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Gordon Yuill's new premises in West Campbell Street

Side dishes

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AS THE YEAR ends, diverse venues marked first anniversaries and merit honourable mention. Restaurateur Ferrier Richardson threw a party on 15 November at Eurasia, where his brand of upmarket fusion fuels a well-healed clientele. Richardson had a good year spearheading the Glasgow Restaurant Association as well as editing recipe books that highlight local talent. Also in Glasgow, Corinthian celebrated on 23 November at the opulent Merchant City space with its bars, restaurant and night club. Meanwhile organic micro-brewer Maclachlan's bar in Glasgow's city centre feted its first year on 5 December, and super- friendly folk at Edinburgh’s gay pre- club bar Planet Out also let it shine this month. We hope that no sophomore slump awaits them.

YOU WILL NOW find Gordon Yuill after his much publicised move away from the Rogano ensconced in his new restaurar‘t Gordon Yuill and Company in Glasgow's West Campbell Street. The space was recently Cafe Tempra (which opened only a few months ago) and the Yellow Studio design has not needed many alterations; counter seating is gone and a wall—full of mirrors has replaced the menu boards. Yuill, who ran the front-house at Rogano fOi over a decade, controlling the fate of the many mighty diners it drew, has hired Vincent Miller (formerly of Cafe Rogano) to head up the kitchen. Open from 8am with last orders at 10.30pm, brasserie—style a la carte selections are found on what Yuill calls a ’real Glasgow menu.’ Examples include crispy duck and watercress salad (£5), braised lamb shank with herb mash and gravy (£8), grilled langoustines with garlic butter and dressed leaves (£12.50) and sticky toffee pudding and warm butterscotch sauce (£4.25). Breakfast selections include Loch Fyne kippers with poached egg and toast (£4).

Sunday Lunch

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l2 .'\slit(m lane

Tel 0141-334 5007

Le Selfi—

Christmas Menu: £19.00

For bookings or copy of menu call 0131 225 5428 7 Old Fishmarket Close. Edinburgh EH1 iRW

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