The Attic, Edinburgh, ‘.'.ee'<~, F'vrtays After concealing the structural decay of a derelict venue with colourful wall-hangings and some cam nets, you check that the sound system appears to be in good working order and reassure yourself that this time the 015 will remember their records. lnvariably, this is the 'mirror, signal, manoeuvre' check- off system employed by your average club promoter. Limited budgets preclude a more sophisticated approach and even the most dedicated promoters are prevented from doing much more than a little window dressing to create the required ambience for their club night. Although not unique in their taking more of an

active interest, the promoters of deep house night Nature are doing everything humanly possible to fulfil the potential of their chosen venue, The Attic. Relatively popular as a live-music venue, The Attic never really took off as a club space until Glasgow DJ Domenic Cappello and Better Days promoter Paul Fegan decided to check it out at the beginning of this year. After six years of dominating the Glasgow scene with the exploits of the Sub Club, Domenic and Harri were looking to try a night on the East coast and the appeal of the. intimate 250-capacity space was almost immediate. As Fegan explains: 'The sound system was definitely the main appeal. The first time we went down to check it out, Domenic’s puffa jacket was vibrating from the force of it, it was just amazing.’ Blown away by the sound system, the boys immediately agreed to move in and began their weekly residency in March of this year. After reaching an amicable agreement with the venue's owner, Rab Orr, Better Days promotions then set about raising the profile of the space. New furniture, that's been


The Riverside Club, Glasgow, Sat 25 Nov.

Nightclubs (OHIO and go, hut only a preo0us few inspire devotion, part 'i the crowds month in, month out for four years on the trot and remain as sharp as a new nighttluh pm relish Mash, has managed the teat thanks to its unrgue formula

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'Can we not get something with a roof?‘ - DJ Domenic goes venue hunting

Bongo boy: Devin inspires devotion

It's down to the skill of DJ and promoter Os(ar l-uIIone, Nordin at the mic, Det‘n on Africa" drum and oererssronrst Ian \‘v’hrteiax‘. that Mrs.“- Masn trans<ends the trite decks hongos formula that tends to fall flat I'm not exattlv surprised that rt's heen sutresst’ul,’ says l-ulione, ‘hecause people seem to he mto emhratmg sorrtettir'io out of the ordinary I am pleased though, he<ause it's turned

designed, built and installed by the promoters, has recently made a substantial difference to the space and this is only part of an ongoing interest in the venue. 'There’s loads you can do,’ says Fegan. 'lt's like this week we've got the furniture and in the next few weeks we'd like to improve the lighting.'

Fegan himself accepts that, even with all these structural improvements; ’it takes a long time to establish something and for people to accept a venue as a reliable place to go.’ For this reason, the promoters took a pivotal role in deciding which club nights would join them at the venue and weekly Saturdays have recently been given over to Renegade promotions, the men responsible for legendary techno night Pure. As Fegan says the addition of Renegade’s new house and techno night, Nameless, ‘helps no end’ adding that although there were other people who looked at doing the Saturday, they felt that, as Edinburgh's most experienced promoters, they'd be the right ones for it. ’And we feel sorry for Rock, 'cause he's old and he's got long, red hair.’ (Catherine Bromley)

out to he a good night, a t'un night you smrlrng'

As for the musrt polmy, the name says rt all, from ragga to deep house percussrve Iatrn tratks, the key to the (Iuh is the hut that, from the moment the PA (rackles into Irie, it's inmossrhle to stay off the dantetloor ‘Rhythm rs the main tItrng,’ lullone (ont'rrms 'lt rs a hrt of a mrsh mash, so we have to try to (ontrnue a feeling, or a tempo, hasrrally II a track's got rhythm it (an he played at the (Iuh'

The sell-out suctess of lyhsh Mash Glasgow, and the steady stream of Southerners who take the trouhIe to fly up every month, has prompted a sister (Iuh at Plastit Shoredrtch 'The Iondon night, which starts lr'i January, should hrrng us into (ontatt \.'.'rth more nu:sr<ram, so the night l-ullone

tend to see a lot of people

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shoaki euror‘xe,’ (o'ttznues 'I'fer'e's aI‘.‘.ays roorr‘. for people to {lit in and tin out alongside the (ore people for the hrrthday party, we're gettrng another pertussronrst rr‘. to add a hr: of a Latin ‘Iax'oar, and Nord'rrs hand, Stone<ut ‘.‘.'|II he dowrg 80(7):" acoustrr drun‘. é; hass tracks Ja< k l~.lo‘.tr‘am

Word up

THE VENUE FORMERLY known as the Temple has been reborn as the Shack, with a games room complete with pool tables, air hockey and table football as well as the usual dancefloor. Aimed squarely at the booze ’n’ snog student market, the weekly line-up includes Laid (Tuesday), Cheese On Toast (Wednesday) and CJ's Madhouse (Thursday).

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TALKING OF DELAYED construction, the tenders for repairs to the mighty Sub Club have been collected. Not being builders, we have no idea what this actually means, but the Sub chaps reckon the work should be finished in five months, so keep every night in April free just in case. To keep up to date on matters Sub, you can sign up to its e-mailing list at www.sub-

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LONDON'S INFAMOUS HARD house night Trade will be moving its Scottish residency from Wilkie House in Edinburgh to the aforementioned new Glasgow venue Mas, as from Saturday 2 December. Seeing as phase one of the Mas development only provides a 420-capacity space, the night will be called ’Trade Baby‘ until the larger club space of phase two (capacity 1200) opens in February, next year. Tickets for the event (£10 members/£12 non-members) are available from Mas Box Office, Republic Bier Halle and 23rd Precinct.

.-V ;':'~s~ I >_‘- T; El .A A The elusive Mr. May