Could Vou or Vour organisation benefit from arts

funding? Then we may he able to help.

At the Scottish Arts Council we provide funds, information and advice to artists and arts

organisations throughout Scotland.

'l‘hrough Government grants and National Lotterv funding we support a wide range of drama, dance, literature, music, collaborative arts,

festivals, crafts and visual arts.

For more information visit our website or contact the SAC Help Desk team and ask for a copv of [511me

which contains a full list of SAC’s funding schemes.

The Help Desk is open between l()am- 12 noon and

2pm-4pm, Mondav to liridav.

The Scottish Arts Council, 12 Manor Place, Edinburgh [£113 71)!) Phone: 013] 240 2443 or 2444 Fox: (H31 225 9833

Ii-muil: help.desk(alumtisharts.on}.uh lli’h: H'H’H'..\'tl('.()l“(/.ilk


Our aim is to play our part in creating a dynamh arts environment M‘hilh

values the artist and enhances the quality of lifefor the people a/St otland.

listings FESTIVE ART

The Arttq‘fShOppz'ng

Beautiful Christmas

presents from around the world

that you won’t find on your high street


The Mound ' ' PORTRAIT GALLERY“ (Mewstfr’ect, _'

GAL L E RY o‘r' ,ART

JOHN BOYD recent paintings

Mondly - Friday 9.30m: ~ 5.30 pm 11mm until 7.00pm


turd-v . 10.00am _. 4.00pm

_Belfbfd '. ' DEAN GALLEka 4 Ben-mad ,


Three Floors of Applied Arts

ff gallery

30 Nov 14 Dec 2000 THE lIST 121