I Single Room, irt friendly. vvorking. Nevvinton flat. .All mod cons. plus cable. £1511pcm + bills, Tel: 1171131) 3‘)S‘7bl or (1131 471117112.


I Flatmate required to share vvitlt tltree profs irt spacious flat irt Hillside rtr l.eith. £187 + ('1‘ artd bills. Pltorte after (vpm on 11131 557 511411.

I Two double ligltt rooms to let irt I-ountainbridgc. Sltare tvvo batltrooms. kitcltert. livingroom. all ntod cons. Suit students or young prof. £215 pent + ('1‘ + bills. (‘all Vanessa on 117714 53(1‘Nl.

I Newington single room £135 pem + ('I‘bills. (1 ntrttlt rttirt lease. (1131 has 43111.

I Room to let in central flat. off Royal Mile. £21111 pcm + approx £211 bills. Stiit studertt or foreign lartgtrage studertt. Avail 7 Jan. (‘ontact (1711(18111111875 after (rpm.

he sat


I Large room single. (‘11. well furnished (vvith vvashing rttacltirte). irt rtiee ertvirortntent. £1711pcm. (‘ontact Jean (1131 ()112 ()‘)32.

I Room available in (‘annonmills flat to share with one otlter. litirnished. cleart. secure buildirtg. suit n. s prof. close to sltops arid trans. £2111 pcm + bills. pltorte Matt (1131 55711311U eves.

I Full of character single. comfy room in central. attic flat. Good atmosphere. great ('astle vievvs. Would suit lively outgo- ing individual. Sorry no I)SS. {1‘11 pcm + bills. Phorte 11131 225' 2641.

I Two people required t‘er large. suny. double room over- looking Iliglt Street. Royal Mile. Would suit prof.n s. couple to sltare vvith tvso otlters. ff. newly decor. all mod cons. £187.511 pent eachAvail S‘ Jart. Please call Joltn (11711811925 311) or Cirtzia1117ts'711735 593) to vievv.

I Large double room in beati— tiftil Broughton Place flat. Centrally located arid fully fur- rtished with all the ntod cons irtc (iC‘II. Available from 22 Dec. £332.5(1 pem + ('1‘ etc. Phone Annabelle or Nick on (1131 557 1367.

I 2 rooms for rertt in surtrty Iiaster Road flat. Double roont £2311. single room£1711+ ('1‘ + bills + deposit. Nicely decorat- ed. all ntod cons. cleart artd tidy people only please. Phone elaine on 11131 (mi 72 7 or (1774 714 1414. Avail front 21 Dec.

I Large room in lovely Bruntsfield flat vvith all rrtod cons artd gclt. To sltare

vvith 4 others. Must be ft siti- dent. pref. ferrtale post grad. 25+. it s. Roont available late Dec. £2111pcm + deposit arid bills. Phone (1131 221 9678

I Newington large, bright room available in very rtiee spa- cious flat sltaring with 3 others. All ntod cons. N s. post grad student only. Available from Jan 1st. £2511pcm + bills. (1131 (it)? 57911.

I Stockbridge area two roortts available Xmas nevv year time min (1 month lease. Tvvo fun. friendly flatrttates vvanted to sltarc large 4 bedroom certtral flat. £2311 pcm ck; £2111 pcm + bills. Tel (1131 332 321m after (rpm or (170811 273351).

I A large room for single vv ttf (‘11.vvellf furntvvithWMi. trt nice environment. £1711 pent. Contact Jeart (1131 (1112111132.

I 29 yr old female teacher. seeking room irt fun and gay friertdly city flatshare. £21111pcm irth bills available from febru- ary.Pleasecorttaet1177‘1‘111S27111. I Bonnington Road single roont available irt large comfort- able friendly flat. sftare vvith 2 otlter (trots. :\11 mod cons. Single 211-2Syears. £1S3 + ('1' + Bills pent. Available from Dec 12 for 3 months. Phone Selina of Melissa 11131 553 211-1.

