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like them. ' Catherine Bromley

SINCE THEIR HUMBLE BEGINNINGS, the_\ ‘\e hei‘l‘oi‘med o\ e1‘ Itltltl I1\e e‘ttlle‘e‘l‘h in o\e1'~15 t‘Hllllll‘lLW. inelnding th1‘ee sell-om d;1te\ at the lx’i‘};1l .-\lhe1‘t II‘ttII. 'l‘hL‘}.\e heen eltoxett h_\ \ottte ol' the higgext nets in the \\ot‘ld to \ttppot't them LII tttttiol‘ eoneet‘tx. tIteit' I;tltttttl\ Ittll\ llle'ItltIL‘ It‘ll] .IHIIL‘\. IIIL‘ Spiee (iii‘lx. l’1'inee .\nd1'e\\ ;md Rohei't I)Ittlll ttlltI tht‘ee t'ilm eomhumes l1;1\ e ;1\ked them to do ;1 111;1gio1’ eine111;1tie leatm‘e on their I‘I\L‘ to tame. ,\1‘e \\e tttlking ;1hot1t the 11e\t hig thing'.’ 'l‘he Itlltll‘L‘ \t;11'\ ol the new 111illennittm'.’ .r\1‘e \\ e heek. \\e'1'e tttlking tthont the l;1\t hig thing: ,\l%l§.\ tmd. moi‘e tteetnntel}. the t1‘ihtite

hand llioi‘n \gttin \\ho. 111 the e‘tttll‘\c ol

\e\e1';1l line-11px. \eem to 11m e made more e;1[1it;1l ottt ol the songx. the glit/ and the gl;1motn‘ lilttll the Suedixh t111111‘tet e\e1' did.

It‘lI‘tllL‘ hands ;11'e hig I‘tl\lltL‘\\ ;md this llog111;111;1_\. llhlt‘tttI ot~ \eetti‘ing the \\ ell—lo\ ed origin-til netsot‘)e\te1'}e;11'xtieh as the B11} (ill) I{1\IIL‘I'\.Ul'gttltl\cl‘\ Iltt\L‘ I‘ttttixe‘ti Lt \t‘IL‘e'llUll HI It‘tlbililbk‘\ LIIILI \tttllltILtIlIxL‘\ lit ILII\C ll\ into the \e\\ Year.

In (il;1\go\\\ m;1i11 \t;1ge eelehixttionx it \11ll he (i;11'_\ \Ittllen \\ho lettdx the e\e11t\ 11p

to the hell\. (i111‘_\ \\ho'.’ Well. ;1\ an} hm ol



as Mercury rises

Missed ABBA, Elvis, Robbie Williams and Freddie Mercury the first time round? Never fear. This Hogmanay in Glasgow and Edinburgh they’re out in force. Or someone very

51111-1 /11 Hie/'1‘ l'.l‘\'('\ \xill tell _\on. \Ittllen dotihlex 11x 11 highl} eomineing I51'eddie .\Ie1‘e111‘_\. \Vinnet' ol thix )e‘tti‘K .S'l'l'lf linttl. 1' " \Itlllen um delighted 111 heing ttxked 111' host the Hogmanu} eeleh1‘;1tion\ ol his home eit_\. 'lt's ht‘illiuntf he \11}\. ';\ lot ol hig Lte‘l\ l1;1\e done it in the pttxt 11nd \\he11 Y the} ettlled 1111 to ;t\I\ me. I \\;1\ like "81111) '.’ I You 1111111 1116"." \ICLIHHIIIIC. 11\L‘I' 11H lIlL‘ I‘i;t\l (‘Utt\l. lidinhtn‘gh'x ('oneei‘t in the (i;11‘den\ \\;11‘m\ up with Lt whole htmk ol trihtite Io\ e l‘i‘om lil \e/ the ('hieuno lil\i\ impersonator A :111dhixh;mdthe Memphis .\I;11‘i;1ehi\ hel'oi‘e the 111111th 1111mhe1‘ one ti‘ihttte htmd. the til‘oi'ementioned l%_it'11‘11.-\g;1111. tttke to the stage to tI;t//IL‘ tl\ \\llIl \UIHL‘IMMI} L‘I\C.\

Left to right:

Gary Mullen as Freddie

Mercury, Bjorn , Again as ABBA and El Vez, the exican Elvis

\tttlg‘\. 'l‘1'ihtite hands h;1\ e made their m;11‘k on the l'l\'\ 111 e eii‘etiit 1111’ \e\ e1';1l good reasons. We m;1_\ t111e\tion the ehoiee ot Ltl‘ll\l\ eonl'ii‘med t‘o1‘ llogmttn'd} eeleht';ttiott\ in (il;1\go\\ 11nd lidinhtn‘gh. htit the e\ent oi‘gtmixei‘x ttl‘L‘ merel} responding to ptlhlie demand. To see I1o\\ mtieh store \1 e put in eom etttx _\on onl_\ need look ;1t the )L‘;tt‘—I'11tlltd