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The first thing that needs to be said about comedy videos is that they can never quite be the real thing. Any stand-up, regardless of who, is always funnier in the flesh. The communal atmosphere of being part of an audience enhances the humour and the immediacy of the event is tangible. We might particularly say this of The Li'st’s own columnist Phil Kay, whose particular brand of spontaneous, frenetic energy is all about stage presence. That said, this is a surprisingly

entertaining bit of tape.

The cameras of Colour TV follow Kay through a succession of gigs, as far apart as Barbados and Barnsley, and manage to capture a number of these sudden moments of brilliant improvisation. Kay’s humour is so wide and variant that it’s impossible to account for both its range and effect. From the time Kay loses his trousers doing a can-can with an audience member, to the couple of minutes he spends demonstrating the versatility of phlegm, it’s the unpredictable nature of Kay’s improvisations that grabs the attention.

Between the gigs, there are some intrigumg backstage insights. It's no surprise to anyone who has seen Kay that his periods of writing material are fairly perfunctory. It's very clear that the real comedy happens while the audience is there. More interesting is a brief and Surreal section shot in Glasgow, where Kay walks the streets adding commentary to everyday life. There are also brief snapshots of the life of a touring comic which retain their own interest. On the whole, this is the next best thing to seeing the man in person.

(Colour TV Productions £12.99) (Steve Cramer)

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70 THE LIST 16—30 Nov 2000

brought to you by the Glasgow University Open Mic Society. The opening night features regulars on the comedy scene Des Clarke, Neil

7 McFarlane, Ed Hammill, plus open

spots, musical comedy and

1 improvisation.

(£3.50). If you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms from your monthly fix ofThe Useless Guide To Scotland, then head to

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