I 2 rooms available in friend- ly 5-persoit NS flat close to (ieorge Square. Very large dott— ble room £21111pcm + bills. box- room with skylight £1S11pcm + bills. Recently redecorated. (i(‘ll. lounge. ncvv‘ kitcltert (s all rttod eons. Tel: 11777 3115 (1177. I Murrayfield, double room available. Sltare vvitlt one other (musician). I’ree street parkrrtg. Irttntediaie entry. £2211 pcm irtcl ('1‘. Tel 11131 538 21137.

I Beautiful Bruntsfield flat to sltare with one other. Sartded floors arid all mod cons. Prof

N S sought. £31111 pem (+ ('1. (v bills). ('all Ilaftor on (1131 228 3111)] 17771 77 88(17.

I Large double room in 3 bedroom flat irt Nevvington for gay friendly young prof student. (‘lose to urtiversity arid shops. Avail 23 Jart. £2511 pcrtt + bills. Phone (1131 (111211255.

I A lovely, central but quiet top-floor 2-double bedroom flat requires a female flatrrtate. to sltare with one other. Small lourtge. dirtirtg kitchen artd

shovy er bath. Available mid—Dec. £2511. + ('1‘ aitd sltare of bills. Phone 225 (i191) for furtlter irtfo. I Single room available in friendly shared New Tovvn flat. would suit post grad young prof. £1115 pcm + ('1‘ + bills. Please contact us‘ after

(1.311pm on 225 75117.



I113] :ghig'ln



211 Manor Place. Iidinburgh

Fax No: 11131 22112135 entail: property (IL‘flclitt1ll-Sttliifl.c‘i1.UI( S E A R (~ H



bedrooms. sitting roont.

single bedroom. sitting roortt. fitted kitchen. bath- room vvith shovver. 12(‘11. Pr1vate parking. Avail

PENIC'I'IK Charles Street. Terraced hoUse. 2 bed- rooms. sitting roortt. krtchert. bathroom. (iCII. IX}. Small garden front artd rear. Avail 11 I)ec.


NEW TOWN (iayfield Square. 1st floor flat vvtth 4 kitchen. shovv er. Sep vvc. (1(‘11. Avail novv.


t'n/ess otherwise stated. all properties tire/idly furnished and eqiti/t/tctl.


MORNINGSIIH‘: Craigltouse (iardens. (iround

floor flat modern development. 1 double bedroom. 1

£560pm neg


bathroom vvith a four

£1100pm neg

Available novv.

NEW TOWN I)undas Street. 2nd floor flat vvith 4 bedrooms. krtcltert dining room. bathroom arid sep

sltovser roortt. (iCll. Available trrtrrted£111111pm neg

NEW TOWN Scotland Street. szceptiortally attrac- tive 1st floor flat. 2 double bedrooms. _ strtgle bed- rooms. dravving room. fitted krtcltert dining room. bathroom. sltovy er room. (i('ll. Av arl novv. £131111pm


MORNINGSIDE Iden Terrace. 2nd floor flat. 5 bed- rooms. (or 4 bedrooms artd separate sitting 11-1111 liv ing room kitchen. bathroom yv tilt shovv er. (i( ‘l I. (an also be


vvitlt large sitting room.

£11511pm neg


I City Centre, New low it. large 1)111.roortt.en-suite. trt luxury flat to share vvttlt one l1lll‘c'1. \NHULICIl IliH‘fS .tIltI litllllitS- tie v ievv s. Prof rt s. short term contract possible. Available end 1)ec £31111 + bills. Tel 1177111111 (14"3‘11111131 55ss11411,

I Large room to let 11101111- fortable house vviih garden irt Perticuik. £21111pcm is bills & deposit. Sorry. no I)SS. Phone or erttarl Andrevv 11111oS (1711511S; drevvntuirltead rt arttserv L .net

I Well furnished single room rrt small (no liv ingroom eorttrttu- rtal area) Newvirtgton flat for it s prof female. Available immedi- ately. £1S11pem + bills.

deposit (VII. (11.31 (1117 41171. N11 timevvasters.

I Double room available (Jart 211111. irt Broughton Street flat. Sharing vvitlt 2 other profs. (1(‘11 arid all rttod cons. £2511 plus ('I' A; bills. (“all Iimma or Vanessa on 11131 55(151121 after (1pm.

