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Q I saw you frequently, Centurian, Glasgow. You: tall, fair, pierced eyebrow, Garfield tattoo on shoulder. Me: dark crop, rugby build. Too shy to speak. Let’s get things started! Box No U/402/1.

O I saw you 7/11/00. OFT before Memento, you bought me green vodka and looked amazing. Happy birthday on the 5th, K xxx Box No U/402/2.

v I saw you Martin from Newcastle strutting your stuff in The Garage. How's Glasgow Uni think we had 'Chemistry'. From the blonde Balloch babe who had a fetish for swans! Box No U/402/3.

O I saw you gorgeous redhead on No. 62 bus, me brown haired guy with shirt and tie not looking forward to work. Would you cheer me up? Box No U/402/4.

O I saw you not once, not twice but three songs in a row. I could feel you liked me. I liked u too but couldn’t let you know, u know why. Here’s your chance. Box No U/402/12.

v I saw you in Strathclyde Union, 14 Nov. Remember me, 5ft 3in? I remember you, 6ft 2in. I gave you my number but l had to rush, my friend was out of her face. Do you want to meet up again. No distractions this time. Love Pamela. Box No U/402/31. O I saw you in Planet Out & CC Blooms. I spoke to you before in Bennet‘s and said you were the most handsome guy I had ever seen you are. I'd love to talk to you properly. Box No U/402/33.

O I saw you at Roni Size Reprazent, QMU Glasgow. You Asian goddess, me elftn and pierced. Be my drum, I’ll be your bass. Box No U/402/68.

O I saw you smile as you caught me sneaking a peek at THEM. Next time I promise to maintain eye contact. Box No U/402/78.

O I saw you Andy the photographic journalist on your 23rd birthday (7) 10 Nov @ The Garage! You were 'so lovely'. Wish you had taken my number. There's still time . . . C x Box No U/402/79.

O I saw you Fri 14 Apr 7.30pm Kelvin Hall underground. You brown eyed man. I said no, but I wanted to say yes. Thought I'd see you around but haven't. Would you like to meet and talk some more? Box No U/402/80. O I saw you walking down 'La Ramba' with your tight ass flares and dandruff nut. l was wearing RED SHOES!! Box No U/402/81.

O I saw you serving me erect garhliiic bread! Flowing locks with a 'Hugh' look!! Do it run 24 hours?! Box No U/402/82.

104 THE UST 30 Nov—14 Dec 2000

. I saw you NOT at Bar 10, we've got friendly (r; Fruitfly a couple of times. I want to flash you properly next time you lovely baldie! Box No U/402/83. . I saw you sleeping at your own party Jen! I may have to tear you something new! Love Mad x Box No U/402/84.

O I saw you Joni on Sunday looking rough in Tinderbox! So not jealous of u working, party was crazy & we will do the dishes later. Love M & J. Box No U/402/85.

O I saw you when you served my spicy spirals, in Sleazy's. Look out for my 'cock' you arian love bucket! Box No U/402/86. O I saw you Jodie you looked like Barbie gone wrong. Wanna hook up sometime?! Box No U/402/87.

O I saw you in the Cul de Sac. You with the spiky hair and the casual, suave French Connection wear. Box No U/402/88.

O I saw you in someone else's bed above a funeral parlour (!!) on Hallowe’en, want to try again some time? Box No U/402/89. O I saw you in my imagination when we shared a phone call you were hungover and sleepy. Say hi to pooh and chums have they escaped the jungle yet? Box No U/402/90.

O I saw you 17/11 in Bar Brel. Having an afternoon drink with your friends. Why did you leave so soon? I'm just as smooth as De Koninck?! Box No U/402/91.

O I saw you foxy man in the art school, and also in Nice 'n' Sleazy. You were wearing a black leather jacket. You're tall and your eyes are green. Box No U/402/92.

Q I saw you in The Garage, Friday 2 weeks ago. Do you want to meet me again? Box No U/402/93.

O I saw you Austin Powers, I saw you at 13th Note on Sat 30 Sep. You were on a stag night. I am a wee brunette. You are shagadelic baby! Steph. Box No U/402/94.

O I saw you Cueball Pops propping up the Culdy bar on many an evening. Erotic dancing's your forte apart from skippering boats, captain M. You Jack of all trades you! Box No U/402/95.

O I saw you Maria, looking absolutely horrible in your brown T-shirt. Your red hair looks good though. Box No U/402/96.

