WORLD PREMIERE A Great Reckonin'

Perth Theatre, untrl Sat 25 Nov

One of the ruost 3'rrprt'ss.‘.'e -rnades from by brrr'ra'y s<hool history book .'.as a (rrorro'as le<hnr(o3or ulustratror: ot' lady- 't-‘.'.(ill!"r(] (atl‘rer‘ne [)oudlas ‘.'.':th her rrrrht arrn sblzntered and bloodred as she barred the door rrr a '.’arn attempt to p'eyerrt the asst ssrhatron of Kart; Janresl

l'noudh 'Kate fiar'lass' rs not explrtrtly 'eferred to by larr Bl()‘.‘.’ll rn A (rreat h’eer/rrrr', the Me of the Land to whom she showed so HitKlt loyalty rs a rrth and drarnatr< perrod rn Stottrsh hrstory It's nartauiarly approprrate that hotnh

luas (nosed to set h s play rn Perth, a

(:21; that (elebrates 'ts assotratron 2.“.rth that lond, and not just for hrs eventual rrrtrrtrple stabbrnd rn the rrronastery of l’erth's Preat hrnt; lrrars

A (rreat r’letkorrrrr’ follows the Kurds 'oyai troupe of ‘(rursers' as they gather rl‘r Perth to re<or1stru<t hrs lrt'e forlo‘.'.vrr‘.(; the assassrnatror‘. In the result;er stenes Brown relrarns from dry, rrr-

POPULAR THEATRE Changing Kevin's Story

Dundee Rep, until Sat 25 NOV

Drastic poptastic

(hrrs Rattray, \\.rrter of Dundee Rep's ;atest (Ulltlt llltlSlCdl, CI’rarrr/rrrrd Keyrrr’s Story, (ldlltlS to have spent Just trye days on the scrrpt Whrch rs an Httlltdllott of one of two thran erther Rattray was so passronate about the play that he (ornpleted the entrre thrnd \‘.'rllt()trl the need for pause for thought, or the preyrous SUCCC‘SS of Chang/ht} Kewrr's Stor'y's predecessor, The Mr// Lat/Hes, was enough to delude hrrn rnto thrnlune, that, when rt comes to \‘.rrtrnd, he could do no \U'OHC} Only Rattray can answer that, but rudgrng

Breathing new life into old stories

deti anav.’s.s o The no.;;<a

'Y.(l(llll.(tl‘(}'r‘> ol the mine, sur. 'v ,' t;

oxe' the font 'rr; bet‘.'.een trans a'd Jarrres' rrrrbosrtroe of an: and (WM The Hurt ra'rders r‘s'tead, 1’ e play.‘.rtdht uses he Ta-e a tranre‘v.‘.orl\ \.‘.'rtr‘.r‘. r.'.'1t'r to stane a serres o‘ rner'rorabre set pretes, o‘te" l.’i(lt*l!f1lltitt(} the po'np ar‘n ’;.':‘,i.".t'>s of S<ottrsr (ourtesy ol hrs btke'rtt troupe z;'

(‘d't'lv llll!‘l\}\ir’


prayers lhe s:x-stror‘.(; (ast Lori-t '.'.e‘l

todether, portrayrnr; tr‘t- nurrre'ot.s <hara<ters ‘ enerrry art: dexterrt‘. and r'rasterrrrd the Stots tot‘rhre 3'.th ease lrohtr'rdarrd S()1rl‘t’2t“it‘tlr, lllt);l(lli rrh-rrrtrus.'.e, are a‘so stront; eftett rr‘ the (reat tr“. o‘ (hedae'ed reror:

Brov-‘rn's b-a‘, r'1a‘.rber:(;l‘tb:.t fast—pared, attessrbe and rude». entertarnrnd \".'hrle tl‘e l’ertr‘ atr<:.errt(‘- ‘.'\.rll rnen'rtably appret rate the a-raxno". to lotal landmarks and ledends, ‘.‘.l‘at's rnost ehroyabre about both play arid l)l()(llr('r|()ll rs hat they (elebrate the power of theatre to breathe l‘.(".'. rrfe

rnto auld storres Ir\:lan Radt lrfte

by the (rualrty of thrs play, rt's terrrptrnd to draw the latter <on< lusrorr

Okay, so the \'.hole [fir/l, [/r'rot Idea of \\.'(rri\rrr(r-<lass boy (orrres dood !'l the bro (rty rs hardly an orrrrrrtai prerrrrse, but us strll an obyrotrsry good story that's (lose to Rattray's heart, and that should, rrr theory, hate rnade for a substantral prete ot \‘.or|\ I'd love to rrrentron the pzot at thrs pornt, but unfortunately, there rust rsrt't one for two whole hours Dundee null-worker Keyrn and hrs band, the Story, get an offer to (to and retord \.‘.'rtl‘. Deua Retords rn london They do lirey rneet a drrl band, also lookrnd tor tame That's rt lwon't rurn the utterly predrt table endrnd, betause then you'd reafly have no reason to do and see thrs at all

The lllUSH, (onsrderrno thrs :s a rnusrtal about rrrusrtrans, rs tanre, torrnulart and utterly tornettable llre Jokes ranne hour a :orwr-rar‘rr;rr<;, (rrrr(;:rrdly pathetrt fartrnd dad, ar‘ ott’ensrve prss-ta'rte of a man tarth a spee<h rrnpedrrnertt and a band member who lrkes (lope The sets are (treat, as you'd expett horn a hadery talented bunch lrke Dundee Rep inr- attrnd's pretty bad, as you wouldn't All rn all us a mystery as to hoe. thrs even not as far as the stage But What's most battlrno rs why on earth such a reputable company as Dundee Rep should \‘.(‘rSl(‘ rts pantornrrne rOlly Lassnrarx‘

trnre unrth thrs

preview THEATRE

NEW PLAY Are Unheard Memories Sweet?

