The Office Party Tramway, Glasgow, Wed 6—Sat 9 Dec.

Yule know the feeling. A year of tension, the office Christmas party at the end of it. No one has spoken to me about how I woke up beside a gazelle last year. In fact, no one has spoken to me since last year. And getting down from the chandelier was a hell of a task. The feast of fools that is this institution has led to many a social disaster. John Godber's play gives us the low-down on the party held for Chapman Howard Advertising Company of Leeds, with his particular brand of comic social observation to the fore.

After the divorce of the managing director, and a police call out last year, the lads and lasses at the firm are intent on restraint this year. What do you reckon will happen? Theatre Fusion has made a distinguished start in its first year, with such acclaimed productions as Beyond Therapy and Sartre’s ln Camera, and this young company’s new piece looks set to further its growing reputation. (Steve Cramer)

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Tomorrow‘s walking wounded


33a Morningside Road, 220 4349. [P, H] Dancing At Lughnasa Until Sat 2 Dec. 7.30pm. £7 (£6). Amateur group the Makars presents Brian Friel’s much loved play set in 1930s rural Donegal. Sinbad (Or A Bonny Wee Genie May Call) Wed 13—Sat 23 Dec. 7pm. £5. Edinburgh People’s Theatre present their annual family panto with pirates, genies and all the usual antics.


13—29 Nicolson Street, 529 6000. [H, WC, WA]

Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Until Sat 2 Dec. Times vary. £6.50—£19 (£4.50—£l6). The popular Lloyd- Webber/Rice biblical opus is back in town.

The Singing Kettle Pirates At Christmas Sun 3—Sat 9 Dec. Times vary. £7—£9 (£5—£8). See Kids listings.


Elm Row, Leith Walk, 317 3000. [P, WC, WA]

Into The Woods Tue 5—Wed 13 Dec. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm). £5 (£3). Queen Margaret University College's Drama Department presents their final show of the year, Stephen Sondheim’s multi award-winning musical. Drawing elements from several well-known fairytales, Into The Woods looks at what happens after the story ends, and you’re left with a dead giant in your back garden.


2 Leven Street, 529 6000. [H, 'IT, WC, WA]

Dick Whittington Sat 2 DecnSun 14 Jan (not Sun 3 & Mon 11). Times vary. £4—£16.50(£4—£13.50). Dorothy Paul. Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott star in this lavish panto about the boy who travels to London to seek his fortune.

listings THEATRE

PLAYHOUSE 18-22 Greenside Place, 0870 6063424. H, WC, WA] aturday Night Fever Until Sat 13 Jan (not Sun). 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm). £8.50—£32.50. it might not have John Travolta, but this stage version of the film does have the Bee Gees’ fabulous disco hits, from Stayin ’Alive to How Deep Is Your Love. See review.

All the best December fare


3 Adelphi Grove, Ponobello, 669 8275. The Puddok An' The Princess Sat 2 Dec. 2pm. £3 (£2.50). Scottish Actors Initiative present David Purves’ Scots tale about an ailing queen, whose two daughters attempt a battle of wits with a cheeky frog in order to secure her well- being. Suitable for children aged 5 and \_ over and adults. . ~

The Office Party Reconstructing the social faux pas and professronal set backs entailed by the office Christmas party, John Godber's comedy, produced by Theatre Fusion, looks as unspartng as ever. See preview. Tramway, Glasgow, Wed 6—Sat 9 Dec.

Saturday Night Fever Containing all the original hits, and some pretty impressive hooftng, this amounts to an entertaining evening of high-camp spectacle. Go on, just enjoy yourself. See preview. Playhouse, Edinburgh, until Sat 73 Jan.

Pal Joey No more Christmas shows at the Citz, but it'll be fascinating seeing how director Philip Prowse responds to the Rodgers and Hart classic musical.


Grindlay Street, 248 4848. [P, H. Ti‘, WC, WA

Cinderel a Fri 1 Dec—Sat 6 Jan. 7pm. £8—£l6 (£4—£8). Stuart Paterson gives the traditional fairytale a revamp where the ugly sisters are anything but, Prince Charming has more than a few character flaws, and not everyone lives happily ever after.


34 Hamilton Place, 226 5425. [H, WC, WA]

Jack And The Land Of Dreams Thu 7—Fri 29 Dec (not Sat 9 & Sun 10). Times vary. £7 (£3.50). Robert Rae directs Theatre Workshop’s new integrated company in this old travelling tale by Stanley Robertson.

ERAgEISSE EHEATIESS 1404 [P H Tr Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 30 .am rt ge treet, . , , , _ WC, WA] Nov Sat 23 Dec.

The Golden Ass Suspect Culture present a multinational staging of this satirical Roman prose piece by Apuletus relocated to the streets of Glasgow. See preview. Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 74 Nov—Sat 23 Dec.

The Monday Lizard Mon 4 Dec. 8pm. Free. The Traverse ’5 monthly foray into the world of new writing, with ten three- minute pieces read during an informal gathering in the bar, interspersed with live music or DJ.

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This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

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Dick Whittington Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington

; Y I I i Dickaittington Dick Whinington i Dick Whittington KI" S

Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever

3 Saturday Night Fever: Saturday Night Fever, Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night FeverI

_ Royal Lyceum

- Cinderella Cinderella { I .. _ _ Jacttdttandoroteamlaettatandoroteams . _ :JadtataiidOtDteatttsglackataiidorDteamJadtatandomtwm Jadtatandomteam Th WorkshOp Sisters & Others Sisters & Others Sisters & Others - l _ - - See Classical Traverse 1

- 9 _ g - : Traverse 2

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