At The Drive-In played a great gig; getting home

The crisis on the trains has made life tricky enough for gig-goers, the last thing we need is

for the bus companies to cash in. '2'. Katrina Dixon

REM are up for it

8 THE “81’ 14 Dec 2000— 4 Jan 2001

If Scottish Citylink thought it could depend on the apathy of the . commuter, then Monday night's incident proved w : w that people power is

’i " ' still a viable force.

The Pipeline Coming quite soon...

He may well be the most filmed author in the world but there seems to be no stopping Stephen King ClflElTlaiiC adaptatiOns. After the success of The Green Mr/e cornes news that Anthony Hopkins will star in Hearts In At/aritrs, George Romero IS in line to direct The Glr/ Who loved Torn Gordon while the film rights for Kings next hovel Dreamcatcher have already been snapped up . Hot albums to be unleashed upon a Suspecting public next year include REM’s fol‘ow-up to Up (lush, atmospheric and melodic, apparently), Daft Punk launch their second album which may or may not be entitled Discovery and Beck releases an album on his website which includes remixes of songs by

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fans Ever wanted to live in a luxury tat rent-tree,7 COurse you have Ar 0' how’s yOur chance if you put yOurselt' and three flatmates forward to" a new BBC Chorce qurz show entitled House Mates Glasgow has been targeted by the producers as one location they are Keen to ‘llm n thrOughout their thirteen-part series so dial 0208 576 8557 or e-mail

nousemates©bbc couk sharpish r . Dementia may not be the sexiest of Sub;ects fOr drama but Glasgow’s Vanishing Point lS aiming to raise knowledge in the area wrth its tbrthcorning production of G/r'mpse touring in January and February . s Fingers are being crossed tOr Canongate authors Laura Hird and

’If only I'd been able to secure the pay-per-view

'l have a bitchy kind of face}

’I failed an audition for The Jam.’

’You are the work of the devil. Go to hell.’

’She's a media whore.’

'Jennifer Lopez has turned things round}

Michel Faber as they go up against the all-conquering Zadie Smith fOr the Whitbread First Novel Award at the end of January. That said, they’ll probably all be gazumped by Jo- Ann Goodwin After the less than magnificent Sex, Chips And Rock ’n’ Ro/I, the career of Joe McFadden is aiming for a boost wrth the wee man returning to the ITV network for two dramas next year. In The Glass, he IS cast as the nephew of millionaire salesman John Thaw while he dons a bobbie's uniform for The Law. And a sure Sign that he lS trying his damnedest to put his past (roads High and Crow) way behind him is that he has started calling himself ‘loseph’,