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Barrow and, Glasgow, Sun 3 Dec.

The opening line of the video of Craig David's latest single ’Walking Away' is a DJ voiceover which simply states: 'If this don't make you wanna chill then I dunno what will'. The nineteen-year-old has enjoyed phenomenal success in the last year and, on the back of his debut album, Born To Do It, takes to the road for a series of dates, stopping off at the Barrowland of all places along the way.

A home from home to indie kids and bastion of rockers, just how will the young soul sensation fare? It shouldn‘t be so much of a mosh-pit as a group of mellow-to-the-point-of- comatose teenagers.

The most striking thing about Craig David is that he refuses to be pigeonholed. After his breakthrough with the Artful Dodger, he was tarred with the speed garage brush and given recognition for bringing this underground sound into the mainstream. Three singles and an album later, he’s now the saviour of British R&B.

Fans of Craig David can't be categorised either. The Southampton lad graced the cover of NME and walked away with three MOBO awards, and was then awarded the title of ‘Best New Pop Act' by the readers of TV Hits.

The jury is still out on whether he's cool; his cherubic face and obvious stylings detract from his credibility, yet as long as the music keeps improving, he can't be dismissed. And with a gig at the SECC on 24 February next year, his first tour should be a taste of bigger and better things to come.(Maureen Ellis)


Scottish Opera L'Elisir d'amore

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Sat 28 Oct

If you like opera that is well done, entertaining and a bit of fun, then Scottish Opera’s L’E/isir' d’amore is the one for you Even as opera plots go, its SIOry is dafter' than most A guack doctor, capricious female landowner, poor Village boy -- who inadvertently becomes rich and dashing army

52 THE lIST ‘6 30 No. 200'?


Craig David chills on a Sunday

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Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 332 4-100 Credit card bookings from:

'l'ic‘kct Link: 337 SSI I.

Was Ahead: 33‘) 8383.

Virgin Princes Street. 320 3334. Ripping Records South Bridge. 3:26 7()l().

Assembly Rooms (rem-go Street. 320 434‘)

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I El Vez (itii'agc‘. (iltisgtm. I “CC.

I AC/DC Sli('('. (ilrisgins. 3 Dec. S( H.” ()l “l-

I Craig David liari‘tm ltllltl. (ilasgtm. 3 l)c‘c'. S( )l .l) ()l “l.

I M RUil'l ('iur'agc'. (ilil\.g_‘()\\. 3 “CC.

I Willard Grant Conspiracy :\llic'. litllnhur‘gli. 4 “CC.

I At The Drive In .-\I‘L‘l1c‘s. (ilttsgtm. 4 l)c‘c‘.

I The Alarm 2000 (itti‘agc'. (ilttsgtm. 4 “CC.

I Billy Bragg And The Blokes liquid Room. liclinbtirgh. 5 Dec.

I Soulfly (ittt'agc'. (ilttsgtm. 0 Dec.

Opera brought to a tuneful and happy life

sergeant are the main characters who convey this charming piece Although set in Spain, Italy is stamped all over Doni/etti's music as it sparkles its way through his setting of libretti by Felice Romani, one of the most successful writers in l830s lslllclll

Opening to a warm, bucolic scene, full of colOur, it is as if Giles Hatergal's production, designed by Russell Craig, is a Basque Br'igacloon v.ith sun instead of mist It is an idle of sleepy, straw- hatted farm-workers and giggling girls in a frame, as it a picture had come to

I David Gray llar'i'ms ltintl. (il.l\:_'l‘\\. ~ Dec. 5( )l .l) ()l "l.

I The Mission (itll'dgc‘. (ilasgtm. " l)c'c'. I Wire Queen's llttll. lztlinhtirgh. .\ Dec: I Richard Ashcroft Barri)“ lurid. (ilttsgiM. 3 ck ‘) “CC. 5( )l.l) ()l “l.

