llLM Hill/T continued

Singin’ In The Rain i t ‘; (tiezie ls'ellj. cs Stanley l) f:er1.l'\l‘lslliitittiicne Al. I) ital l l N 'miii‘. .'. l)el hie lx‘eyriwlds. ' 1": mins. lli ll‘.~d

risiai t‘. r; .lie ‘li’cl‘il era

'. ll): Idkes arid reputat'i “is rise and tall. 'li'c'i r lulu. hiris c '_‘I‘." 't "lll.Ll‘.'.. .‘.llll 'l.. sl.ck-s' fsriappy

. catchy r...ri.hers. a cast ml i'eiiiizzie cli.i:i~i:ia. and an e‘l.L{.i_e'.1.'l_L' picture l the industry in transitimn intm the harem: ii. Unite splendid. See rey iew. liliiihmuse. l dirihurgh.

The 6th Day l ‘i ii (lx‘mgei

Spmiiiswm sic. l'S. lmmui Arnmld Schwai/erieirgcr. 'lmny (imldwyn. Rmhert lmyall. 1:1 Mills, Synthetic hlend ml luturistie tliriilei and and—style actimri

till i'. ie sees Scliwat/eticgi'el ‘s :iyerzige lamily man Adam ( iihsl in returning hmme lmr a 'seciet' hiitliday party tm lind that he has l‘et n replaced lw an identical clmne, Kidnapped l“. the perpetratmrs ml this ncieritilic 'iiii~take'. lie escapes and gmes mn the run. t y me im uriiayel the mystery and iecm‘.ei the life. w ile and children that haye heen stmlen lri Illl llllll. llanilstedly directed hy Sl‘n‘llls'.‘-iiittle. this is little :nmre than a iandmm series ml slimmt-muts. chase scenes and lielicmpter stunts. Mmst depressing ml all. limweyei. is the realisatimn that Arnmld simply cannmt hack it anymmre as an Actimn Mari. See rey iew. (ieneral release.

The Skulls ( 15) * (Ruh (when. t'S. :(Hiii) .lmshua Jacksmii. l’aul Walkerllill llarper. lt|7 mins. lrue. there actually is a lmng- standiiii: secret suicier at Yale l'niy'ersily called the Skull Arid lliities. animng w limse iny ited memhers liaye nuniheied lmrmei (‘l.\ men and husiness tycmmns. 'l‘his little lacl’elle. limweyei. is nimre intriguing. escitiiig and lili‘lltilll‘llliflithlllg than anything else in ('mhen's pulpy thriller. which hlends pwlaced seiimusness with knuckle headed iiicmmpeteiice tm ultimately la iithahle ellect. ('miinmisseuis mt diiiiih llmllywmmd plmtting w ill hay e a hall. ()demn Al llie Quay. (ilasgmw.

Sleepy Hollow ( 15) **** ('l iiii Burtmii. l’S. l‘l‘l‘li Jmlinny l)epp. Christina Ricci. (‘hristmpliei \N'alken. l(l5 mins. During the linal day s ml 17"“) anihitimus ymung pmlicenian lchahmd (‘iane (l)epp) is sent tm the lmg»slirmuded y illage ml Sleepy llmllmw tm inyestigate a \L'llC‘.‘ ml decapitatimris. hut his scientilic heliels are shaken when he cmmes lace tm space with the lleadless llmiseiiian. Biiitmn giy es \Vasliingtmn

ll\ ing's < imthic lmlktale a distinctly British cmlmiiring. as he hmrrmws merrily lrmm the Hammer liliiis ml the Fits and ill ls_ while llepp lirings the right nmte ml cmmedy tm the dark prmcecdings. l'dinhurgii l iliii (itiild at the l'ilmhmuse. l dinhurgli.

Small Time Crooks (I’m tin: (\Mimdy' Allell. l'S. grim w'aaay Allen. 'lracey ' l'llman. llugli (irant. "3 mins. Allen's strike rate dips again with this slight tale ml Ray (Allen). a hunihling. insecure thiel w hm cmny inces his w ile l'lL'llCll) (the splendidly shrill l'ilniani that his nest imh is lmml-prmml. Ray 's plan takes a w hile tm get mll the gimund. Meantime. l'renchy 's cm ering rmle as cmmkie<maker earns her celehrity status. Sm lar. sm laiily luniiy, Men. in dimps llugh tirant as a pmsli suitmr giy en the task ml making smpliisticates nut ml tlze cmmmmn pair. l‘i eniafsi v: w lllli‘tll sm many laughs. (ll-'l'. tilasgmw. \ Snow Falling On Cedarsi iSi tit (Scmlt Hicks. l'S. jl'iii'i l'lliati llawke. Rick Yune. Ymuki ls'udmli l_‘m mins. Adapted lrmm

