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This year, Glasgow's Hogmanay is going to be bigger and better than ever. A massive, free, day-long party over three venues will be jampacked with music, street theatre, fireworks and fun for all ages. So polish up those dancing shoes and get ready to party!

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4pm - 6pm. A spectacular lamin SllDW on the Clytlesitle.

Beautilul cliilrlren's lantern paratle, breathtaking lll't)\i\/Dl'l<s and a pyrotechnic display by the taliulous Groupe l ligliting up the new Glasgow lower. NO MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE!

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Gem ge St.tt..,iare

BBC Radio 1 Millennium Dance Party

9.30pm - 1.30am. DJs Dave Pearce and Davirl Morales Wllll wickeil

lieats, giant video screens and laser liglit shows in a massive clu'n

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Street ParneS Merchant City 9.30pm - 1.30am. The Dance Stage has six ol Glasgot‘v's linest WWW-glasgows'hogmanay'CO'Uk DJs. l\lainstage features Frankie Boyle, Glasgow Community ' Gospel Choir, Zuna, Maryliill’s “Frerltlie l\/lercury", Kinetic antl


. BB 5 Teenage Fanclun. Glasgow World Party Stage features music RADIO 1 from salsa to Scottish to country roots. lllt} Street Circus lias 1‘ 97-99m

giant puppets, lire performances and specially con'imissionetl .9 _ . Evenianimes L? J ,. <8- sliows. FREE access. No ticket requrred. . vlgdei