O I saw you mad mother breakin' it down in an antenatal style @ the Cul de Sac over and over again. Jack your body Toots! Car surfer. Box No U/402/97.

f O I saw you Helen @ Bar

' Bola. Let me Iayeth the smack down on your candy. ooh candy ass, if you smell what I'm cooking. No eyebrow required.

Box No U/402/98.

O I saw you CDS barman with ur hat in that pocket and for the first time ever no hair gel. Lookin' good. Call us! Box No U/402/99.

O I saw you Carl S, Nick and the rest: howling in the cool inferno of your desperate dreams, don't die just yet, die in red, be insipid if you want, live fast, go to Brazil, fuck James Dean, take Benzedrine and reign supreme! Box No U/402/100.

O I saw you Vicki making me smile every day! Thank you. Love your DB xx Box No U/402/ 101.

O I saw you Angel working in Borders café 10/11/00 and I remembered how much I love you. Let's keep it going forever, there are no limits. Yours Audrey xx Box No U/402/102. Q I saw you with your white trash earrings on swinging a ferret round your head and dancing to the tunes of DJ Luck and MC Neat . . . nice! Box No U/402/ 103.

O I saw you at the Tron Bar on Wed 8 Nov, wearing my top. I like your buckle. Up the ra. Box No U/402/ 104.

O I saw you Impy Vag at the airport with your mattoosive bags! We’re glad you’re back and love you loads. Box No U/402/ 105.

V I saw you flat bottomed, round chested, flushed face and giggly carrying Habitat wine glasses down George Street. Taste me! Box No U/402/106. O I saw you smelly breeks, beetroot ears, jobby mouth. Box No U/402/107.

O I saw you so fu‘k that s“t!! You prowling . . . ! Chin up Urs - we know you have the best nipples in Glasgae! Box No U/402/108.

Q I saw you in the peoples republic of Shantha drinking champagne. Dpo ypour mponkpey pimpresspion fpor pus! Your crazy girl! Box No U/402/109.

O I saw you at Smashing Pumpkins at SECC. Thank you for saving me from being crushed. U in Nirvana shirt (from Balmore), me in black. Please mail me for next gig! Box No U/402/110.

9 I saw you Andrew, barman at the Rubiyat. Get in touch. Box No U/402/112.

O I saw you Greggs Girl. Me very feminine soup and sandwich girl. You, Pink lookalike (minus the pink hair). I'm not most girls! Fancy a drink! Box No U/401/13.

. I saw you Elfinesque SECC portacabin dwelling girl and I dreamed of pre-fab bliss. I can offer strong legs and entertaining chat. appropriate for tunnel strolling. From brown- haired science centre boy. on bike. Box No U/401/14.

O I saw you with your amazing curls at the Ramshorn for ‘Beautiful Thing’, Tuesday 31 October. You made me crave hot chocolate on the way home. Mmm . . . would love to meet you. Box No U/401/15.

Q I saw you beautiful boy who took us to Paisley. I am your brown eyed angel. Saint M. Box No U/401/16.

O I saw you Jimmy in your jumper, you reminded me of Thumper (the rabbit) cause your ears are big & a wee bit puffy and your tail is very round & fluffy, you stood at the OFT looking cool, ordering me a red bull, get your coat you've pulled xxx. Box No U/401/l7.

Q I saw you side show bob. Don't be a cry baby, be a happy Tigger!! Congrats on the show xxxM, CEExxx. Box No U/401/18.

O I saw you Babs. Who never says sorry!! Not me, sorry, love Mxxx Box No U/401/19.

Q I saw you naughty miss. Bunny pulling spunky-monkey's tail. Bertie and Rosey are watching you!! Box No U/401/20.

O I saw you Brideosaurus with cute little droopy mouth in Borders cafe. Where's Gaptooth? Let's get together 62 make the beast with two backs. Box No U/4()l/2l.

O I saw you Just pretending!!! You receiving lots of gifts, me, the glittery gift yet to be opened. Box No U/401/22.

O I saw you just pretending? As I unwrapped my presents did I feel you undressing me with your eyes? Box No U/401/23. 9 I saw you bouncy vivacious babe, dancing your ass off in Polo Lounge. 1 tripped on your flares then we snogged. How about more ange?? Grrrrrrh. Box No U/401/24.

O I saw you beautiful flaming red head working in Stravaigin. I want you. Come and light my fire. Box No U/401/25.

Q I saw you and your double attached at the hip. Split personality sex pot. Let me suck your fringe surf boy. Box No U/401/26.

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