude http:/lwww.tvgohome.com and the srte that takes you back to your TV chrtdhood, http://tv.cream.org.

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