O I saw you one off, two girls from Fife in Madogs ‘Q’, 10 Nov. I held your hand and your eyes melted my heart. Get your hand in mine again please. Box No U402/5.

Q I saw you and we said hi as I left the Elephant House. Me: tall, dark, handsome. You: tallish, dark, gorgeous. Contact me for a coffee! Box No U/402/6. Olsawyou...orlwishl did! Why wait till 60 to have Ilorlicks when we can put the kettle on now? I’m missing your monkey friendship! Love Pingu xxx Box No U/402/7.

O I saw you Friday 17/11/00, 8.30pm, platform 4 Haymarket. You man in black leather. Me man with blue rucksack staring. You didn’t get on the train. Get in touch instead? Box No U/402/8.

v I saw you Colin, architect from Meadowbank, Edinburgh train. Wed 15 Nov. You shared my hangover and your taxi. Me (post-exam, blonde, suit) - too shy to share my number. Fancy sharing a coffee? Box No U/402/9.

. I saw you Leith Walk. Shocked. Out of the dark. What was that all about? Box No U/402/10.

Q I saw you Princess Lynn. Hiya baby with your lip out in a mood and falling in the street. We love you baby keep chillin in the Burgh of Mussels. Love Jane xxx Box No U/402/l l.

v I saw you too, showing off your snow white legs on Clerk Street, Fri 13 Oct. Me: girl with black hair, red lips, feeling courageous enough to give you a third look. Box No U/402/l3. O I saw you black-haired beauty in plush trousers. You truly are worth every second of the three-year wait! Box No U/402/14.

O I saw you Magicman, Shakti, Bruno, Marion, Donna, Ian, Jamie, Roger Sanchez, Alex P and Jim 'Shaft' Ryan. Had a wicked time at Chuff Chuff. Stay warm people. Logrey ;-)x Box No U/402/15.

O I saw you Bristo Square next week? No shirts. No shoes. Bob. Box No U/402/ 16.

v I saw you Artificially Intelligent Australian on long train trip to London, Fri 17/11. We chatted (me, blondish speccy Scottish girl sitting opposite) but I kicked myself for not having swapped phone numbers before Newcastle. Hoping someone will know blond, surfing, Edinburgh Uni masters student from Brisbane and tell you to call me for coffee! Box No U/402/17.

O I saw you Caroline from Ballincollig in Corcaigh. to give you your full title; Finnegans' on Wed 8 last, two words. ‘dead cute’. I do want you. Paul. Box No U/402/l8.

O I saw you coming out of the shower this morning. Who are you and why were you in my flat? Box No U/402/19.

v I saw you in the zone. Can you come to my zone? Box No U/402/20.

O I saw you reading Hype in the Potterrow, are you Dolly Paine Madison? Box No U/402/21.

O I saw you at the Skool Disco, will you be at Hospitalized? Box No U/402/22. v I saw you on Potterrow dance floor on Sat 12 Nov. You probably won’t remember me. Good luck with the St Andrews Day Ball. Box No U/402/23.

O I saw you drinking from the furry cup. Remember me? Box No U/402/24.

Q I saw you laura in Studio 24. Get a job. Box No U/402/25.

Q I saw you Magicman. Andy- edge and The Janny all completely out of it at Acetate. It must have been that full moon. Delicious. Logrey ;-) Box No U/402/26.

O I saw you Rock on. Bah bah. Box No U/402/27.

U I saw you fishgun in West Preston Street. You small amusingly loud Hobbit, me Heckler and Koch semi- automatic. Let’s meet? Box No U/402/28.

O I saw you the new Native State pub, Tue 24 Oct around 10.30pm. You had short dark hair and a red top and black/ navy scarf. You were having a drink with an older woman. You looked at me several times and I looked back. I was an older guy who was having a drink with another woman who was just a friend. Thought you looked really nice and had a lovely smiling face! Fancy a drink or coffee or a meal some time? Go on . . . be a devil! Box No U/402/29.

. I saw you from over the water, over Chardonnay, over pigeon and the beachhead. Then we saw Billy and flew. Some kiss. Hold until relieved? Let’s keep enjoying gloves. February wagtail? Yes, please! Box No U/402/30.

O I saw you but never stumbled on the words to capture the warmth of your skin or subtle involuntary murmuring. Good luck with each dream Laura. Box No U/402/32.

Q I saw you Cunny the streaker. You said u wanted to f“k me in the eye, I blinked once for yes, and u came swiftly. Love me again. Box No U/402/34.

O I saw you gorgeous

Mediterranean in pink. sitting in the Blue with a funny bunch.

Will you be here for long? A

minute would be worth an eternity but I would prefer the latter. Box No L',’403,'35.

O I saw you then . . . the first time. I pictured you in my silver ‘mini’. You MAN-boy! Mmmm . . . me ‘da’ woman. Love ya buckets ‘n' more! Box No U/402/36.

U I saw you arty mad tiny woman with fluffy hair. shakin' that thaing (it Tackno. Box No U/402/37.

Q I saw you uplifting me to dominate the fabulous Luvely crowd, Kiwi boy. This wee angel will ‘give you wings’ anytime, your place. Box No U/402/38.

O I saw you camping out in your pyjamas in the Filmhouse box. Can I get hold of your Human Resources? Let’s organise a night out. Box No U/4()2/39.

O I saw you trying to peek through the camera lens. EIII you work, stumble you might fall! CCTV is not the way! But I do love the Sauza and OJ! Box No U/402/40.

O I saw you blondie at Filmhouse. Surely you’re too young to be working. Come to me my melancholy baby. Box No U/402/4l.

