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A load of old panto

’Tis the season for cross dressing, when girls who are boys who like boys to be girls get to do their thing in the name of farnrly entertainment And more of it, we say. Your marnstage (ll()l((‘S range from Cinderella at the King's Glasgow to Dir k Whittington at the King's Edinburgh (Allan Stewart, Dorothy Paul and Andy Gray pictured), while alternatives |ll( lude Stuart Paterson's (rndere/la at Edinburgh’s Royal lyceum and Anthony Neilson’s The Night Before Christmas at Dundee Rep See Theatre for full listings.





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In a move which makes any odd couple you care to (.ODJUTC in your mind seem a model of compatibility, Sarah ’Fergie' Ferguson goes on a spiritual guest wrth the one and the only Dalai Lama in Eastern Vibes (BBCZ, Saturday 2 December, 10.20pm). Watch in amazement as the Duchess of York finds herself while educating us that the East isn’t merely about over—populated orphanages, monsoon Victims and very hot dinners. Thanks for that. The big question is how she managed to gather together enough r’ion—bankrupted pennies for this trip.

. . .‘1 C? ( > Thanks to the Year Of The Artist,

Photographer Jonathan Littlejohn, whos image of Boilerhouse Theatre Company is pictured here, will be working with us over the next twelve months, producing photo essays on Glasgow and Edinburgh life. Littlejohn has an impressive freelance track record, having worked closely with a number of arts organisations, theatre companies and on the club scene, with work published everywhere from The Guardian to Mixmag.

{ FRIDAY 8 Mr Scruff Ninja Tune's leading DJ/producer/remrxer Jumps at Plasticrne and bucket loads of the chance of staging a one-off ingenuity and comes up with a instalment of his Manchester residency. modern classic. See review, page 126. Scruff will be at the helm of his mighty Pathe. bass-driven beats for five whole hours MONDAY 11 Cocteau twins and there'll be an exclusive mix CD Retrospective CD of the ethereal available to the first through the sound of Grangemouth’s finest, dOOF- K990 ll Unreal, 590- Stars And Topsoil: A Collection SATURDAY 91.x. Rowling Cancer 7982- 7990 gets a hands down five care charity The Maggie's Centre must star rating from us. Pin thy ears be delighted with J.K.’s continuing back. See review, page 50. 4A0. success. She's donated £500,000 to rugsoAy 12 piene Huyghe and its Edinburgh centre and is reading phmppe pm The stars of the and signing her books to raise money new generation of French for a much DGGdEd Glasgow centre. contemporary artists] Huyghe and City Hall, Glasgow. Parreno create large-scale video SUNDAY 10 Chicken Run DVD release installations for Tramway's main art of Aardman Studios' superb feature space. See review, page 84. Tramway, length film which crosses The Great Glasgow

Escape with Animal Farm usrng only WEDNESDAY 13 Johnny Vegas He wooed the Fringe wrth his quiz show and disappointed wrth his stab at ac ting in [rp/ngliarn Camp Here he gets back to what he knows by intimidating front rows wrth his raw and unhrnged persona Prrnc es Street Gardens last, Edinburgh THURSDAY “The Golden Ass Suspect Culture’s Graham Eatough adapts Apuleius' satirical potborler about a man who in unjustly turned into an ass (is there a Just reason?) Thought by many to be unstageable See prevrew, page 62 Tron, Glasgow

4 THE LIST 3O Nov—14 Dec 2000 Chicken Run