The BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards (sort

u of the Scottish junior Oscars) takes place at

. Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium (the big Armadillo) on Sunday 26 November. , Categories stretch across film and television, taking in genres from documentary to drama to short film and animation and recognise achievements both technical and artistic, behind and in front of the camera (The List is

sponsoring the Best Film Performance award).

Tomorrow's stars here today.


FRIDAY 24 Chopper l‘llar k'y <<)r'.‘!(, l‘o'ver‘rzr‘ ‘, .<‘ N“, cwd hrghlv ", of film rm and "r'rlovoxrs 1'”! l‘vr-w’w "H author, Mark 5 "omit" hear: \eela'nespottrng, page M and l‘dtlt‘ ll (2/ /, (J’IJKUt t1“. SATURDAY 25 Roderick Buchanan a P ‘Tiesf ants: gets hrs 's' \ fit" \(\"1(‘ rntrrgumg snc'f-tmseil art »\ t l.lrlan strms, :vtxe's (:l‘fs and baseball taps are all fl‘e'e r‘ I‘l.;',urs See teature, page if“ [)lr/ltltie‘ SUNDAY 26 Rangers v. Celtic lne 'io'r‘e s'de me o" a dua‘ rnrssron to na n xer‘oea'xe tor therr h 2 maul1ng at paw-“ear: August and to narrot'.

the gap at tl‘e fob be'ore rt be<omes


Sex And Death, up for the Outstanding Craft Award

unbndgcurble lxlartrn O'Ne‘ll's srde may be (onter‘t to gain a pornt and keep the” .mpressrxe start to the seasor‘. ltl.l)l)r'l‘(; a\.‘.a\,. llrbs fans ll be Judy "lg developrnerits '.'.rt'r a title more rnterest thar‘ usual I’D/(H, (j/asgozz, 8k; Spoils

MONDAY 27 Lyricists Lounge Vol. II After the strut-m b? i'H” lrr'st :nstalrnent of t" s‘.'."1os ‘.'.l‘.() of Ameru art urtde'g'our‘d

h.p hop, Ra\.'.kus does v.1"

WW lwruer flames m. Rm, o_

lip and l*.l()‘s Deton on I'i's

(‘lelerti tornr)rlat=o't o‘ phat beats and hard rlrvr'res See revrev., page 50 Pan. «.1» TUESDAY 28 . . . And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead


Amanda MacKinnon and Douglas Anderson. virtually and for real

BBC does the Bis-ness

Amanda lvlacKrnnon, aka Manda an, aka keyboards and vocals rn Glasgow rndre popsters Brs, rs frontrng Radro Scotland's latest bid for alt musr< (ooldom Arr rs a weekly three—hour rnteractrve broadcast co-presented by Douglas Anderson and transmrtted on-lrne at

\.vww,bb( .(ouk/arr. Launchrng at 7pm on Monday

20 November, the show \Vlll hrghlrght the Scottrsh lTlLlSK scene. Extra features of the website lll(lU(l(‘ a webcam spyrng on the studro and a lrve DJ mrx for an hour after the radro versron ends,

If you mrssed the frrst rnstalrnent of the thrrd serres of Chewrn’ The Fat, look out for the repeat on Saturday 18 November, otherwrse how erl you know whether thrs season’s playground catchphrase rs the old style ’gonnae no dae that’ or the all new 'ooooh fancy’? lvlerrrment wrth Ford Krernan, Greg Hemphrll and Karen Dunbar continues every Wednesday and, rf that’s not enough for you, check out www.bbccouk/chewrnthefat.

Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill

A rescheduled date after a grg rn therr home state of Texas ended In frstrcuffs, lost egurpment and nrghts m the cells These rncendrary rndre rockers have both the bluster and the charm to captrvate the masses, King Tut’s, G/asgow

WEDNESDAY 29 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ang Sense And SenS/br/rty Lee redefrnes the martral arts genre wrth thrs breathtakrng and beautrful perrod adventure. Jane Austen meets Bruce Lee. See Rough Cuts, page 26 GFT, G/asgow THURSDAY 30 Peer Gynt Ibsen's eprc satrre rs grven a contemporary makeover rn thrs tale of a selfrsh, but charmrng rogue's use to power, See prevrew, page 63 C/t/zens’ Theatre, Glasgow

Crouching Tiger