ART listings



A.N..\/I. Photographics. l5l Gilmore Place. 229 7217. Mon—Fri

9. l 5am—l .30pm & 2—5.30pm.

Felt The World L'ntil Thu 30 Nov. A selection of pictures in felt by Anna Shepherd.


22a Dundas Street. 556 2 I 8 I. Mon—Fri l0.30am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Small Pictures For Christmas Sat 18 Nov—Sat 27 Jan. A wide range of small- scale works by over 50 gallery artists including paintings. limited prints. ceramics. bronze. wood and stone sculpture. silk scarves and jewellery. HABITAT

32 Shandwick Place. 225 915]. Mon. Wed 8; Fri 9am—5.30pm; Tue 9.30am—5.30pm: Thu 9am—7pm; Sat 9am—6pm: Sun

I I .30am—5.30pm.

Nicholas Pages Mon 2() Nov—Mon 15 Jan. A new commission by Nicholas Pages sited in Glasgow and Edinburgh's branches of Habitat. His creative writing concentrates on the description of everyday life. Purl ofl’t'i-re Su Vie.

THE HUB Castlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. Sun 8; Mon 9.30am—10pm; Tue—Sat

9.30am—l lpm.

John McLean: Works On Paper Fri )7 Nov—Sun 14 Jan. Recent watercolours and gouaches by one of Scotland‘s leading abstract painters. in a collaboration between The Hub and the lngleby Gallery. INGLEBY GALLERY

6 Carlton Terrace. 556 4441. Wed—Sat 10am—5pm.

Jeffrey Blondes Wed 22 Nov—Fri 22 Dec. American-born landscape painter Jeffrey Blondes has lived and work in France in the early l980s. but in I998. Blondes made his first trip to Invernesshire to create new work for the gallery. featuring a series ofcharcoal drawings.

Tarka Kings Wed 22 Nov—Fri 22 Dec. Dividing her time between London and Angus. Tarka Kings presents an exhibition of gouache and tempera paintings featuring scenes of Soho by night and the fields of Angus by day.


I3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9.30am—6.30pm: Sat

9.30am— I .30pm.

Plantu L'ntil Mon 18 Dec. A selection of drawings by cartoonist for Le .Ilonde. Jean Plantu.

88 THE “ST I6—30 Nov 2000


I H}. -t

at, swiv- l‘ ,‘s*;.;;..'r}.._‘j

Powrie Primary School, Dundee by Tarka Kings at the lngleby Gallery

Claude Closky Sat 18 Nov. 6pm. The launch of Claude Closky‘s web-based work which has been commissioned by New Media Scotland ( ). Part of WW? St! Vie.

Koo Jeong-a Mon 2() Nov—Wed 3) Jan. In her first exhibition of work in Scotland. Jeong-a works in the medium of installation. For the gallery space. she will be showing a piece taken from the exhibition [)0 Ir where 50 international artists offered instructions for the viewer to make artworks for themselves. Part of I’i'i'rr' Su I’ie. ll 66 Cumberland Street. 558 9872. Mon—Fri l0am-6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Landscapes 0f Solitude L'mil Wed 22 Nov. Figurative and abstract paintings by Mary Christiansen. a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art where she developed a unique technique in printmaking.

Joe Tilson Sat 25 Nov—Sat 23 Dec. Joe Tilson creates varying silkscreen prints dedicated to each letter of the alphabet. using the iconic imagery of revolutionaries and philosophers.


49 Bernard Street. Leith. 467 7392. Tue—Fri l lam—6pm: Sat & Sun

I lam~4.30pm.

Contemporary Exhibition Kojin is currently exhibiting contemporary works by local artists.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Cafe. Alan Davie L'ntil Sun l4 Jan. Free. Born in Grangemouth in 192’) and a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. Alan Davie was one of the most highly regarded European artists of the post- war era. Celebrating his 8001 birthday. this exhibition of oils. drawings and prints brings together works from I939 to the present dav.

Shift: New Works By Alison Watt Sat l8 Nov—Sun 7 Jan. Greenock-born artist Alison Watt is one of the leading painters to emerge from Scotland in the last decade. Showing a new series of paintings for the first time at the gallery. Watt. renowned for her diptych paintings of a female nude and painted fabric. now turns her attention to the fabric. See feature.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm.

A Poet In Paradise: Lord Lindsay And Christian Art L'ntil Sun )9 Nov. Free. On show for the first time. one of the finest private collections of early Italian paintings. sculpture. illuminated manUscripts and other works. formed in the mid 19th century by Alexander William Lindsay (1815—1880).


65 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue—Fri

l lam—5 m; Sat 1 lam—4pm.

Paul Te ford L'ntil Sat 25 Nov. Finely painted still lifes. floral and figurative paintings by Glasgow School of Art graduate Paul Telford.

Susan Eaton L'ntil Sat 25 Nov. Figurative paintin ys.