I Beautiful South .s‘rac‘c'. (ilct\:_'t\\\. .s l)L\‘.

I Fingathing Stih (‘luh (tlasgmt, .s‘ “CC.

I Green Day Sl~.('(‘. (il;l\:_'t)\\. .s hec- I Amen (‘ttlliottsct (ilasgow lll Deg, I Duran Duran Sl-’.(‘('. (il;t\:_‘ti\\. IO “CC.

I Bad Manners (iat‘agc‘. (ilcisgow lll l)L‘L‘.

I Bad Manners liquid R0011]. licllnhuruh. l2 Dec:

I Levellers Barron land. (ilasgms. l3 “CC.

I Feeder ('rtthousc‘. (iltisgots. 13 Dec. I Foo Fighters Barron land. (ilgtsgou. 13 “CC. S()l.l) ()l‘l

I Foo Fighters ('oi‘n li\c‘h;ing_'c' litlinhuruh. 14 Dec. S()|.l) ()l'l

I David Gray (‘oi‘n li\c‘h;ingc‘. liclinhurgh. l4 l)c'L‘. S()l.l) ()l'l

I The King (iat‘ugc‘. (ilasgtm. l5 “CC. I lools Holland t‘shc-r Hull. l-Ldiiihurgh. l5 l)c‘c‘.

I Saw Doctors Burro“ land. (ilcisgtm. l5 l)c‘c‘.

I Sick Of It All (iaragc'. (ilrtsgtm. lo l)c‘c‘.

I Cradle Of Filth (ittt'agc'. (ilztsgim. lh' l)c‘c‘.

I One Minute Silence (itll'ugc‘. (ilrisgtm. ll) l)c‘c‘.

I The Offspring Sli(‘('. (tltisgim. l7 .lillt.

. Reader Queen‘s llttll. licllnhtii'gh. 28 Jan.

I Mel C l’l;t}liousc'. licllnhtii'gh. 2 l't‘l). I Gary Numan, Hui-rim ltllltl. (il;l\:_'ti\\. lh’ l‘ic‘l).

I Texas Sli(‘('. (tlusgim. 22 u S()l.l) (Hill.

I Uriah Heap and Nazareth (int-age. (ilttsgou. 3| Mail

I Ocean Colour Scene Bur-rim lurid. (ilttsgtm. 3(i Mar 2 .-\pi‘.

I Toploader (‘oiii l-Lxc-littiigc. liclinburgh. l Apr.

I Jimmy Nail, l’lai} liousc‘. liclinhui‘gh. 0 Apr.

I Jimmy Nail Rt)_\iil(‘(lllk1‘l'l Hull. (ilcisgms. h’ Apr.

I Deacon Blue l’l;t_\ltousc‘. lidirihiirgh. 35 Ma}.

33 l'ic‘li.

unlikely life Being in or out of the frame depends on your place in the story, Most of the time, Lisa lvlilne's captivating Adina is in, while Nemorino, the boy who is desperate to \Vllt her love, flits in and out as if he's not sure where his place is That aside, Barry Banks is a perfect foil for Milne, his attractive tenor vorce and ease in the role Suiting her own natural feel for theatre

Buying what he thinks is a magic love potion from a wonderfully funny Donato Di Stefano as the conman doctor, Nemorino has, in fact, spent his last on a bottle of cheap claret But of course, even by extraordinary default, it works, and after one or two minor setbacks, the right boy and right girl fall in love and the doctor does a roaring trade in his elrxrr

They may have performed it many times, but the Scottish Opera Chorus and Orchestra sounded fresh and expressive under conductor Richard Farnes, contributing greatly to the lightness of touch that brought the opera to bright, tuneful and happy life lCarol lvlaini

