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: THEATRE LISTINGS continued 3 Dundee DUNDEE REP MUSICAL Plays In Progress Tue 5 Dec. 7.30pm. Tay Square. 01382 223530. [R H. WC. ' £2 (£1). A rehearsed reading of plays WA saturday Fever being developed for radio. in Hansel And Gretel Fri 1 Dec—Sat 6 Jan Playhouse, Edinburgh, until Sat 13 Jan conjunction with BBC Radio Scotland (not Mon 4—Wed 6 Dec). 7.15pm (Sat .5. Drama. mat 2.30pm). £9.50—£10.75 If some of the more rigorous”

Sisters 8 Others Wed 6—Sat 9 Dec. 8pm. £9 (£4.50). Scarlet Theatre

(£6.5(%-£8.75). Stuart Paterson's

Charming version of the rather dark social realist aspects of the film are

presents this interesting double-bill fairytale. featuring everything you need absent in the theatre verSion.

which strips Chekhov down to his bare for a good Christmas: naughty children. a there's a good dea| of fun to be had

bones and then re-builds him. The first . cantankerous old woman and lots of here. Purists about the original

part features .Ststers, a re-working of his sweeties. . . .

classic Three Sisters but with only the The Night Before Christmas Mon satu'day N'th Fever 3'9 th'n 0"

female characters. Others in part two 11—Sat 23 Dec. 10pm. £3. Dundee Rep’s the ground at the Playhouse. The

focuses solely on the male characters alternative look at the festive season full houses are made u in lar e 3. should be interesting. See preview. where a lost elfaddicted to Christmas f | h p , bg " Just Pretending Thu 30 Nov—Sat 2 dust grants wishes for three friends. See part 0 peop e w 0 were" t. or" Dec. 8pm. £6 (£3). 7:84 Theatre preview. when the film was released in 1977,

Com an resents its res onse to the . ' ' - '

Sectilon 28pdebate, a show) which takes Dunfermlme w'th lusttha fevlv Old “me: donted gay relationships and places them in CARNEGIE HALL among em' SUPPOSF ECU - . everyday situations: a quiet night in. a East Port. ()1383 314127. [R H. WC. WA] across appeal 0f the We“? '5 down '5 be worth a Bee-Gee] 9"“? night out clubbing. an awful family Sleeping Beauty Fri 8—Sun 24 Dec (not to the similar interests of the two 39" R'Cha'ds lunch. A revealing look at what it feels Sun 10). £8.50 (£6—£7.50); family ticket generations; a twenty,year,o|d may can it clubbing, but the disco

l'k* t l * ’2 In S 0' nd t )dz '. £26. Hi vh R id‘s Eff'e and Jockv aka . . . . I L O )L 51“ I w d ( 1) Mary figgassland Jaékie Farrell‘s,“ in generation did much the same thing over two decades ago, With rather less

CENTRAL DRAM“ & [MNCE this traditional panto. pretension about lifestyle issues.

- - As if you need to know, the story is that of paint salesman Tony Manero Ayr- East Kilbride . h h . . . GAIm THEATRE EASY KILBRIDE AR“ CENTRE (Ben Ric . ards) w o lives to boogie and to pursue the upwardly mobile Carrick Street. 01292 611222. [H, WC. Old Coach Road, 01355 261000. [1), H, Stephanie (Zoe Smith) whose main aim In life is to escape her working-class Ely/A II F i l D S I“ ( walYA] d of O F . 1 S n D ( Italian American origins. Tony’s old flame Annette (Bekki Carpenter) is in ere a n ec— at . an not e um z n at ..- ec not - - ~ - - Sun). 7pm (Sat mat 2pm). £1 ]_£12 MomWed). 7.30pm; (Sat & Sun mats pushed aSIde ruthlessly by this selfish, occaSIonally charming young man, (£848.50) Cinders, Buttons, the Fairy 3pm). £6 (£4). KYBO presents another and as the local disco dance competition nears Tony and Stephanie 5 dance Godmother and co ham it up for the seasonal panto brimming with songs. partnership assumes more amorous dimensions. As his father warns him, kids I" this year's Panlo- Slapstick mum and {mflh- DOFOIhY’S ‘You say screw the future, but the future screws you’, Tony's obsessions lead house lands on the Wicked old Witch of . - . cumbernauld Eastwood and onlv her trusted friends and to some trag'c self-reallsatlon' CUMBERNAULD THEATRE the Wizard of 02 can help her get back to But that's iust the plot- The real energy is in the music and dance With Kildrum. 01236 732887. [R H. Tl". Kansas safely. numbers like 'Disco lnferno’, ‘How Deep Is Your Love' and ’If I Can't Have .n/‘(é'Llillt/t/‘L Mermaid Um“ Sat 23 Dec VILLAGE THEATRE You’, there's enough. nostalgia, well-executed dance and songto satisfy (not Sun). Times WW £7.50 (£5.50); Maxwell Drive, 013552 48669. anyone wearing their bathplug round their neck for the occa5ion. If not all family ticket £22. Cumbernauld Theatre Ali Baba Mon 4-Sat 16 Dec. 7.30pm. the singing is absolutely on key, there's enough gusto about the whole Company’s Christmas show tells the £4.50 (£3). The classic tags to riches tale thing to carry it through (Steve Gamer) tale of a Little Mermaid searching for of Ali Baba and his quest to win the hand love, happiness and a human soul. of the fair princess. Greenock Livingston GREENOCK ARTS GUILD HOWDEN PARK CENTRE ,-"'”"°°'°"'"°'"""°°°'°°°°°""°'. Campbell Street, 01475 723038.[H. Howden. 01506433634.[P, W(‘, WA] .0 WA Aladdin Sat 9—Sat 16 Dec. 7.30pm (Sat T 7 Q : Cin erella Fri 8—Sat 23 Dec. 7.30pm. & Sun mats 2pm). £5 (£4). Enter into the ,t’, « o £4—£4.50. The Greenock Players takes festive spirit with traditional pantomime (.2. ‘. * x its lavish costumes. colourful sets and fun for all the family. For tickets phone o....'.........;.................;.;;'..H.' largerthanlifecharacterstothestage for 01506431803. . the annual panto. The Gang Show Until Sat 2 Dec. t "Otherwell