llay id (iuteis in's hest~selling nmy el. llicks' lmllmw -iip tm Shine turns mut tm he a smlemri. rather uiiiiiymly ing explmratimn ml memmry. racial preiudice and recmnciliatimn. set mii remmte island mll the l’acilic Nmrthw est coast c‘llc‘a 1W5“. lllc‘ks eslal‘ilslles the dank. mppressiy e atiiimsphere ml an ismlated lishing cmriiiiiiinity Yet the iigsaw-piiz/le narratiye lacks dramatic lmcus. \ikingai Cinema. largs.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut l 15) iii liey l’aiker. l‘l‘l‘l. l'Si \i‘lc‘CS ml: litey l’aiker. Malt Shiite. lsaac‘ llayes. .Sll riiiiis. lhe premise reeks iii the kind ml smug \L'li'YL'fLIeZIilillliy ymu'd expect lrmm liyperiieisteis l’arker and Sir die: the iiilluerice ml a m ie starring Ilatulent

Cariadnizzs le::.-.:ice arid l’hzlin tips the little

lellas‘ lmulmmuthery; their cleari-riiirided parents spearhead a hli »<~dy attack upmn Canada; a lew audacimiis leaps ml credulity later. humanity is at the hrink ml destructimn. Almng the w ay there's eniiugh prwlanity. peryersii in and scatelmgy tm make Bernard Manning hlush ~ pIUs an alaririirig lmray titli‘ hi-tech animatimn. and a glimpse ml ls'enny sir/is hmmd. (‘amem. ladinhurgh.

South (l‘i tit (l'rank llurley. l‘ls’. WW) "1 mins. l‘ascinating lmmtage lilmed during Sir larnest Shackletmri's ill-lated espeditimn. \‘s'hat starts mll as a great adyenture hecmmes a light lmr suryiyal against the harsh elements when Shackletmri‘s ship. the l'ndurance. hecmmes stuck in the ice. Shackletmn lead his men mntm the ice where they llmated helplessly lmr liye mmnths helmre undertaking an .s'(i(i mile imurney in an mpen hmat tm salety. Being screened with the stmry ml (‘aptain Scmtt's ellmrt tm reach the Smiiih l’mle in Wilt-13. Ninety Degrees South (l') (llerhert l’mnting. l'S. 1V3}. “3 mins). l.timiere. lidinhurgh.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (ii iii ((iemrge l.lle‘iiS. is, 19"”) liwan Mc(}regmr. l.iam Neesmn. Natalie l’mrtman. 132 mins. ()n the surlace. the plmt structure isn't a millimn light years away lrmm the mriginal Slur lliirs‘. in visual terms. The Phantom Menace stands almrie in the cinematic uniyerse. At tiriies ymu'd think there was mmre animatimn than liye actimn mn screen and mayhe it's this tmning dmw‘n ml the human element that has lelt the lilrii lacking smul. (‘amem. lidinhurgh.

Stuart Little (1') iii (Rmh Minkmll. l'S. SOHO) Michael J. laix. (ieena Day‘is, llugh lgiurie. 02 mins. l.iye actimn with a cmmputer generated talking mmuse \‘miced hy Michael J. l’mx. Minkmll's adaptatimn ml l1.B,\\‘hite's classic childreris' hmmk sees the sweet wee rmdent mrphan heing admpted hy' allluent .‘ylanhattanites the little lamily. Stuart's prmhlems hegin with a new nemesis. the mean—spirited. inapprmpriately~named lamily cat Snmwhell. 'l‘he riiessage ml the lilm is clear little guy discmy ers the meaning ml lamily. lmyalty and lriendship v hut ml mmre interest tm yiewers hth small and large will he the Iimz .-l/ii1Jerr_y—style antics. Selected release.

Sullivan’s Travels (L'i ***** (l’restmn Sturges. l‘S. 19-11 ) Jmel McCrea, Vermnica lake. “1 mins. lri equal parts crazy and cleyer. Sturges' screw hall cmmedy lurches wildly lrmm slapstick cmmedy tm tragedy tm smcial cmmment and hack again. it starts with Jmhn l.. Sulliyan (McCrea). a llmllywmmd mmyie mmgul w hm atteriipts smnie lirst hand research ml his planned smcial cmriscience liliii. () Brut/rel; ll'lien'ArI ’Hiuu." (which giy‘es its title tm the (‘men hrmthers' new lilm). hy taking tm the rmad as a limhm. l.umiere. lidinhurgh.

