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Shot in the remote mountain regions of the Iran-Iraq border, Blackboards is poetic, humanistic and full of social meanings

Highe_ learning

SAMIRA MAKHMALBAF is the youngest ever director to win the coveted Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize, but the twenty-year-old Iranian woman refuses to take the easy route to success. She tells The List why.

Tom Dawson

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‘When you make a movie you forget your sexuality, your gender and your age. 1111*- 111‘111 You just lose yourself.’

Samira Makhmalbaf

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Filmhouse, Edinburgh from Fri 29 Dec. See review.

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Rough cuts

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DOES I 1000 SOUND good to you? lf you’d like to win .1 cash prize for that amount and you have a short film sitting around then send that film to the Cameo Cinema by 15 January/2001.Y1‘:p,thia(_ameo's annual Jim Poole Short Film Award is back. Contact Diane Henderson at tho Cameo or email

dianw:< for further111fo1‘mation.

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