Mo Fu ford L'ntil Sat 25 Nov. Ceramics.


4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm: Sat 1 lam—2pm.

Mixed Exhibition L'ntil Thu 3() Nov. Scottish landscapes and sporting paintings. Christmas Exhibition Wed 29 Nov—Sat 23 Dec. Paintings. prints and crafts by a wide range of artists.


5 York Place (above The Stand Comedy Club). 229 8844. Mon—Sat 730—] lpm: Sun [230—] lpm.

In Memorium L'ntil Sun 26 .‘s'ov. Rebecca Key explores contemporary understandings of death in this reconstruction of a chapel of rest.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Cafe. Free. Picture Yourself L'ntil Sun 31 Dec. Marty St James' video project Picture Yourselfemphasises the uniqueness of our lives. Visitors to the gallery during the year 2000 can have their portrait hang and framed in the permanent collection in the company of the gallery‘s most famous faces.

Writers Of Our Time L'ntil Sun 25 Feb. Recently acquired portraits of some of Scotland's best known writers go on display. Central to the exhibition is Calum Colvin's photopiece. Keli'ingmve Eight. commissioned as a west coast counterpart to Sandy Moffat's east coast Poet's Pub. Other works include Jennifer McRae’s painting of Robin Jenkins and David Williams' diptych ofA.L. Kennedy. Wish IWas Here L'ntil Sun 21 Jan. An exhibition of portraits commissioned from six Scottish photographers. of the 25 poets who have contributed to a new pocket book anthology.

Significant Others L'ntil Sun 5 Jan. Drawn from each of the National Galleries collections. three centuries of portraits of family members by Scottish artists are brought together for this exhibition. Featured works include Allan Ramsay's portraits of his first and second wives. Alexander Nasmy th's sketches of his children and John Bellany 's paintings of his family. See rev iew.

THE NEW STREET EXHIBITION SPACE 14 New Street. 558 7604. Mon—Sat

l lam—6.30pm. L'ntil late on Bongo Club nights.

StlII L'ntil Wed 22 Nov. A group show of work by students who attended the life drawing class run by Alison Croft. Recycled Furniture: A Year Of The Artist Project Fri 24 Nov—Tue )2 Dec. The culmination of six months work by members of the Bridges Project run by Eli/a Gilchrist. Paul Ballingal. Chad McCail and Neil MacArthur. in which participants have produced inventive design responses to the functions of normal domestic items.


Gallery I. 6| Bread Street. 446 9436. Mon—Sat noon—6pm.

Artesian - A Celebration Of Upwelling Art Thu 23—Tue 28 Nov. To launch a new Scottish arts magazine .‘il'lt’sftlll. which celebrates the work of self-taught artists. an exhibition of sculpture. paintings and drawings by over 20 artists. During the exhibition. there will be a series of informal talks by some of the participating artists along with the official launch party of the magazine on Fri 24 Nov, 6.30—8.30pm. Checkout the website w wwartesian-


2| St Leonard's Lane. 662 l6l2. Mon—Sat I0am—5pm; Sun noon—4pm. Christmas In The Nomads Tent t'ntil Sat 23 Dec. A selling exhibition of jewellery. papier mache. oriental rugs and kilims.


75—79 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm. Willie Rodger L'niil Thu 23 Nov. Paintings and linocuts.

Alan Davie L'niil Thu 23 Nov. Screenprints and lithographs.

Angels L'ntil Thu 23 Nov. Ceramic sculpture by Harriet Rowan.

Group Show L'ntil Thu 23 Nov. Jewellery by a group of invited artists. Crafts Sat 25 Nov—Sat 23 Dec. A festive exhibition of crafts by invited artists. On A Small Scale Sat 25 Nov—Sat 23 Dec. Annual Christmas show of small scale paintings by invited artists including Leon .‘vlorrocco. John Bellany. Matthew Draper. Marj Bond. Whyn Lewis and Christine Woodside. Rebecca Halstead Sat 25 Nov—Sat 23 Dec. Contemporary jewellery. OUTRAGEOUS ART

l7—l9 Barclay Place. 477 2933. Tue—Sat l().30am—6.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition Edinburgh's newest gallery features a changing selection of paintings including reproduction art Van Gogh. Dali. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro originals and work by tip-and- coming local artists. Currently on display is a collection ofexact copies by the works shown in the Scottish Colourists exhibition at the Dean Gallery. See Art Beat.


(WASPS) Patriothall Studios. off48 Hamilton Place. 225 I289. Mon—Fri noon—6 m; Sat & Sun noon—4pm. Beyon The Senses: Kirsty O'Connor L'ntil Thu 16 Nov. Charcoal and pastel drawings by Kirsty O'Connor.

Light And Flight Sun l9—Wed 29 Nov. Island landscapes in oils and mixed media by Kate Kirby and collage. drawing and oil paintings of 40s and 50s civil aviation from Trude Blows.