There's Only One Jimmy Grimble ( 12) *** (Jmhn llay. l'lx'. ZtHHl) lewis Mcls'eri/ie. (iina McKee. Rmhert Carlyle. lll.q mins. l.ile cmuld nmt he wmrse lmr 15- year-mld Jimmy (irimhle (McKenzie). 'l'he pmmr lad dreams ml hecmming a prmlessimnal lmmthaller. hut the mmment he hits the pitch his skill deserts him. liyerything changes when a tramp giy'es Jimmy an mld pair ml lmmthall hmmts, which turn him intm a demmn mn the pitch and alsm allect eyerymne armund him lmr the hetter. including his cmw ed l’li teacher ((‘arly lei. Despite a title which prmclaims the uniqueness ml its herm. there's nmtliing surprising mr particularly indiy idual ahmut this cute urhari lairy tale. lumiere. lidinhurgh.

This Is Spinal Tap ( 15) tittt (Rots Reiner. LS. l‘lh3l (‘hristmpher (iiiest. Michael McKeari. Harry Shearer. RJ. l’arnell, lid Begley Jr. S2 mins. Certainly the mmst ingenimtis. accurate and lunny ml all spmml rmckumentaries. with wmnderlully sixiritaiiemus dialmgue. cmny incing lly -mn- the-w all camera wmrk. sell-penned heayy metal parmdies. and ml cmurse the amp that gmes tm ll. (il’l‘. (ilasgmw'.

Thomas And The Magic Railroad (1') it (Britt Allcrmlt. LR. LS. limit \'mices ml Alec Baldwin. l’eter l’mnda. Michael l". Rmdgers. “9 mins. l'his adaptatimn ml the Rey ererid \Vilhur Aw dry hmmks is aimed squarely at under tens. \Vhilst children w ill he lapping up the tale ml 'l‘hmmas ’l'he 'lank lzngirie aiding 'l‘he Cmnductmr ( Baldw ittl against the ex il Diesel train. accmmpany ing guardians w ill he wmndering what happened tm

index FILM

Bill Murray as Polonius? Whatever next, Ethan Hawke as Hamlet? Yup, that's the state of Denmark in the new, postmodern version of the Bard’s most famous play

Allcrmlt's classic series narrated hy Ringm Starr. Surely it was neyer this iuyenilel ()demn. lidinhurgh.

Those Who Love Me Can Take The Train (15) tttt (l’atrice (‘hereaii. l-rance.

2M ll!) Jean-l ,miiis 'lrintignant. l’ascal (iregmry. Charles Berliiig. ll: mins. llie minmr painter. Jean-Baptiste lzmmericli. has died. Despite liying in l’aris. his dy ing wish is tm he huried in l.inimges. and sm catching the train tm the luneral are a mixture ml the dead man's lriends. lmyers. students and relatives. Chereau's lirst leatiire since [.(1 Rt'lllc’ .lIirrgur is a liercely intense. yet cathartic melmdrama which. with eyery character sullering smme lmrm ml a persmnal crisis. keeps yeering mll in unexpected directimns. Brilliantly shmt. Muse ll'lim /.(Il'(' Me. . . is alsm marked by a hmst ml yiy id. heartlelt perlmrmances. (il’l‘. (ilasgmw. Three Colours: Blue ( 15) **** (Kr/ys/tml Kieslmw‘ski. l’rance. l‘N3) Juliette Binmclie. Benmit Regent. (’liarlmtte Very. lllll mins. A y'mung w'mman tries tm ismlate hersell lrmm lriends and any nmtimn ml allectimn lmllmwing the death ml her cmmpmser hushand and child in a car crash. hut she cannmt escape lrmm the lragments ml his unlinished cmmpmsitimn. in which she played a majmr part. An expressiye and symhmlic lilrii that is alsm eriimtimnally satislyirig. Binmche's award‘winriing perlmrmance. in a lilrii ml prmlmund heauty'. is the hest ml her career. Camel». lidinhurgh. Three Colours: Red (15) *‘k*** (Kr‘zysztml Kieslmw'ski.

l’rance Switz. l’mland. I‘M-1) lrene Jacmh, Jean-[.muis 'l'rintignant. 90 mins. Kieslmwski‘s ti'icmlmur trilmgy' cmmes tm a clmse with what may he his greatest masterpiece. A Swiss nimdel (Jacmh)

discmy ers that a retired judge (’lrintignant) is listening in tm his neighhmurs‘ plimne cmnyersatimns; hut instead ml denmuricing him. she tmm mpens up her innermmst secrets. Superlicial details are stripped away as the directmr cmncentrates mn parallel liy es and interwmyen destinies. (‘amem. lzdinhurgh. Three Colours: White ( 15) *t** (Kr/ys/tml ls'ieslmw ski.