. t - r. .,:.,L,\.S_.t.., , 1 {Pl )1. ttin’ K . l" " A‘ " " (Ht . t t' t t" .' “t ,t" “'1' ' L'ti (’ '> i i K' t 2' 't " I in > .' t .t r ' r. . z r. t 2 “A a: l I! ‘\.K . l I. , t'. If. _i q "1' r'

CLASSIC FARCE A Servant To Two Masters

King's lheatre, lidrnhurgr , untrl Sat l8 Nov

'ur'frrrtr' l, 'e e, t." one a-I’:

lo' rts eftett So to adabfe' .ee :3 , {rr'ror' llarls t'edrt that he urn-s :1:-

tohrnd (l()\'.." r()l th adabfa~ «-

(rordor‘r's (.assm °.'e trlifl

l)<r"..(r\,' ('M a...atrou of {rd our a r:

'sf‘rt, llrs terszor‘. .s .er‘.‘ ." or ". rf‘ ‘r't'h' '; ‘.' '.' e ,r: ' r)’ TM or W ,«r

Jason \'.'atl\rns,s leaf‘a :: a " a , 'r' .e' t". 1;.rsrr. appeftes, part 1 “ran, hunger, that he taxes or‘ f! e doartt ; tr. e". the t'tle ll‘r'. leads to his need to rnaitrpny' tarsrt.ed :(rer‘t t at a _:‘«r u: '«:'.t', and enen! rally tlrreater‘s

all three of the ntarnades [)'()llt;st'(l ea', 1' e pa, \‘v‘atkrvs'

tapers trorrr the ar‘trertt (()l‘1l' ed a de a'ie '. taint",

perforrrrarrte rs ('X'thrth'. r,' .sta lte sorrtersarrI's, reaps arwl

',"rle borroxzr'id "rr'" lute rnodern exponents of the to'“, he rue rrr,.'.e'<l a' r: llarr, ll (o'bett |r IM-

1) g, ' "‘ s rletentrons, s'r rlt..rly dunner;

se<< no at, he eridatres the andre'x e us rnto the Y‘( reasrridl‘, (orr‘sp'm bro! I)

our atferrtror‘ durum; Zl‘e nar' «at Jar:

rer tor lrr" Sr.pne ‘ortes it e ;,ate a '.‘.-_ tar , cr' , El .'.or'.ed abor. loszr‘r;

rettrrrrr but tlre'eafter he prodtrtes sorne TLU' physua has "e ,, to r t 2 .r t. r v; “:r; H; tlrvorrrrnorrt

Steve ( rarner

CONTEMPORARY DANCE Richard Alston Dance Company

lestrya/ Ir’reatre, id'rrrbrrron, fr flu/()3,

R'thard Alston ()".(t' dest' {rt-r: ' ) tee-st'oht; dame (-l‘sel' z: e re hum of rny me and ts not .' a'n a; see zany Srnte the (().'lll)<i."-“, rraarra'a'. srx years ado, Alston 'r‘as da" ered

alrr;osi trl‘r..(‘l‘)<:l purse or

.rrr1o‘“.ean.aidarr. o. n a' d

dame aha". tra'.e'ses boarda' t')

Dance with emotional commitment

l)(’l‘.'.(‘(‘.’l lllt‘ (lttSSHril (il‘rll l"(rflt'l'

lrlhrl‘ll rntrsr< as T'Vt‘ Alston has based 'r's ratest

lll‘)i)"(l" \J' r‘/ (3 ) .I.’_) t’, brodranrrrre or: three drsparate ,:,, b‘tr' 'r r,"(r'l ar (: Handel

The hrt'rrerto posrt:.e ('r; trzr 'tsoa/ ,e T, A. s enserrrb‘e stands tr sta'r

(ontrast to hrs berrod as (ir't'K for o‘ '.'.e men-'1 1". , r'roreodtaphy at that trnre

.‘.as drsrrrrssed by ('rtr( s as at.- ' '; {urn' ,' szt‘r and Ned of been; (alled

“mm and detat'1ed” af 1' <— m; oe't, 'e 'bemus“ l'.’<‘ (“3751/3 been e'not.o’ art. to" 7.’ tie': it, a'. r' rt» 9 Alston's assot atrtr" " ha' I,» "'1‘ '1 T994 .'.hen 're was

trnterernonrotrsh sat-ted ' m ' :xr r " no followed, after whrrl: lre

unas appornted artrstrt 1: 'et :r t- P as, r’ o‘ lorrdon's Pey danre .rerrues, and the opporturzrty arose to esiab )r ' s : ambarry So rs hrs current work a rea<tron to those earlre" <'.Ir<:)':s7 r21, ,rb rre‘v it. y (handed '~.'.rherr l rett the Ran1bert,’ he atl'ri:t‘> ll trnd "o.'. 1' at '.' " ore riterrsrty have more

tune, nrore freedorr ar‘d ta." 1: t; deepe' A 3a" Rant .ter

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