L'E/isir d'amore continues at Festiva/ Theatre, Edinburgh on 77 & 78 Nov

live MUSIC Sneak Attack Tigers

‘sice S eazx's, O asae F' 37 Oct s y °.t‘ t"t" \ i i\ \ 'ci‘. *\.. ,t \ \N'it" t UP 1 \ c c‘ ‘.’ Ll ".‘l‘.’ .“t i i {I ' ‘\ l‘c‘t rl\ ' x l‘ 1 { \\rt i . \\ 'V 'c\ . l'c‘c . t‘ 'T t l"c t 'c”, t t c tlc i" t 't' l ‘i - sftlt‘k‘, leSc""t"". .‘.' t"t' ll": .'.t‘..’ll‘t‘ reoa'oeu as a s 1:" can: s:.i a": ‘. I'It‘n' itilt'l.‘ Hi 'lcill', l‘t‘x."-'l‘~ ".t‘rt)

disco snogsong l lhirik \‘w 'e .\ one Nov. bi, Tiffany, Ese Of Tne laer ,

and road es fa.o.." te »\( lD’c s \o.. Shook l.le -\~

hot) til-“es .'.e'e sa'e as torttlo'r‘s,

lllct'”. lrt'iit l’ f'teir then ther choice o'. Re The girlfriend \.‘.:t" tutti, 'e‘.e' .i"t2 a ti ." hard And all the hefte' °<i' -1

Jason ( ranwell

Kinky Friedman Attic, Eclinbrrrgltl’Vecl 1 Nov.

'Defi'iing K ii- F v;eti'iia", associate of the a't-st

Mg.) m. it'll t"(‘.'.l‘ t"e Kinkster, ’is like explaining hlat ?. to it» Charles \"v'ell, Ray, its like this a V/Os C RAN artist of ill repute who turned to detec ll‘.’(‘ l.‘."|ill‘.(] .n the 80s,

Friedman no.2 e'iioys a good hung

from the latter and the or t (l‘sl()l‘(il return to the former

l'onight it's a spot of hon ise c rat lung, c igar-sr'toking, t it.':""ess gt;//l;iig, he plays plenty ot t' e earl; funny ones 'lhey Ain '. lyltll-lllfl let's. Like Jesus Anymore, 'l’roud lo Pie Ar‘ Asshole l'roin l7 Passo' plus a lt”.'.' poignant moments "Ride 'l m Jetthoy', ‘Sold Arner'ic an't before llllt)‘.'; a reading from his atest bool Mir/e High Gobi into the bargain [)ylan, Bukoz‘vski and Vidal a'e oe the gtiest list lspiritually speaking that is and (ova/boy hats and cigars are tie rigeiir Bawdy, self charming, :t's cabaret of the highest order” iRodger Fvans

-deprecating and .rtterly

Kathryn Williams King Tut's, Glasgow, Wed 1 Nov

Kathryn V'r’illia'ns is 'el.s.":irug tier 'ichly deserved namedrop poferttzai i()ll()‘.'.lllt) her lvler‘cury l/lll‘)|( Pri/e norniriatior‘ Shaggy-haired and rosy—cheeled, ner and

humility natural .‘.ar'r‘:tl‘ :s genuine, ".'.’ltl‘i he" efforfiessly lltllfl vocals evoking tones of Beth Orton oi the tenderness of Hit i” Dra- e

Her patter is (leltgl‘.tt:;ll,' giddy at first, claiming that she is ‘st :tfir.g' front of a nurture of butt: young at r: old She soon settles do.'.r:, I earthy tales tron. litt/e li/ack /'./r/rtr.")e/s and Dog Leap Star/s .'.":ile playing both unhurried and dextrous acoustic guitar

hersel‘ 9’.

parts to offset the rriotirnt'til ceélo does a cello eve." sound art/tiring ba rric)tir‘ritul?i and double bass Brie introduces 'Ferl Down last' as a song she narrote for a friend t'so do'i't care if you doo't hke .t, she yokesi, although she doesn’t mention that the friend was killed in a tragic accident, With the line ’I just want one more argument’ perforating her understated vulnerability. (Jason Cranvvell)