i 7.30pm. £3.50—£5. Greenock Scout l MOTHERWELL THEATRE GA uvmmsmwn Council presents an evening of singing Civic Centre. Windmillhill Street, 01698 W “a WW I and dancing to entertain all ages. For 267515. [R WC, WA] Ll! WEBBDAVID my tickets phone 01475 888757. Sleeping Beauty Mon‘4 Dec—Sat 6 Jan ~ “c‘ (“m “mm” Ham1ton (not Sun). Times vary. £6.50. Dean Park "meat... I stars as Fairy Nuff in the annual GERRY GRANT me New HAMILTON TOWN HALL Christmas pantomime filled with Lower Auchingrainont Road, 01698 stunning sets. colourful costumes and 452299. [R WC. WA] corny jokes. a In C at ec. imes var '. an 8th DEC GINA RYAN w i A' dd. W " “S 9 D T' Perth . £4 (£3). Hamilton’s award-winning SAT” m“ mnumcmm 00mm youth company also trotting out this PERTH THEATRE % DEC : coo." year’s favourite, Aladdin. High Street. 01738 6210. 1. . o m mm . Peter Pan: Do You Believe In Fairies? W ll‘Vll‘lB Sat 9 Dec-Sat 6 Jan. Times vary. £8415. MAGNUM THEATRE Join Peter. Wendy and mean fold E‘Iapfiain 19th m IICNAIOALLENBMILESIU” Harbourside, 01294 278381. Hook in Never Never Land. or 1 Is un m ALAN FRANCIS “‘0 "U‘ m“ The Singing Kettle Pirates At panto for all the family. with music SAT mm m mmmamm .‘ Christmas Sun 10—Tue 12 Dec. Times I composed by John Scrimger. WWW i vary. £8—£9 (£6—£7); family ticket £28 : St Andrews mm. m“ 1 (£25). See Kids listings. THUR 2151 DEC LYNNE FERGUSO "" mm heritaan ? CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE l KilmaI‘IIOCK 1 9‘4 North Street 01334 474610. [1). WA] LYNNE FERGUSON “"3: Eam‘m'ma'm l PALACE mums ' the Odyssey untii Sat 2 Dec. 7.30pm. mom, 8mm“ l 9 Green Street, 01563 523590. £5 (£3.50). student Theatre Company SAT 231d DEC mamas pomrni ' Jack And The Beanstalk Until Sat 6 presents a new stage adaptation by loth .lan. Times vary. £5.75—£9. A magical Taylor in which Odysseus‘s travel hitches R m DEC Christmas show filled with music and make Railtrack look competent. laughs. starring High Road‘s Lesley Fitz- . . m 29“, DEC uv cutting: Simons and Karen Logan of Bucks Fizz. Stll‘llng I . MACROBERT 30.“, ' i '- ' I ~' ' 786461081.[P. SAT MWSMYQAWFOID Klrkcaldy University of Stirling, 01 DEC WWW ADAM SMITH THEATRE H. WC. WA] . i Bennochy Road. 01592 412929. [R H. Santa And tricgl)a(s£:n“1)-?at t WC. WA Times vary. 9. I ).D_ ; amt y tic e . Jack An The Beanstalk Fri 8 Dec—Sat £26. A festive tale in which Santa loses , 13Jan (not Sun 10). Times vary. £8.50 his faith in an children and dcc1des to go . . ' (£6). ‘Tis panto season once again. Oh on strike. It s up to Nicolas to persuade 62 Albion Street, Merchant Clty, Glasgow 51 TPA no it isn‘t (okay. we get the message). A , gin; thz'i’t Chgistma: s‘ttilll()n[i)atte(rs. t M n 4 T. TM . feast for all the familv with Hi Ih Road's e er an at ._—. a cc~ no 0 , o 552 2101 www canvaselufifgitl.‘ .m Alan McHugh and Shonagh Préice among l Fri 8. Mon 11). Times vary. £3. Ages 3+. " ' ‘" the cast, sec Kids listings.

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