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Mission: Impossible 2 (15) iii (John Woo, US, 2000) Tom Cruise. Thandie Newton, Dougray Scott. 124 mins. Evil ex- super spy Sean Ambrose (Scott) has stolen a lethal chemical weapon, and he wants big bucks not to unleash it. Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is charged with retrieving it and enlists beautiful cat thief and Ambrosc's ex-Iover Nyah Hall (Newton). NJ 2 works best and is most faithful to the spirit of the original Mission: Impossible while the operation remains covert, but Woo blows it with a clumsy all-out action finale. Cameo, Edinburgh.

The Man Who Cried (12) in“: (Sally Potter, US/UK, 2000) Christina Ricci,

Johnny Depp, Cate Blanchett, John Turturro.

99 mins. Potter's first narrative film since 1992's Orlando is the story of an orphan (Ricci), a Russian Jew adrift in Europe at the outbreak of World War 11, attempting to get to America to be re-united with her long lost father. It's also about language and the universality of song. Oh, and it’s a musical, though not in the Golden Age Hollywood sense. The casting is canny and the performances impress, but Potter isn't quite able to condense all of her ideas into the film's running time. See preview and review. Eilmhouse, Edinburgh.

Mars Attacks! (12) iii (Tim Burton, US, 1996) Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annett Betting. 105 mins. Take some 50s alien invasion films, add the star bodycount of 70s disaster movies, round it off with the weird imagination of Tim Burton, and you have this expensive sci-fi spoof. 'lhe ETs literally are little green men, wrecking havoc on earth while disparate bunches of humans fight back. Good gags, great design and eye-popping computer animation, but it doesn't really connect as a complete film. Cameo, Edinburgh.

Martin See Rough cuts. Cameo, Edinburgh. Meet Me In St Louis (U) *ttt (Vincente Minnelli, US, 1944) Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Leon Ames, Mary Astor. 113 mins. The comfortable lifestyle of Garland‘s St Louis family is threatened by her father's promotion and a move to New York. Alternately nostalgic, moving and sickeningly sweet, the film paints a memorable picture of an innocent world now long gone. Minnelli's best and an important entry in the musical genre. St Bride‘s, Edinburgh.

Memento (15) *irivrk (Christopher Nolan, US, 2000) Guy Pearce, Carrie-Ann Moss, Joe Pantoliano. 116 mins. Beginning where most other films would end with an act of vengeance, writer-director Nolan tells his story by gradually working backwards in time. Leonard Shelby (Pearce) is obsessed with avenging his wife's rape and murder. Trouble is Leonard suffers from a condition of short-term memory loss, and so he relies on an elaborate system of mementoes maps, polaroids, body tattoos - to piece together the clues in his investigation. A compelling, elliptical reconstruction of the revenge thriller, which skilfully examines the connections between memory, identity and perception. Selected release.

Mitune (15) **** (Soren Kragh- Jacobsen, Denmark'Sweden, 1998) Anders W Berthclsen, JesperAsholt. lben Hjejle. 98 mins. On the eve of his wedding,


Copenhagen yuppie Kresten (Berthelsen) learns that his father has died and reluctantly returns to the remote, neglected family farm. Unable to cope with his mentally handicapped brother, Rud (Asholt), he advertises fora housekeeper, and is delighted when the beautiful 1.iva(Hjejle) arrives to take on the job. But Liva too has a secret. Kragh-Jacobsen's film, the third made under the Dogma banner, distinguishes itself by not playing fast and loose with the rules, by telling a simple, linear story with a minimum of formal fussiness. So, ironically, while Mrfune less ambitious and innovative than Foster: and The Idiots, it is also the purest, most involving and most emotionally satisfying. Edinburgh Film Guild at the Eilmhouse, Edinburgh.

Mother (PG) **** (Vsevelod Pudovkin, USSR, 1926) Vera Baranovskaya, Nikolai Batalov. 85 mins. ln pre-Revolutionary Russia, a mother betrays her son who‘s taking part in an illegal strike. Politicist by the incident, she turns to communism. Despite the party line that the film takes, Pudovkin's classic achieves narrative and technical beauty. Edinburgh Eilm Guild at the Eilmhouse, Edinburgh.

Night Shapes (Nachtgestal) (15) (Andreas Dresen, , 1998) 104 mins. A number of stories come during a single night in a large German city, where a collection of individuals attempt to make it through the night. Hand-held camerawork and grainy black and white stock gives the film a sense of gritty realism. Part of the German Film Festival. Gl’l‘, Glasgow.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) **** (Henry Selick, US, 1993) With the voices of Chris Sarandon, Danny lilfman, Catherine ()‘Hara. 7() mins. Jack Skellington, the skinny trickster king of Halloweentown, is restless with success and needs a new challenge, so he hatches a plot to kidnap Santa and creates a mixed-up Yuletide which isn't quite what the kids of the world expected. Produced and based on a story and characters by Tim Burton, this is a real imaginative treat deliciously dark stop-motion animation on the big screen. Cameo, Edinburgh.

No Place To Go (Die Unberuhrbare) (18) (Oskar Roehler, Germany, 1999) 100 mins. Portrait of a flamboyant middle-aged West German writer (based on the life of Gisela Elsner) whose personal and professional life and long held political beliefs disintegrate with the destruction of the Wall. Part of the German Film Festival. Gl’l‘, Glasgow.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) *ttiv (Joel Coen, US, 2000) George Clooney, John Turturro. Tim Blake Nelson. 107 mins. Preston Sturges'Sul/itun's Travels and Homer's The Odyssey are the starting points for this 30s-set screwball comedy. Smooth- talking Everett Ulysees McGill (Clooney), simpleton Delmar (Nelson) and maladjusted Pete (Turturro) are members of a chain gang on the run looking for buried loot. Their journey up and down the state of Mississippi brings them into contact with assorted eccentrics based on Homer’s mythological figures. A lighter work for the C'oens, more Raising Arizona than Fargo, but it‘s still a rare treat. A truly captivating confederacy of dunces. Selected release.

102 Dalmatians (U) tint (Kevin Lima, US/UK, 2000) Glenn Close, Gerard Depardieu, loan Gruffudd. 90mins. Cruella's back. And this time she's Ella.