CLASSICAL Copland Centenary

SCO, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Thu 16 Nov; City Hall, Glasgow, Fri l7 Nov. RSNO, Royal Concert Hall, Sat 18 Nov; Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 19

Nov. Composers' centenaries come and

go, usually marked by a performance or two of an appropriate piece in amongst some complementary programme planning. But for concerts to be exclusively made up of the music of whoever’s life is being celebrated is less usual. Aaron Copland, who died in 1990, therefore, must be rather special. Not only do the RSNO and Edinburgh University Music Society programme classic examples of his symphonic repertoire, but pianist Nicholas Ashton gives two UK premieres and the SCO devotes three consecutive nights to all Copland programmes as well as featuring him as a link through the American Dream series.

A first generation native of New York his parents were from Russia - Copland was a major figure in the emergence of American orchestral music into the international scene between the two world wars. ‘He became the epitome of American music' says Neil Butterworth, an acclaimed expert on the subject and author of The Music Of Aaron Cop/and. ‘Most of his pieces have an instant appeal, so make a very strong impression. There is a tremendous joie de vivre, brightness and unstuffiness to his music'

The Clarinet Concerto, with the SCO’s soon to return to Italy principal clarinet, Romolo Tisano as soloist, shows the influence of jazz on Copland's music. 'It was written for Benny Goodman', explains Butterworth, 'and crosses the borders between serious music and jazz.’ It is in two movements which are quite different from one another, the first slow and lyrical, with beautiful melodies, so much so that Copland himself said ’I think it will make

Hundred Reasons are the natural hairs, sorry heirs to the indie metal throne


This issue: Hundred Reasons

So what's simmering on the stove in The List's musical kitchen this week? What’s Simmering is a spicy broth of nu-metal, post-grunge and attitude called Hundred Reasons,

What's the story with them, then?

Five lads from the heavy metal hotbed of, erm, Surrey, Hundred Reasons have burst nOisily on to the British music scene this year and are being touted in some quarters as stars of the .‘uture, Some quarters? OK, predominantiy essential metal magazine Kerrangl, who put them on a sponsored tour of the country earlier this year, and

Aaron Copland was recognized as the epitome of quality American music

everyone weep.’ Goodman's own style inevitably pervades the piece, especially in the virtuoso cadenza, with its manic jazz rhythms.

Both the RSNO and the SCO play Ouiet City, written when Copland was invited to write music for Irwin Shaw’s play of the same name. But perhaps more revealing of the composer’s own character will be Appalachian Spring, again on the SCO list, and one of three ballet scores he wrote using the homely resource of American folk-music, including the well known Shaker song, Simple Gifts. Composed for Martha Graham’s company, and originally called Ballet For Martha, it is about a bride and her young farmer husband settling in the Pennsylvanian hills. ‘Copland was the most positive man I’ve ever met' says Butterworth, 'He was so kind and magnanimous, never said a harsh word and was always helpful to others, whether promoting other people's music, as a teacher or just being kindly. I’d just finished my thesis when I met him and he said "You must know me better than I know myself!"’ There's now no excuse for any us getting to know a little more of this great man.

(Carol Main)

recently handed them their Best New British Band award

All sounds a bit metally to me. No, no, there’s no spandex, dungeons and dragons lyrics or dumb seXism here. This is a new millennium, pal, and intelligent metal is all the rage, ln fact, you cOuld say that rock ’n' roll is the new rock ‘n' roll.

Yeah, yeah. So why should we care about this lot? Take a listen to their debut single, ‘Cerebra’, out on ino'ie label Fierce Panda. Apart from SOunding like UZ's ’| Will Follow’ for the first ten seconds, it's a spectacular assault on the ears, a brutal display of power and a pretty impressive opening blast across the bows of the good ship Dull Indie Rock.

0K, you've convinced me. Where can we see ’em? They're playing with promising indie kids Stapleton all over the cOuntry as part of the Radio 1 Session In Scotland TOur, so get along, it' only to check out Singer Colin Doran's sensational barnet.

Wow, see what you mean.

@009 lohnstonel

l Hundred Reasons play King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 23 Nov and the Venue, Edinburgh, Sun 26 Nov

Surface Noise

All the rattling, battling and clattering from the wonderful world of music

ELECTRlC CITY lS a next major art exnibtior‘. based around the Glasgow music scene from. the last 30 years at The Lighthouse Gallery in Géasgow Cla'm'ng to inciuo'e everything from. Alex Harvey to Beiie & Sebast an and all else in betweenl the exhibition which includes contributions frOm Jim Lambie and various cOnternDOrary artists and musicians opens on. l6 November and continues thrOugh to 25 February 2001

WIRE PLAY THEIR first Scottish live date in ten years with a show at Edinburgh's Queen's Hall on 8 December. Tickets priced £10 are available now from the usual outlets.

FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS play an exclusive date at the Garage in Glasgow on ll December. Tickets are available as part of a prize draw and those with a oneZone phone can call 0870 901 l 121 and ieave their number or visit the website at wwwoneZonecouk/tlc Those who don’t own a oneZOne can enter by post, see webSite for details Entries must be in by Monday 20 November,

LAMPCHOP FRONT MAN Kurt Wagner plays a special one-off show at the Arches on 7 December.

NEW GLASGOW-BASED record label Savalas have announced they \Nlll release the new single from Glasgow Dling duo The Jengaheads entitled ’Caborkebab’ in the new year. Look out for tracks by the Sub Club's Ham and others releasmg material in the coming months.

MOBY HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED as the headline act for this years Hogmanay celebrations at Edinburgh Castle. A full line up will be announced soon.

Just Announced

Fingathing Sub Club, Glasgow, 8 Dec; Wire Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, 8 Dec; Feeder Cathouse, Glasgow, 13 Dec; Sick Of It All Garage, Glasgow, 16 Dec; The Offspring SECC, Glasgow, 17 Jan; Eddie Reader Queens Hall, Edinburgh, 28 Jan, Gary Numan Barrowland, Glasgow, 18 Feb; Toploader Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, 1 Apr; Jimmy Nail Playhouse, Edinburgh, 6 Apr, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, 8 Apr, Deacon Blue Playhouse, Edinburgh, 25 May,

Who ya gonna call? Fun Lovin' Criminals

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