lirance Switz. l’mland. l‘NM [higniew Zamachmwski. Julie Delpy. Jaritisz (iayms. ‘21 mins. Anmther masterlul piece ml cinema hy Kieslmw ski. much less lyrical and y isually pmetic than his mmst recent wmrks. This time the theme ml the trilmgy is ‘etiuality '. as a l’mlish hairdresser sets mut rm get reyenge mn his l-‘rench ex-wile. ('amem. l:dinhurgh. Unbreakable l 1 2i hurt (.‘yt. .‘s'iglii Shyamalan. l'S. limit Bruce Willis. Samuel 1.. Jacksmn. Rmhin Wright Penn. lllli mins. l)ay id l)unri (\Villis) crawls lri rm wreckage ml a train crash. the smle sury iymr ml the 11S passengers. Dumps miraculmus escape is the catalyst lmr three eyents: him and his estranged wile Audrey (l’enni re-think their impending split; eccentric art e‘mlle'clvir and sullerer ml a dehilitating hrittle hmne

cmnditimn l‘lllilll l’rice (Jacksiini pesters l)u:iii ahmut his medical liistmry; .irid l)unn's smn .lmseph (Spencer lireal t'laiki takes lierm wmrsliip a little tmm lar. ()ncc again

Shy amalan [he Mir/r .Setiyi'l takes a prepmstermus stmry lull ml era/y ieyelatimns and grmiinds it with lmw key plmttini'. and a spare style. riiaking a llmllywmmd hlmckhuster in the style ml an art hmuse liliii. See fey iew. (ietietiil release.

Urban Legends: Final Cut l t‘li it (Jmhti ()ttman. l'S. Llittiii JennilerMmrrismn. l.mretta l)ey ine. Matthew l)ayis. “5‘ mins. Suhstituting iii—jmkey relerences lmr plmtting. character and suspense. li‘i/iii/ ( '111 is mnly tenumusly linked tm the already tired mriginal. Inspired hy urhari legend—related killings at l’endletmn lligh. lilrn student Ariiy ahandmns her dmcumentary prmject in laymur ml :1 psyehmlmgical thriller hased mn thmse murders. But cmmpetitimn lmr the prestigimUs llitchcmck Award is sm lierce that memhers ml Amy 's crew start getting humped mll in way s that echm classic hmrrmr tiimy‘ics. (ierietal release.

What Lies Beneath ( lFi it kink (ltiiheit /.errieckis. 18. 2”“) Michelle l’lciller. llairismn l‘mrd. Miranda (litm. James Remar. 12‘) mins. A suspense thriller that plays teasingly hetweeii genres, thmugh smmn eyerything hecmmes clear: the lilrii is haunted hy the glimst ml Allied llitchcmck. l’leiller's (‘laire Spencer liyes with her genetics prmlessmr hushand Nmrman (l'mrd) in an idyllic lakeside hmuse in \"ermmnt. But all is nmt well in their ideal hmnie; where she's trmuhled hy things that gm hump in the night. /,emecl.is turns the screw ml sUspense with an expert hand. huilding tensimn with a canny mix ml Alan Silyestri's eerie scmre and eyen mmre mniinmus silences. while l’leiller inymly es us in eyery stage ml (‘laire's mental utttayellirig. (ietieial release.

Wonder Boys ( l.<i *‘kit ((urtis llansmri. :lllllll Michael l)(itlglii\. lmhey Maguire. Rmhert l)mwney Jr. lll niiris. (irady 'l'ripp ( l)i iuglas i. mne time celehrated nmyelist. nmw cynical creatiye writing prmlessmr is hay mg a rmugh weekend. llis third w ile has just lelt him. his mistress. w'hm alsm happens tm he the (’mllege (’liancellmr's wile. is pregnant. manic depressiye pupil James l.eer (Maguire) has latched mntm him and 'l'ripp's peryerse agent. ’l'erry‘ (’rahtree (l)mwney Jr), is cmming with the smle aim ml prmmling 'lripp’s (unlinished) new rimy el, l)muglas is a reyelatimn in this smphisticated cmniedy examining the chaus that ensues when intellectually stilled liyes hegiri in mm. e mn again. Yet again llansmn (LA ('u/i_liii’e/irii1/i prmy es himsell in he a dynamic liliiirriaker with pmwerlul leeling liir pace. style. rhythm and li-rm. l)mmiriimri.


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