O I saw you fluffy bunny Carol with lovely hair tidying and cleaning today, while listening to cowgirl music. Box No U/402/42.

Q I saw you again. How long has this been going on? Box No U/402/43.

O I saw you Jeannie Beannie and Cal Baby was it your first time getting so wet? What a way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. Let’s do it again sometime! Box No U/402/44. Q I saw you shakin’ that ass. Tall, blonde man, blue jacket. Chatting up the whisky taster at the Destination Edinburgh party. Box No U/402/45.

O I saw you 00 having the time of your life at the Destination Edinburgh party. Why stop having fun? Call me! Box No U/402/46.

O I saw you Andy, sexy eyes peeking out of Graphics at ECA. Drop your girly and work it with me you fine thing. xo Box No U/402/47.

O I saw you Stuart H having the time of your life at the Destination Edinburgh launch. You know I’ve always wanted you, come and have the time of your life with me! Killiegirl xxx Box No U/402/48.

O I saw you Sheena in the red cap at the gig in the Wine Bar, St Andrews. Please contact Neil I’ve lost your address Calvin. Box No U/402/49.

O I saw you with Bob the bear

: carrying your mobile and your rainbow Ital on itt Bar Blue. Contact Monkey boy for tea.

Box No L’ 402 50.

. O I saw you bunny. making

your way in this big wide world.

soox Box No L'AUZSI.

v I saw you at the Bongo

Club. you were looking my way. we caught eyes. Oh you and

your jealous girlfriend. Hey

i sexy. you know I talking about

you. Call me. Box No L’AUZSZ.

O I saw you at the Bongo

Club. spiky blond. beautiful.

hanging out with the bouncers. I bought you a tequila but I was too shy to speak to you. I’ll try harder next time . . . Box No U,'-I()2,’53.

O I saw you at the Bongo Club on Sat 18 Nov. U behind the bar working but also dancing a lot and chatting up the girls, ooh I was jealous. I want 2 work with US! and drown itt your eyes again. Me pink top, kept askittg you fora light. Box No U/-I()2/5~I.

O I saw you trying to peek thru the camera lens! You ain’t no pikachoo! Step back to the old days. ‘Old fashioned' is great in EIII after all! Box No U/402/55.

O I saw you five boys out of your depth. Let me guide you, show you how to be complete, as one, united in all our beer swilling glory. as six BB. Box No U/402/56.

O I saw you and you smelled of poo. Box No U/402/57.

Q I saw you and I tltougltt you were my mate’s sister not his mum! Box No U/-I(l2/58.

9 I saw you eyeing her up. Do something about it. How about a f"k. Box No U/402/59.

v I saw you Dan C. Ilow long has this been going on? You’re the weakest link goodbye! (You dirty shagger!) Box No U/402/60.

v I saw you and I should write; you are the weakest link goodbye but I actually want to write ‘I miss you’ - goanie come to the don in a taxi and see me. x Box No U/402/6l.

O I saw you Bongo Sam, at specky romeo, ginger and drunk. I love you, Baz. Box No U/402/62.

O I saw you delightfully flatulent fat man of advanced years sitting on a towel sweating. Box No U/402/63.

O I saw you fire crackerboy with your rocket in the Meadows. You tried to light and fire to impress but it all went wrong I hope the scars heal well. Box No U/402/64.

Q I saw you Joe, you sexy old man’s face on a pre-pubescent body. Am I really too legal for you? xox Box No U/402/65.


. I saw you big William looking as hairy as an angry gorilla in the Blue Bar. You do it for me. You cart ram it! Box No UX-IIIZI'M).

O I saw you Waterstone's West End. 29/10 in your funky skunk coat. Me stranded in children’s books with coffee. I cart still picture you irt graphic novels. You intrigue me. Box No U."~l()2,’()7.

O I saw you mucky pup kissing the boss (a Destination Edinburgh party. Give us a call for more frolics, doll!!! Box No U/4()2.36‘).

v I saw you at the ball: pouting and sulking because we turned you away from our Dashing White Sergeant attd later in Ilanover Street slagging off the band. How about a Gay Gordon? Box No U/-I()2/7().

O I saw you (n Peckhams underground. Won’t you go underground on me? You’re so selfish! Stop having the monkftsh! Box No U/402/7l. O I saw you Lynn A. Would you mind ifI took you out for a drink? Box No U/402/72.

O I saw you throwing up in my bathroom, lying in the gutter, flashing at my neighbour, and kissing my lover, brother and mother. Keep rockin Polly. Love J. Box No U/402/73.

O I saw you Beany at Motherfunk. You are so lovely and u don’t know it. You don’t know I like you but I do. xoxo Box No U/«IllZ/74.

O I saw you tasty man, five years ago at Potterrow. You were smoking a cigarette I needed tobacco. Who said smoking was bad for you? Lots of love petal. Box No U/402/75.

0 I saw you Nazli (g hallowe’en. Me: red and lumpy. You: lovely as ever. Wishing I had your number. Fancy a coffee or anything else? Love to see you again. N. Box No U/402/76. O I saw you in the back of a red Renault Laguna, wearing a green hat and eating a hot cross bun. Call me back please ! Box No U/402/77.

. I saw you I got the phone call girls OK. Charlie we love you curry Graham -— do we? Box No U/402/l I I.

O I saw you opening and closing your mouth on the number 16 bus between Leith Walk and St Andrew’s Square on 25 Nov around lunchtime. Were you yawning, showing off your pretty teeth, or just doing goldfish impersonations? I was sitting opposite, enchanted. Let’s while away an afternoon in the Botanics reading poetry to one another. Box No U/402/l I3.

30 Nov—14 Dec 2000 THE lIST 105