’The interviews he's been getting with the London based media are like; “what’s your favourite colour?” and “who’s harder, Robbie or Liam?”, it’s pathetic.’ LSK’s manager Stephen Mulhaire is baffled by the populist treatment of his client. You see, Leigh Stephen Kenny has just broken big in Japan ’It’s that old saying isn’t it; you're big in Japan but you are fuck all here son,’ laughs Kenny. He’s nothing if not down to earth. ’Over there you walk into a record company and they give you a standing ovation and all you want is the floor to open beneath you.’

His album LSK features soul, reggae and pop tunes in equal measure. Leigh is fundamentally a very strong songwriter his lyrics U, contain the anger of Mayfield, the evasiveness of Callier and the -' ill confusion of late Lennon. With a voice that can shift from Barrington Levy to David Gray. The summery and eclectic nature of his debut album hides a mess of tortured madness a la early Beach Boys albums no wonder the Japanese love him.

Kenny’s story is pure rags to riches and is bound to be regurgitated by every sweaty tabloid in the land when the inevitable happens and he goes supersonic, so I will spare you, but it includes early relations with members of Nightmares On Wax and LFO, a hip hop record at seventeen, immersion into drugs, heartbreak and mental breakdown at 22, bedsitter days followed by the good fortune to have a demo tape on him at the right time and before he knew it Sony and Chrysalis were knocking on his door. To say this ex—builder was nonplussed by it all would be an understatement, so how would he describe his own music to the uninitiated? ’It's the same old shit; different smell.’

LSK are bound to manifest into something even bigger

Schizophrenic and self destructive may be ways of describing Kenny’s way of dealing with image consultants (he recently shaved all his hair off after being told to keep it long to fit in with a poster campaign; ’I felt like a criminal on a wanted poster’) but the lad certainly has something that makes these considerations negligiable, not many new artists can say that luminaries like Adrian Sherwood and Skip MacDonald wanted to work on remixes of his times.

At the end of the interview Kenny tries to clear up any uncertainties: ’To any struggling musicians out there I’d like to say it’s fuckin’ pop time right now; accept it, (ll'tll with it, write it, get over it. Quick as it appears. its gonna fuck off; stick at it, ride through it and come out the other side a better artist.’ Like Marvin Gaye bc‘rore him, the man’s even got a manifesto. (Paul Dale)

Really? And how do you know all this? : "

To be Frank, its Stapleton


Each week we give you a new musical reason to live. This week: Stapleton

0h guru of all that is unknown yet braw, what’s happening on the music front? " .v '

Named after the 705 football star Frank, presumably? '

Any other chat about them?

Oh Christ, not more angular Slint- esque soundscapes? Scotland’s

drowning in ’em. I blame Mogwai.


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