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. . . or so they say, presumably because she's playing a young mother in her latest film, the trailer trash melodrama Where The Heart Is. It's a far cry from her debut as a young nymphet in Luc Besson’s Leon, the modern-day beauty and the beast tale. The films she's made in between Everyone Says I Love You, Heat, Mars Attacks!, The Phantom Menace have made her one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses.

Don’t do that, do this. Fifteen days of unmissable stuff.

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THURSDAY 16 Nancy Cartwright The world's most famous ten-year-old brat (Bart Simpson) is unveiled before yOur very eyes and ears Ay, cai'umbal etc Borders, Glasgow; ElCC, Edinburgh. FRIDAY 17 The Way Of The Gun The Usual Suspects’ screenwriter, Christopher McQuarrie, makes his directing debut With this Violent tale of gun toting and double dealing down MeXico way See reView, page 30 General release.

SATURDAY 18 Boombox Gemini is among the best of the second generation Chicago house spinners

Moby comes to play

They \‘veren't going to tell us this, but seeing as t"e man himself let slip the news ()l‘. Radio 1, they thought they'd tome ( lean lhe first ina;oi art

- announted for this year's llogmanay piogiamme in Edinburgh is Moby, \‘xho's tuined down the opportunity to play Nev. Yoil in favour of ldinhiauh Castle on Sunday fls’l Detembei l|( lets t f 2‘) plus booking feet go on sale ()l‘ Wednesday 1‘» Noyeiiihei at 10am by credit (aid only from fdinburgh’s Hogmanayboxoffice,0131 HQ 2000 lhe full programme is launched on lhuisday 23 Novemhei

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PS . . . I love you

There's little chance of you a< tually laying hands on one of these things this side of ( hi'istmas, so feast your eyes on the most (oveted present after a hat y Island Playset. It's Sony's

PlayStation 2, there are only

200,000 in Britain and, if

you got your order in, it'll

set you back £299. Is it

worth the hype? Well, see

Games on page 116) where

Our man With his fingers on

the button says it's the most

powerful [)I(-‘( e of hardware

in the shops

Portman plays a young mum in Where The Heart Is

There are some things even Santa can’t get hold of

fabri< whit h should prove to the detractors that theie is more to \r’t/att's art than nudes and tea (ups See feature, page to Stottrsh National Gallery Of .fi/lotlern Art, [gr/Inburgh WEDNESDAY 22 The Boy Who Left Home Al C presents a (onteiiiporai'y fairy story, complete xvith all the darker, older themes that Mother Goose left out See [)T(“./lf“."/, page 6/1 Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh THURSDAY 23 The Sopranos Episode seven sees Anthony Jr haying major doubts about eXIstente, God and stuff t'rhiieChristopher attempts to launch a ino/ie career Tony is not amused Channel 4

and is a speCiaI guest at this monthly beat fest. Residents include the inimitable George T, Simone and Harry Lets Go. The Venue, Ed/nburgh SUNDAY 19 Bloomberg Ne Contemporaries Scotland's chance to see the UK's graduating art talents kicks off With the likes of Tomoaki Suzuki and Justin Carter exhibiting their stuff. See prevreW, page 82 Inver/erth House, Edinburgh MONDAY 20 Human Remains Dysfunction has never seemed so entertaining as the people who brought yOu This ls Alan

Partridge get darker

With this mockumentary

focusing on some very odd couples indeed. See i'eView, page l 15 BBCZ TUESDAY 21 Alison \‘Lttt Her work is admired by Madonna and she shot to fame With an iconic interpretation of the Queen Mum but she is now back With Shift, a frenzy of

Human Remains he. 200C THE “ST 5