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Ryan Philippe and benicio de Toro get to grip with The Way Of The Gun

The Bridge (Un pont entre deux rive) (15) (Gerard Depardieu, Frederic Aubunin, 1999) Gerard Depardieu, Carole Bouquet, Charles Berling. 92 mins. A provincial town in (>0s France. A labourer finds work constructing a bridge. While he works, his wife and teenage son while away the time in a local cinema, where she meets the bridge's architect with whom she begins to have an affair. Part of the French Film Festival. Gl’l‘, Glasgow; Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

Bring It On (12) *** (Peyton Reed, US, 2000) Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford. 98 mins. The Tom cheerleading quad from Rancho Carne High School, San Diego have won them the national championship trophy five years running. Nevertheless newly-elected team captain 'I‘orrance (Dunst) is pulling out all the stops for a sixth. But when '1‘orrence discovers she's inherited a routine stolen by her predecessor from East Compton's hip-hop cheerleading squad the Clovers, things begin to look bad for Tom. A spunky performance by Dunst lifts the film above the fairly conventional storyline about triumphing against the odds, and an even less imaginative message about the importance of participating rather than winning. General release.

The Broken Hearts Club See Rough cuts. Gl’l', Glasgow.

Buster Keaton See Rough cuts. 1~'I‘lt Cinema, Falkirk.

The Cell (18) ** (Tarsem Singh, US, 2000) Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D'Onofrio. 108 mins. A serial killer (D‘Onofrio) has lapsed into a coma without revealing the whereabouts of his latest female captive who remains imprisoned in a booby-trapped cell. As a last resort the FBI request a psychologist (Lopez), who has been experimenting with a radical new therapy (‘neurological syntactic transfer system'), to delve into Carl‘s disordered mind. A sadistic and derivative film, cobbled together from countless earlier serial killer outings and virtual reality extravaganzas, offering no real suspense and the slenderest of characterisations. Cameo, Edinburgh. Chicken Run (U) **** (Nick Park/Peter Lord, UK, 2000) Voices of Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha, Miranda Richardson. 85 mins. For their first feature Aardman studios have re-written the World War II P.().W. experience as an Orwellian satire, albeit with laughs. So. Stalag 17 becomes a battery farm and the camp commandant farmer 'I‘weedy's domineering wife, while in the hutches, Ginger rallies her fellow hens to fly their coop. Though the characters aren't as established as Wallace and Gromit and the feature length running time slows the action, Aardman continue to work real wonders with their familiar Plasticine animation. General release.

Chopper (18) *ttt (Andrew Dominik. AUstralia. 2000) Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon, David Field. 93 mins. Based on the life of Mark ‘Chopper’ Brandon Read, Australia‘s self-proclaimed gangster number 1. Chopper is a savagely funny voyage through the rationale of a criminal mind. Dominik questions the myth of a man who gained notoriety by chopping off his own cars in prison to escape a rival gang, and later removed fingers and toes of others. The considerable explicit \ iolcnce slides uncomfortably along a mum edge between realism and fantasy and raised a round of critical assaults. And central to the film is a beguiling performance by top Australian Comedian Bana as Chopper. a mischievous piece of casting that really piles on the

irony. See Famespotting and review. GFI‘, Glasgow.

Chuck And Buck (15) *hht (Miguel Arteta, US, 2000) Chris \Veitz. Mike. ‘15 mins. Chuck (Weitz) and Buck (White, also scriptwriter) used to suck and fuck each other, when they were kids. As the years pass they drift apart, Chuck moves to Los Angeles and becomes a successful music industry executive while Buck stays at home with his mother. living in a state of perpetual childhood at 27 years-of-age. But the death of Buck's mom brings the boys back together, much to Buck's delight and Chuck's chagrin. You'll find Chuck Anti Buck either irritating or endearing, but it's an American indie movie that makes a truth of those much overused adjectives: quirky, offbeat and oddball. GEI‘, Glasgow.

The Colour Of Lies (Au coeur du mensonge) (18) (Claude Chabrol, 1998) Jacques Gamblin, Sandrine Bonnaire, Antoines de Caunnes. 113 mins. In an isolated Brittany fishing village the body of a 10-year-old girl is discovered. Bonnaire's police inspector arrives to investigate, but the locals are unwilling to talk. Shades of Twin Peaks"? Part of the French Film Festival. (ii-'1', Glasgow; Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

The Cow And The Boy (La vache et le President) (PG) (Philippe Muyl, 2000) Bernard Yerles, Florence Pernel, Christian Bujeau. 90 mins. Family film in which an eight-year-old boy fights to save the life of his best friend, a Scottish breed Galloway cow named Maeva. To complicate matters, the boy's father is a farmer facing ruin from mad eow disease. and dads new girlfriend's brother works for the president. Part of the French Film Festival. (3171’, Glasgow; Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

Coyote Ugly(12) it (David McNally, US, 2000) Maria Bello, Piper Perabo, John Goodman. 101 mins. Presumably the high concept pitch for this latest slice of wish fulfilment was ‘Flusliduncc meets Cocktail '. The title refers to a New York drinking spot, where the drop-dead gorgeous (female) bartenders dance suggestiver on the bar and pour shots down the customers' throats. The latest recruit to this ‘lively‘ environment is young Violet (Perabo), a girl from New Jersey who dreams of making it in the Big Apple as a singer-songwriter. Ignore the claims that this is a tale of female empowerment: the film is a tease. titillating its male viewers with its images of midriff- baring babes in halter tops and tight leather trousers, before retreating behind its 12 certificate. General release.

Crime Scenes (Scenes de crimes) (18) (Frederic Schoendoerffcr, 2000) Charles Berling, Andre Dussollier. 101 mins. Police procedural concerning the disappearance of a teenage girl from a road side cafe. 'l'here's blood at the scene and later two bodies are discovered in a shallow grave linking the girl to a series of unsolved crimes in Belgium. 'l‘wo top detectives are assigned to the case.'1‘hese are the facts. Part of the French Film Festival. GI’I‘, Glasgow; Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sec Rough cuts. GI’I‘. Glasgow.

The Damned (18) **** (Luchino Visconti. ltalyf\\'. 1‘)()‘)) Dirk Bogardc, Ingrid 'I‘hulin, Charlotte Rampling. Ilelmut Berger. 10-1 mins. \'isconti's massive fresco on the rise of Nazism in 30s Germany virtuallv defines his later, operatic style. Beautifully composed throughout but very slow-moving. this saga of an industrial dynasty gradually being overwhelmed by its