I Bruntsfield, large room in sociable sltared flat. £35l1pcm irtc ('l‘. Avail Jart. 1111111 322 255 (1131 22117711.

I Housemate sought for love- ly country cottage on beautiful estate 12m south of Iidinburgh. Pref it s prof. Sltare ltoUse vvitlt one other irt 311s. I’ully fttrrt except bedroom. £l2lpcrn + bills ('1. + £2211 dep. lllS’75 ssoilfi.

I Royal Mile flat Sunny dou- ble roortt available novs. Sltare vvitlt one other. \‘vould still fun. friendly. prof. rt s ferrtale. Rertt £21111pcm. irtcl of gas. elec. (k (VII. (‘orttact 111.31 5511-77"2

I Two rooms available irt very large. rttoderrt shared cert- tral flat. 2 rttirts front city centre. 1 Large double rooitt.£l(15prtt + bills arid 1 single room (vyiih vvalk irt vvardrobe). £1211 pnt + bills. Profs only. Immediate entry. call 111.31 475111174.

I Single room available in sltared flat vvitlt tvvo others frortt early Jan. Bathroom vv itlt

batlt shovv er. (ill artd double gla/ing. location Tollcross so hand} for toys rt certtre. £193 + ('1' + bills. 11131 225 \1121 arid leave rtarne 4 number.

I Lovely Georgian Flat rtr Playhouse. 1 small dbl room to rertt. suit Young Prof. Spacious flat to share vv itlt 2 others. All ntoderrt amenities es; free park- ing. Bargairt£2511pcrrt. exclud- irtg ('1‘ ts Shared Bills. Tel: (113155(1211711aftero311prtt).



I Double Room available front January in Nevvirtgton. (‘lose to Shops artd (ity. ftrlly furrtislted. (1(‘11. to Sltare vvith 2 others and a cat. No Smokers or DSS; £2011 prrt + bills. Phone lvortrte (1131 oos 142S or entailiiruppel (I tem- pleroncom

I Comfy single room ava trttntedtately in quiet central non-smoking flat (poslt

end of (‘omely Bank). To sltare vv itlt one other - rtoi so posh. Rent £2411 pent pltis bills. Ring 332 4M3.

I large. dotrble roont to rent in spacious city eerttre flat. Sharing vvrth 4 professionals. available frortt the start of Jart. £2511 pcm rertt (inc. all bills except phone) + deposit. Call 11131 225 211114 after (rpm.

I Mature, n/s student wanted for large roortt. irt beautiful. cert- tral flat. rtext to Tev'iot Place. £225 pent + bills. Tel: 11131 2211 14112.

I Bruntsfield, large room to let. irt freshly decorated. com- fortable flat. (it'll. all rttod cons. vvould .suit professional or post-graduate. £2511 pcrtt. + bills. available begirtrtirtg Jart. Tel: 11131 2211331111.

I Bruntsfield flat, single ck double room. irt large modern flat. Young professional female preferred. £1911 single. £2411 double. + ('1‘. + bills. Tel: 11131 223 31144.

I Bruntsfield, large room. in sociable. shared flat. available Jartuary. £3511pcm. including ('1‘. Tel: 1111(11 322 255.

I Room available for female student. in ntixed house sltare. 1111\ievy'forth. Bruntsfield. £2111 pcrtt + bills. Tel: 11131 22‘) 7223 Of 111‘)“: 777457).

I Single room to rcrtt. in 3 bedroom flat. at (‘raighouse (iarderts (Morningside). to share vvitlt 2 others. would suit rts stu- dertt. £216 pcm + bills. all mod cons. Tel 11131 477 1155.

I Ball Green, single room. sitar- irtg vyitlt other. gay guy. Must be gay friendly. N s preferred. .‘vlust ltave (jSOIl. 111 mins from West find. £2411pcm + deposit. Tel: (11314 4311568 (Craig).

I Considerate person required to complete our quiet. carirtg n. s household of 4. Semi- rural. 4 miles front centre. good transport. Approx £211l1pcm including bills. Tel: (1131 1172 3s411,